Volume 5 Chapter 231: The Dark Side of the Pamelas Winehouse

Aldridge Magic Empire, Angus City, the Pamelas Hotel. Bella had a simple chat with Serena, before leading her into a room.

“Eh? What did Serena go in there for…”

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Chairman Alephia watched them leave with a confused expression. What were two wizards and a knight doing together in a hotel? Unless… they had some sort of dark secret!

What should she do? She couldn’t just go knock on the door! This was a high-end hotel; if she did that, the bouncers would immediately toss her out.

Just as Alephia was pondering how to investigate Bella’s room, she saw a maid who was wearing a clean maid uniform walk past. That’s it, she thought, I can try that.

“It’s dangerous outside, come in. Sylvia is inside.”

“Bella, this is a very high-class hotel, it’s not dangerous. You really are rich though! Can you tell me how you managed to rent this room? If I recall correctly, only magic professions can reserve rooms here.”

“This… is a secret!”

Serena was still unaware of Bella’s plans for her. Bella closed the door behind her. This girl was always following Sylvia around; if Bella didn’t take her down, then getting intimate with Sylvia would become difficult.

As soon as Sylvia realized that Serena had arrived, she curled up under the covers and refused to come out; she was completely naked, how could she face Serena?

“Sylvia, stop messing around, hurry up and come out. This is Bella’s room.”

“No, Serena, since you’ve already come, you should stay.”

“What are you saying? Bella, can you help me… you…”

Just as Serena turned around to ask Bella for help, Sylvia shot out an ordinary water ball straight at her back. Before she could react, Serena was soaked from head to toe.

“Sylvia, look at what you’ve done! See if I won’t punish you…”

“Serena, wait a second. You’re soaked through. Why don’t you go get changed in the bathroom while I guard Sylvia. After you’re done, we can talk some sense into her…”

“This… Then I’ll have to trouble Lady Bella.”

Although Serena felt as if Bella was being overenthusiastic, she didn’t have any suspicions; after all, Bella was still a woman. Serena turned toward the King Suite’s bathroom. The opulent bathroom was located in its own room in the King Suite, a good distance away from the main room.

“Bella, hurry up and rope Serena in too. She doesn’t have a boyfriend; now is the perfect chance…”

“Lady Sylvia you really are becoming more and more to my taste. Just wait a little longer, and we’ll all play together.”


After placating Sylvia, Bella crept toward the bathroom, easily pushing open the unlocked door. It looked like Serena was too trusting of her, or rather, too trusting of her heterosexuality.

Yet, when she opened the door, she detected signs of tampering. Instead of warm air, a wave of bone piercing cold billowed from the doorway. 

When Bella had rented this room, she had only given it a once over under the guidance of a hotel worker, she hadn’t investigated the bathroom. This was the Pamelas Hotel’s King Suite. The bathroom came heated, and unless there was some sort of malfunction, sabotage was the only other possibility for such coldness. 

Armed with forewarning, Bella craftily peeked her head inside the bathroom, carefully appraising the surroundings. She hadn’t even gotten a chance to use this bathroom yet, and naturally had no idea what the problem was in this bathroom.

It looked like someone had been plotting against Bella, but through a twist of luck, Serena was the victim of that sinister plan. 

Serena was curled up in a corner, butt naked and shivering in the cold. After she stripped, she went to turn on the shower. However, what had come out wasn’t warm water but a blast of freezing cold air.

As a fire mage, Serena already had an innate weakness toward water magic. The blast of cold air had left her curled up on the floor while two figures cloaked in stealth gear stood over her. They were the ones who had tampered with the shower.

“Why is this shower… broken, wait, you’re not Bella… What are you guys planning to do with that rope… You guys… Wait… Don’t come! Bella, help…”

Serena had thought that Bella was here to help her until she realized that they were strangers clothed in black and brandishing red colored ropes along with a black collar and ball gag. No matter how slow Serena was, she still realized that something was wrong.

The black clothed men wore clown masks and had hidden away Serena’s clothes. Seeing them approach, Serena used all of her strength to dash toward the bathroom door.

Unfortunately for her, the King Suite bathroom was huge. She wasn’t able to make it all the way to the door before falling over, the poison in the cold air sapping her strength.

In such a stressful situation, a girl would naturally panic, forgetting all about her innate abilities. For example, Serena had completely forgotten that she was a fire mage and was only trying to escape in her panic instead of fighting off the invading cold with her fire magic.

The two black clothed men walked up and tied Serena with the red rope. They gagged her with a little black ball gag and put the black collar around her neck. Their practiced motions indicated that they were veterans of this kind of action.

The mastermind behind this scheme was definitely an experienced master. They knew that a woman would be most vulnerable when showering. Right as the men were about to blindfold Serena, Bella made her move.

She couldn’t allow them to blindfold Serena. After all, if she didn’t personally see Bella rescue her, she might even suspect that Bella was conspiring together with these men.

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“Number Ten, did we catch the wrong person… didn’t the young master order us to capture a golden haired knight? This lady has red hair… and is also a mage…”

“Who cares, Number Nine! Let’s just hurry up and take her back and to turn in the mission, then…”

As the two would be kidnappers discussed their course of action, Bella launched her attack. She charged over and seized the men by their necks, pinning them against the wall.

The two masked men were choked out by Bella’s tyrannical Demon King strength. However, Bella realized that their necks were actually extremely soft and tender; the two masked men were actually women

Even though Bella was a Demon King, she still had principles. She didn’t want to slaughter women without reason. That was why she didn’t kill the two masked invaders, and instead choked them into unconsciousness.

“Are you okay, Serena! Sorry I’m late, it’s all my fault… Wait, you…”

“Bella, I… I’m so cold, hold me, please..”

As soon as Bella untied Serena, the poison wore off and she leapt onto Bella, pulling her into a tight hug.

Bella calmly held Serena and thought to herself. She had originally been planning to sneak attack Serena in the bath. Who knew that someone would have paved the way for her. It was obvious that Serena was suffering from a cold poison as she pressed her lips to Bella’s.

Bella simply carried her back to the bed and gave her to a surprised Sylvia. After giving Sylvia a simple explanation, Bella wrapped up the two gorgeous magicians in a simple fur blanket.

The cold poison coursing through Serena’s body could only be cured by the antidote. Before then, only a water magician like Sylvia could touch her without suffering from the poison as well.

Sylvia had already experienced many intimate adventures with Bella and was knowledgeable about girl on girl action. She wrapped Serena up in a practiced and intimate hug, transferring half of the cold aura into her own body.

“Bella, hurry up and find the antidote, Serena is severely poisoned, any longer and we won’t be able to hold on.”

“Don’t worry, I know. Before conquering big sis Serena, I won’t give up.”

After reminding Sylvia to be careful, Bella returned to the bathroom. At this point, saving Serena’s life was her priority; Bella roughly stripped the two invaders completely naked and expertly tied them up with the red rope.

After Bella took off their masks, she was left in shock. The two infiltrators were both beauties, but more importantly, their faces looked very familiar to Bella. After thinking carefully, she remembered that these two were the maids that had shown her this room from yesterday.

Although Bella wasn’t able to find the antidote to Serena’s poisoning, she did find some interesting things, namely a key ring holding the keys to all of the Pamelas Hotel’s various suites, and a small notebook.

After flipping open the notebook, Bella found that it contained the guest list of the Pamelas Hotel, as well as an attack schedule. She discovered that this hotel was actually a “black shop” operating under the guise of an erotic love hotel.

However, the mastermind behind this hotel wasn’t written in the book. Every worker in this hotel was a criminal, and every day, they would randomly pick a single female guest to assault.

Since the hotel workers had keys to every room in the hotel, they could easily infiltrate their target guest’s rooms and set up an ambush. As soon as the guest entered the bathroom with their guard down, they would take them down, the same way they attacked Serena.

Not long after the ambush, they would have an accomplice come to the door with “room service”, and the kidnapped girl would be carted away in the meal cart. As for where they were sent, that detail wasn’t included in the notebook.

When Bella had first checked into the hotel, in order to avoid any problems arising due to her status, she had avoided using her identity as the Duchess Bellina. She had signed her name as Bella, taken off her noble signet, and even used the blank card that Sharon had given her.

To a stranger, Bella would have looked like a random rich upstart from a foreign empire. There wouldn’t be any impact if she were to suddenly disappear. If they had known she was actually Duchess Bellina, this hotel would have treated her like an honored guest instead of trying to kidnap her.

“You girls are awake now, if you don’t want to die then just sit still. If you struggle, then I’ll shove you into your co-conspirators meal cart and ship you off.”

Once the two girls woke up and discovered that they had been tied up in an even more expert way than they themselves could, they were scared stupid. They had learned how to escape bindings from their organization, but Bella’s knots were too masterful, even tying each individual finger, rendering them incapable of escape.

Right then, a crisp knocking sound came from the suite door. Bella quickly tied the two girls together, back to back, and covered their faces with a black cloth.

In order to maintain the facade of a high end hotel, the Pamelas Hotel only employed young beauties that were under twenty years of age. Due to this, many people were fooled, never realizing that this was actually a “black shop”!

Bella pulled out her poisonous dagger and crept over to the door of the suite. She looked out through the peephole and saw a pink haired beauty waiting outside. All of the maids in this hotel were blond beauties, where did this pink haired beauty come from?

Bella was unable to discern the girl’s features under her maid hat. All of the maids in this “Black Shop” were suspicious, Bella could only assume that this maid was here as an accomplice.

“Is anyone there? Room service…”

Even though the pink haired maid asked, she never stopped moving and reached out a hand to push open the door to the King Suite. She was hesitant to enter after realizing that the door was actually unlocked.

It was actually Bella who had secretly unlocked the door from inside. She was hiding not far from the door, waiting for the pink haired maid to take the bait. 

Suddenly, from behind the maid, several dozen poison darts pierced into her back. She didn’t get a chance to react and was forced to her knees by the sneak attack. The people who attacked her were wearing the same black robes as Serena’s ambushers. They had special poison dart launchers in their hands that looked similar to crossbows.

“What are Number Ten and Number Nine doing? Taking so long… Whatever, this maid isn’t one of ours. It seems like someone high up has come…”

“Who cares what their status is, after we strip them and ship them to the market, they’re all the same, hurry…”

The three black robed beauties walked into the suite and looked at the pale faced Alephia who was kneeling helpless on the floor. They took out ropes with practiced hands and prepared to tie up this beautiful girl that had come from nowhere!

“You guys are… despicable, this feeling is…”

“Stop wasting your strength, this poison was created from the venom of a Deep Sea Demonic Snake and the bile of an Icy Monster Fish. It’s already impressive that you’re still conscious, but this is it…”

Chairman Alephia stared hatefully at the approaching kidnappers. She had been too careless. She had thought that the Pamelas Hotel was a safe place.

Right as she was about to unleash her last resort and fight to the death with these kidnappers, Bella descended from the ceiling. She slammed the door close before charging over. The beautiful hunters never expected their prey to ambush them. Bella disarmed their poison dart bows as soon as they turned around.

With a beauty in each hand, Bella dragged them in front of her and threw them onto the couch. Before they could get back up, the third beauty was thrown and crashed into them.

Bella then picked up their poison dart bows and began firing wildly at the three girls. Their strength couldn’t compare to Alephia, and they were soon unconscious.

“Duchess Bellina, you… let me go…”

“Calm down, Alephia. Did you change into a maid outfit to come see me in order to give me special services?”

“That’s just room service, stop saying crazy things…”

Bella didn’t hesitate; she immediately stripped Chairman Alephia down. A toxin made from the Deep Sea Demonic Snake and the Icy Monster Fish was a forbidden poison by the laws of the Imperial Alliance. If she couldn’t find an antidote, then things would become complicated.

Alephia’s entire body was freezing cold; she could only shiver and let Bella do whatever she wanted. She no longer had the strength to use her last resort and was losing still more to the poison.

After stripping Alephia naked, Bella didn’t have any time to appreciate the sight of her slender frame. The poison had already spread throughout Alephia’s body; Bella had to give her emergency treatment.

Once Alephia realized Bella didn’t have any ill intentions, she shyly closed her eyes. This was her first time being stripped by someone else; even though it was by a fellow girl, she was still embarrassed.

Outside of the Pamelas Hotel, Ariel had returned. She stared confusedly at the tightly shut doors of the hotel. Two door guards were explaining the situation to the guests who were trying to enter; they said that the hotel was temporarily cleaning house, and would be closed for a while longer.

Was it really just house cleaning? Ariel was exceptionally sensitive to darkness energy; she could clearly sense a dark aura emanating from within the Pamelas Hotel.

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