Chapter 441: Severe Punishment

Qing Xuan and the others by the side sneered: “General, since someone says we’re arrogant, we can just smash Xiao Residence and let him see what true arrogance means.”

”That’s what crude people would do, your madam has already handled it,” Qiao Tian Chang said bluntly.

Xiao Yi Lin’s expression changed because of that sentence, he could ignore Qiao Tian Chang but he could not ignore Ning Meng Yao.

”Send Duke Xiao out,” Qiao Tian Chang turned around and left, the moment he was turning around, his gaze turned cold, he would let Xiao Yi Lin know what was called ‘it’s not that I’m not taking revenge, the time is just not ripe yet’.

”Duke Xiao, please leave if you do not wish to continue embarrassing yourself,” Qing Xuan crossed her arms and looked at Xiao Yi Lin, she had a vicious expression.

Xiao Yi Lin glance at Qing Xuan, he turned and left, his brows were furrowed tightly.

When Xiao Yi Lin walked out, there were many commoners gathered at the entrance, everyone had a weird expression when they saw him walking out.

Someone had mentioned earlier that Duke Xiao had barged into the General’s Residence, they did not believe it and came over to see if it was true.

They felt displeased with Xiao Yi Lin. When others did not wish to meet him, he went straight to injure others in order to barge in. What’s going on? He’s simply too much of a bully.

But seeing Xiao Yi Lin also heavily injured, the crowd every making many guessed, but they generally agreed that the prestige of the General’s Residence is not to be violated. Did he think he was up and above all because he was a Duke? Can a Duke treat the General’s Residence that way? He was simply overboard.

Xiao Yi Lin pretended not to hear from commoners.

However, the next day, in the imperial court, someone impeached Duke Xiao.

”Your majesty, Duke Xiao is too arrogant. He stopped the General’s wife when she was shopping the day before, the General’s wife was then the target of assassination in the private room, the assassins were secret soldiers of Xiao Residence. Duke Xiao did not act when facing those assassins which were fine, but when the General’s wife needed to rest because of the trauma and General Qiao did not want to receive guests, Duke Xiao injured his people and barged in. What logic is there?”

”The Imperial Censor is right, General Qiao has outstanding military service, how could he allow others to insult him like that? Duke Xiao is an intolerable bully.”

”That’s right, Duke Xiao, could it be that you have some grudges with General Qiao and his wife? If I recall correctly, General Qiao and his wife have already lost a child due to the secret soldiers you sent out, could it be you wish to also kill the six-month-old fetus?”

The latter two who spoke were military leaders, they admired Qiao Tian Chang very much. Right now, when someone was insulting him, it would be strange that they would hold themselves back.

”That’s right, I beg your majesty to punish him severely.”

”I beg your majesty to punish him severely,” The crowd knelt on the ground, they had ugly expressions, they had gloomy expressions when they looked at Xiao Yi Lin.

Xiao Qi Feng was also enraged, the previous matter had just calmed down, the Xiao Residence was creating troubles again this time.

”Uncle, have you forgotten the lesson last time?”

Xiao Yi Lin had an ugly expression, what qualifications does a younger generation have to point him around.

With Xiao Yi Lin’s ugly expression, Xiao Qi Feng naturally understood what he was thinking about.

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”Uncle, shouldn’t you be giving General Qiao and his wife an explanation?” Xiao Qi Feng looked coldly at Xiao Yi Lin, his expression was ugly.

Xiao Yi Lin stood up and looked at Xiao Qi Feng: “I do not feel like I’ve done anything wrong that requires any explanation.”

Qiao Tian Chang who was standing in front of the military leader narrowed his eyes, there was a bloodthirsty smile at the corner of his lips: “Since Duke Xiao says so, don’t blame this General for being vicious if anything happens to Xiao Duke Residence after this.”

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”Are you threatening me?” Xiao Yi Lin looked at Qiao Tian Chang and yelled.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Xiao Yi Lin and did not speak, Qiao Tian Chang was really surprised by his attitude.

The ministers also felt Xiao Yi Lin was too arrogant. He had injured others and actually said he was not in the wrong.

”General Qiao’s servants attacked me too. Does General Qiao intend to give me an explanation?” Not only did Xiao Yi Lin not apologize to Qiao Tian Chang and his wife, he even pushed the blame onto Qiao Tian Chang.

Seeing Xiao Yi Lin acting that way, the crowd was wondering if there’s something wrong with his head. If there wasn’t anything wrong with his head, he would not be saying such words, right?

Qiao Tian Chang laughed, his laughter was frightening: “Then let me ask everyone present. If someone barges into your residence, what would everyone do?”

”Beat him up.”

”That’s right.”

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