Volume 5 Chapter 230: The Mysterious Guest on the Pamelas Hotel’s Rest Day

The central square of Angus City, one of the five main cities of the Aldridge Empire. After leaving the central region of the Grim Forest, Bella went straight to the Pamelas Hotel, which was primarily used by the nobles.

Bella planned to keep everything that happened in the relic, the Grace Castle, a secret. After her conversation with the Darkness Church’s Demonic Swordsman, Bella found out a piece of important inside information. Apparently, the Dimiost Academy, also known as the “The Academy for Great Wizards,” had been secretly supporting the Darkness Church all this time.

The Human empire’s Imperial Union was completely aware of the reason behind the sealing of Grace Castle. Anything regarding such highly confidential events would most likely be dealt with without mercy. Rumor has it, Adelaide and Glaston had been locked up. Apparently, one had to be extremely careful about what was being said. 

Ariel had temporarily returned to the Olsylvia Academy’s camp. As Humans had destroyed the central region of the Grim Forest, the three academies had been forced to suspend their activities for their Magic Conference. The management of the academies was currently in discussions to decide their next move. 

The acting Student Union president, Lucia, was responsible for the Olsylvia Academy. Chief President Angelia was still visiting her best friend, President Caroline, and was unable to make it. 

Bella had come as additional support at the last minute as she did not need to report to the Olsylvia Academy’s magic faculty camp. Due to the major incident in the forbidden area in the central region of the Forest of Garand, all teleportation arrays in Angus City were under tight restrictions for a day, and no one was allowed to leave the city. However, entry to the city was not affected. 

Bella had already reserved a King’s Suite in the Pamelas Hotel and could take a break here. She had used a card from one of her friends from the Rose Society, Sharon. Otherwise, as someone from a non-magical profession, she would not be able to rent a King’s Suite from the hotel, regardless of her wealth.

The King’s Suite was enormous, and more than thirty people could sleep comfortably in it. When it was being designed, a king’s entourage had been taken into consideration. In terms of opulence, it was only second to an Emperor’s Suite. 

Now, the doors to the King’s Suite were locked. Bella had asked the few dozen female servants that came with the suite to leave. As she was not a mage, those servant girls, who only wished to associate themselves with great mages, were unwilling to provide any services to Bella at all. 

Although the hotel’s inspector did not really understand why the servants had been asked to leave so quickly, he simply thought that since Bella was female, she would not require the “special services” provided by the hotel. He did not dig any deeper and moved on to inspect the other rooms.

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Bella did need servants, but she would only use her own people. It was rather convenient to travel within the Aldridge Empire. As this was the Nation of Arcana, most magical movements would not attract too much attention unless it was disruptive. 

Bella opened the designated teleportation array meant for demonic beings and sent signals for her trusted subordinates, the Succubus Queen Aisha and Skyrme, who were both Abyss Demonic Kings.

Those two Abyss Demonic Kings were Bella’s trusted subordinates and could transform into the size of a regular human. Compared to the other Abyss Demonic Kings, it was much easier for them to travel amongst Humans when traveling around the various Human Empires. Aisha had also summoned almost twenty of her succubi to be used as servants. 

Bella had claimed the batch of girls from the Listabel and Dimiost Academies who were supposed to become the harem of the two male Saviors as her own and had placed them temporarily in this King’s Suite. 

Upon checking, Bella realized that those two male Saviors had been too slow and did not manage to do anything to the girls before she made her move. The beautiful girls still had their “first time” intact. Since there was nothing much for Bella to do, she might as well devour them now. 

Bella was currently holding a feast filled with all sorts of delicacies for her subordinates in the dining hall within the King’s Suite. She had also divided the girls evenly among the three of them. 

Bella had claimed the two most gorgeous girls as her own. They sat at Bella’s side, this time, with red ropes as their restraints. As Bella had made them drink a few bottles of wine, they were so drunk that they were semi-conscious, and their faces were slightly flushed.

Bella had made full use of the opportunity and was currently making out with the girl on her right while her hand roamed all over the body of the girl on her left.


The other beauties were imprisoned in the King’s Suite as well. Each girl’s hands were restrained behind her back with red ropes and had a matching collar on their necks. The collar was then secured to the ceiling with a thin metal chain. Bella guessed that the designer of this room must have been an ‘S’ as she had managed to find hooks to secure her metal chains without much difficulty. 


The Succubus Queen Aisha was clearly more skilled in this aspect than Bella. Two of the beauties already laid at her side, exhausted by her exploits. At this moment, she was already taking advantage of a third beautiful girl. 

The Succubi servant girls on the side were responsible for getting the girls to drink wine and to massage them until their bodies were hypersensitive before sending them to their three mistresses. As a reward, Aisha would send the exhausted girls back to these regular Succubi for them to continue training them. 

The entire room was filled with a seductive scent. As the King’s Suite was extremely soundproof, no one outside would be able to hear the girls, even if they screamed themselves hoarse. The girls must have figured this out somehow as after a brief moment of embarrassed resistance, they became very cooperative. 

Their eyes were unfocused and dreamy. One look at them, and it would trigger this animalistic urge to violate them. The thought of them almost becoming the male Saviors’ harem gave Bella’s heart a twinge of excitement.


It was not a bad idea to make the male Saviors a “pseudo-object of derision.” After she was done playing with them, those beautiful girls would automatically learn to stay away from those male Saviors.

A sense of deja vu flashed across Bella’s mind. It seemed like she had attended a party like this when she had been a Sacred Demon God. That party was organized by the top ten Demon Gods and Evil Gods of the World Destructor’s Camp.

“Your Majesty, I believe you did not summon me here just to enjoy the company of these beauties!” 


Despite the fun, the Succubus Queen was here on official business. She put down the exhausted girl in her arms and wiped her luscious mouth casually, as though she had just eaten a delicious meal. 

“You’re right. I plan to turn these girls into our eyes and ears within the Listabel and Dimiost Academies. They had been hoodwinked by men, and I hope that you can help them realize their own needs…”


“I have it covered. Before this time tomorrow night, they would forget about the men who had been in their lives. Anyway, this is my expertise!”


After hearing the words that came out of the Succubus Queen Aisha’s mouth, every single beautiful girl’s face turned beet red. Some of them shook their heads vigorously, as though they were trying to make a last-ditch attempt to resist. However, everything they did was to no avail. With Aisha’s command, each girl was picked up by a succubus and transported into a mystery room hidden deep within the King’s Suite. 


There were all sorts of special props within that room. It was basically the perfect playground for submission training. As the Pamelas Hotel was a popular spot for noble couples to fool around, there were various types of strange rooms with special components. These rooms came with the higher level rooms within the hotel. However, one had to purchase a key from the hotel management. 

Looking at the closed door, Bella turned around and began to discuss official business with Skyrme. She was confident that the Succubus Queen Aisha would be able to do a good job with the girls. 


“Skyrme, you were so quiet earlier. Are those beautiful girls not up to your taste?”

“No, it’s not that. I prefer not to play with Human girls as they are physically too weak. If I were not careful, I could break them…”


Skryme’s humanoid form was a liquid type human without any facial features. Like Bella, she was female and was secretly an S as well. 

However, as Bella did not like to break and destroy her girls completely, Skyrme was extremely light-handed. Human girls were typically unable to withstand her torture. Normally, if Skryme were too pent up, she would seek out the Succubi under Aisha’s command to have some fun and to blow off some steam. Those Succubi were definitely superior to Human girls in every aspect, especially their physical abilities.


Bella wanted to use Skyrme to obtain the latest information about the Darkness Church. Even though she was extremely touched by the demonic ambassador’s tenderness, Bella needed to know every bit of information about the Darkness Church. 


Skyrme had sent one of her body doubles to replace one of the Dark Holy Maiden’s personal entourage and infiltrate the Darkness Church. Thus, she was the best person to ask about information regarding the Darkness Church.

According to Skryme, the inner workings of the Darkness Church were highly confidential and secretive, and their security was comparable to the Radiant Church. Each of the Holy Maidens in the church had their own strengths and did not disturb each other at all. With Bella supporting her from the Darkness Sacred Region, Liz had progressed tremendously and was now the strongest within the Darkness Church.

Everything else that Skyrme had gathered was similar to what Bella already knew. They still knew nothing about the measurements and names of the three Holy Maidens, the heir, and the Demonic Swordsman of the Darkness Church. The only thing that they were sure of was that the Darkness Church’s Holy Maidens were as beautiful as the Holy Maidens of the Radiant Church. 


Skyrme had seen the true appearances of the high ranking members of the Darkness Church. The thing that left the deepest impression on her was the fact that the Demonic Swordsman was every bit as stunning as the Radiant Church’s Holy Swordsman, Cynthia. However, the heir of the Dark Pope was much more beautiful than President Maria, who was the heir of the Radiant Church. 


Other than that, the reigning pope of the Darkness Church was female as well. This was extremely different from the reigning Radiant Pope. Typically, the popes were more advanced in age. The Dark Pope was young, and Skyrme felt that she was not much older than her heir. In fact, there was a definite possibility that the Pope and her heir were sisters.


 “Your Majesty, that is everything I know. If you wish, I can help you…” 

“There’s no need for that at the moment. Skyrme, continue to observe the situation. I do not wish to use blunt force to get the girls. Also, your body double on the inside must pay close attention to everything, especially that Demonic Swordsman.”

Bella was not new to using unscrupulous and dishonorable methods to get her way. It was surprising if she would not use force on girls. The girls, who were being imprisoned in the King’s Suite, were the perfect example of that fact.

Once Skyrme understood Bella’s requests, she morphed into a ball of weird liquid that could move easily on its own and slipped into the mystery room through the gap between the doors. The Succubus Queen Aisha’s methods of training would often require the aid of a slimy partner. 

“The Darkness Church seems like a lot of fun. I wonder where their headquarters are located; I forgot to ask Skyrme about that earlier. Erm… who would be looking for me?”

A soft knock on the door snapped Bella out of her thoughts and back to reality. Her location was only known by Ariel and a few others whom she trusted.


Bella could see who it was through the keyhole in the door. It was her schoolmate, Sylvia, who was from the magical faculty. This gorgeous young lady with long azure locks was wearing a sturdy cloak and had kept her hood on as well. If she was wearing sunglasses, there was no doubt that she would have looked like a spy.


“Yes? Young Mistress Mage, what are you doing here?”


“You’re so naughty. You clearly know what I’m doing here… do you have to make me spell it out for you?”

“How would I know if you do not say anything? Miss, I am a decent person. The opposite gender… I mean, females and females should not be so close to each other. Please go back!”

“That’s so bad of you… I went through so much trouble to shake off Serena to get here. I nearly bumped into that fellow, Els, on my way here too.”


Once she was inside and she locked the doors, Sylvia undid her cloak and slid out of it. Immediately, Bella could not take her eyes off Sylvia. This initially conservative Young Mistress Mage had gone commando under her cloak. She had come out to play without even putting on any clothes.


This was the first time that Bella encountered such an exciting method of playing. Although, she was sorely tempted to admonish Sylvia for being so daring. If she had been seen by someone else, especially if she had met a man, the consequences would have been unthinkable.


However, looking at Sylvia’s eyes, which were filled with anticipation, Bella was speechless. She walked up to Sylvia, carried her in her arms, and walked over to the bed. At that moment, no words were needed.

However, Sylvia was not the only one who decided to pay Bella a visit. Sylvia had been careful on her way here, but she focused mostly on males and her female schoolmates. She did not pay much attention to the girls from the other two academies. Little did she know that an absolutely stunning pink-haired girl had secretly followed her to the Pamelas Hotel.


There was something that President Alephia of the Listabel Academy Student Union could not figure out. Due to the accident in the Grace Castle within the central region of the Grim Forest, the magical faculties of the three academies were forced to end their Magic Conference early. They would then regroup and recover inside Angus City for the last two days.

President Alephia could not understand how her academy’s ranking had turned out this way. When doing the final tabulations, the Listabel Academy had ended up in third place, losing to the Dimiost Academy by two points and the Olsylvia Academy by three points. President Alephia had racked her brains about this since then. It was ridiculous that they would have lost by three points as the Listabel Academy had been in the lead.


The problem was that when the rather awkward results came out, the Dimiost Academy had accepted it without question. Since they had lost by a single point, if the Dimiost Academy did not say anything, it was difficult for President Alephia to raise her objections on the spot. 


When the discussions had ended, President Alephia immediately went up and confronted the President of the Dimiost Academy Student Union. She did not expect that the other party had simply said that she was happy that the Dimiost Academy fared better than the Listabel Academy, and that was all that mattered.


President Alephia was furious. The president of the mage academy had used her taller and more voluptuous figure as an advantage to bully others. There was no way she could talk any sense into her. 

When she saw Sylvia sneak into the Pamelas Hotel wearing that strange outfit, President Alephia secretly trailed behind her. If her memory served her right, this hotel was famous for providing a location for noble couples to fool around. 


If she were to catch any of the students from the Olsylvia Academy in the act of doing something inappropriate, they might have to take disciplinary points off the academy. President Alephia then swiftly followed Sylvia into the hotel. When the doors to the room opened, and it was Bella who was waiting for Sylvia, Alephia could not help but feel a little disappointed.


Seriously, Sylvia and the Grand Duchess Bella were ridiculous. It was just a meeting, why would they have to make things so secretive and meet at such a location that was infamous for being a place for couples to meet in private? If it were anywhere else, Alephia would not have made such a mistake in her judgment. 


It was not forbidden for two schoolgirls to meet in such a special hotel. However, it meant that they were ultimately up to no good. Out of curiosity, President Alephia chose to wait for the two girls to emerge from the room. Suddenly, she understood why Bella was here.


Inside the King’s Suite, Bella and Sylvia were having a romp between the sheets on the large, luxurious bed. Since this was not the first time that they had done this with each other, Sylvia was much more open this time. It did not take long before she lay limply on the bed.

“Young Mistress, I never knew how open you were. However, it’s best if you do not leave home like that again.”

“I did not want to do it either, but Serena kept such a close eye on me. I slipped out during a bath.”


“Just pull her underwater, then…”


“You’re so naughty to have your sights set on Serena again. Let me warn you, Serena’s temper is legendary. Did you think that everyone would be a meek, submissive girl like me… wait, not again, please stop, I’m tired…”


Bella refused to believe that there was a single girl whom she could not get her hands on. Most of her close friends were girls from the knight faculty. She had too few friends from the magical faculty, and it was important that she looked into this new “market.”

At that moment, Bella heard a series of frantic knocks coming from the front doors. This was different from Sylvia’s soft knocks. It was clear that whoever was at the door was in a hurry.

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Bella signaled for Sylvia to lay there and not move. With ease, Bella got up and put on a black bathrobe before opening the door. 


Through the keyhole, Bella confirmed that the beauty who had been knocking non-stop on her door was Sylvia’s close friend, Serena. Her fiery red hair was unmistakable, and her eyes were filled with anxiety.

That lass, couldn’t she be more demure? Bella nearly thought that it was the police who were here to inspect the rooms as they did in hotels in her previous life. 


“Serena, what in the world are you doing here?”

“Bella, have you seen Sylvia anywhere? I saw Els pacing near the hotel and thought that something had happened to Sylvia…”

“Els, that jerk. He actually followed her to the hotel. Where is he? I’m going to beat him up!”

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