Chapter 589: Fighting Because Of You

The sharp sound of the whistle caused the instructor of other classes to stop their training and rushed over to support their comrade in controlling the agitated trainees.

The political instructor also hurried over, these trainees were all key targets to nurture, it was okay if they fainted or were slightly injured during military training, but if they began fighting right under the instructor’s nose, the situation would become dangerous.

Ye Jian never expected that Ye Ying’s simple words would cause a collective group to crumble just like that!

A few sentences had such a huge effect, and even Ye Ying was surprised. Her original intention was for the instructor to take care of Ye Jian, causing her to lose face in front of the whole class.

Who expected that she had caused the class to argue. See, even a few guys are about to fight!

While slightly moving her pupils, Ye Ying walked over in a docile manner: “Ye Jian, do you see it, have you heard me saying that you’re not qualified to compete with me?” Under the increasing sounds of an argument, she then smiled: “How is it? Do you like this welcoming ceremony?” 

” You do not like it, but I do. Pitiful, you will definitely receive the worst scolding later. You think the students will accept your return?” Ye Ying smiled proudly, she was just as arrogant as during her past life, “During the assembly on the first day, the principal and the leader of the province had heavily emphasized that the military training results are significant. the consequences will be serious if we do not face it properly.”

” Do you know how many students in our class want to enter university? Do you know how many students are nervous about the military training this time affecting their university admission if a problem occurs? Do you know……”

Ignoring her had caused her to act more arrogantly. Ye Jian lowered her head and gazed to look at Ye Ying, who was half a head shorter than her; she had a lofty gaze as she looked down.

Her black eyebrows were slightly raised, she had a calm expression with a smile and yet not a smile, she said calmly: “You know how to worry, shouldn’t a patient with heart disease be resting? Scheming this and that all the time, sowing discord, aren’t you worried that your heart would be so tired that it goes on strike?”

Knowing she doesn’t have heart disease, Ye Jian, who said it on purpose, looked in admiration for her change in expression due to anger; she then said coldly: “Give it some thought, have you ever succeeded every time you schemed on me? It seems there’s not a single time.”

Her words had pricked Ye Ying’s heart; it was because she had failed every single time; she was filled with hatred! The more she was filled with hate, the more she wanted to viciously get rid of her!

” Ye Ying, you better cover your face; don’t wait until it hurts from being ‘smacked.” After Ye Jian finished talking, she lifted her chin; her beautiful and delicate eyebrows were even darker, her spirit increased and was as deep as the ocean, her pupils were mysterious and unpredictable.

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The current Ye Jian faced accusations with ease; it was because she was self-confident, self-confident that this small matter can quickly get resolved. She also could handle Ye Ying’s never-ending schemes and return it with a vicious slap to Ye Ying’s face.

Ye Ying’s expression instantly became gloomy, she gritted her teeth and said: “Stop being complacent! This time, I want to see how you’re going to explain to the students and the school!”

” The students in the whole class are fighting because of you. Ye Jian, you really have such a huge reputation. With such a huge reputation and such a huge ruckus, I want to see how you conclude it!”

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