Chapter 605: Blush In Embarrassment

Ye Jian was indeed someone who could not be provoked.

Wang Dandan, who grew up in a family that did business, quickly calculated her best interest. She had decided never to provoke Ye Jian. One must never take the initiative to scheme on people whose background and depths are unknown; she hoped Yao Jing would understand that.

The applause at the field followed Ye Jian back to her class; the praise was coming in waves.

She would always be applauded; it was a matter of sooner or later, Ye Jian had used two lifetimes to earn this belated applause.

Finally, during her most wonderful time, in addition to the most beautiful colors, with her strength, she did not disappoint the most wonderful time, at the most beautiful moment, she was her most beautiful self.

The eight classes in the eleventh grade and seven classes in the twelve grade heard the instructors whistling and giving out orders, attention, at ease, quick march, and returned to their original training positions. Ye Jian probably influenced them, all of them couldn’t help standing upright. One, two, one, one, two, one, they were filled with vigor, filled with vitality just like the radiant sun.


Behind them were the first class who was boiling up, they rushed towards Ye Jian who was returning to her team, An Jiaxin picked her up, everyone then combined their strengths and threw her high up in the air, they then laughed and caught the girl who had brought glory to their class.

Ye Jian, you have become the most beautiful scenery in our school lives, with the memories of you inside, it would still be colorful when we get older. When tracing back this memory, your smile, your graceful bearing would become his, hers, and my most beautiful memory in this life.

”Ye Jian, Ye Jian!”

”Ye Jian, Ye Jian!”

”One, two, three, lift her! Hahaha, catch her, catch her!”

Laughter could be heard; army songs could be heard, you are singing about comrades, I’m singing about white poplars, during this snowy spring of our youths, there is you, him and me becoming the most beautiful day.

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They were unable to hold back their joy, Ye Jian’s laughter was like a mountain spring, splashing out waves at those who were feeling pleased.

When they were laughing, the trainer blew his whistle, asking the unusually excited students to put Ye Jian down. The stern trainer gave the whole class enough time to embrace it, becoming a tightly knit and whole group.

Just now, the first class had just divided themselves, they needed such positive energy to fill up those cracks, and Ye Jian was the best choice to unite the whole class.

She used her abilities to show the whole class that her return was not to drag down the entire class but to…… bring glory for the entire class!

”Dear students, who among all of you still think that your classmate would become your burden and drag all of you down?” The trainer’s words caused the nine people in the front row to blush in embarrassment; all of them lowered their heads and no longer had the same confidence as when they objected.

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Ye Jian stood at her original position; there was a student behind her who said softly: “Ye Jian, you’re stunning! I’ll only admire you in the future!”

”We almost got into a fight just now. Those nine people would feel ashamed right now!”

”Heh, they are already unable to lift their heads. Ye Ying really fainted at the right time, or else she should be marching as well,” There were people in the class who were not pleased with Ye Jian, there were also people in the class who were not happy with Ye Ying.

Ye Jian only gave a faint smile towards those words. She did not like to badmouth others; she felt that no matter whether she said it, others would find out if that person did not have a good character, it didn’t matter if she said it.

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