Chapter 606: Not Disappointing Her Most Beautiful Self

The trainer in front spoke his meaningful and heartfelt words; he talked about why students needed military training; he also spoke about why there was a need for unity.

”The students who had argued today seemed to be filled with collectivism, but in fact, they are all individualistic. The students fear being implicated; they fear being delayed; they fear being left behind; they fear they are unable to be. First, they are fearful of this and that; they had never thought of reaching out their hands and helping their fellow students, they had never thought of making use of the break time to properly teach the students who are still feeling unfamiliar.”

”They only think of escaping; they are only thinking about themselves. Dear students, your behavior has gone against the meaning of our military training. We cultivate hard work, perseverance, and collectivism, developing a proper study and lifestyle. All of you still need to continue learning.”

“In group activities, team spirit is your pillar of support; this pillar must never collapse; everyone must support it! Those who can support it and help those weaker students; that way, all of you can go further and quicker. You all should not exclude them and win as an individual, even if you all obtain the victory that way, it is useless as a collective body!”

These words are not merely said to the nine people in front; it was for the whole class.

Under the trainer’s whistle, the morale of the whole class reached a new height, all of them were full of confidence as they shouted out their slogans louder than any other moment.

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Ye Jian had used her actions to prove that not only would she not drag the class down, but she would also lead the class to obtain higher points. For those who dare to doubt her, they can first take a look at themselves!

The trainer seemed to have forgotten about Luo Ran; he did not think about that person at all, it was until the instructor of the first class began giving training before he walked coldly towards Luo Ran.

The soldier who was pressing down Luo Ran was not an instructor. If Ye Jian were present, she would tell that this soldier had a pair of sharp eyes which were emitting a cold radiance, his fingers were filled with thick calluses.

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It was a sniper from the anti-chemical unit; he was an excellent sniper.

”Release him and send him to the infirmary to have a look,” The trainer looked coldly at the weak male student who was no different from a dead fish. This fellow lacked a beating; he was still so arrogant even after being taught a lesson for four days. Heh, he would definitely be a scourge of society.

The soldier lifted Luo Ran like lifting a chick after receiving the order, “Be more honest, kid, I can assure you will need to wash your intestines if you want another mouthful of dirt.”

He was lucky he was a student, if he were a soldier in the unit, he would be dragged out and given a strict education!

Luo Ran was like a piece of smelly and hard bone. How could his arrogant habit endure such a tone? He wanted to be ostentatious and wanted to say something vicious, but when he opened his mouth, his throat seemed to be burning, it was so loud he was unable to say anything.

”Dammit, wait for me! Don’t walk out here if you dare!”

He could still speak harshly at this moment, the trainer was not angry but smiled instead: “Deal, we would be waiting, we’re not afraid of you not finding us, we are afraid you do not dare to!” He was lawless; they could not teach him a lesson in the army, if he dared to challenge soldiers after leaving the military, he would be seeking hardship, it would be a stain in his life!

In the infirmary, Ye Ying had already woken up while feeling dizzy after being rescued by the medics, she had just regained consciousness and could hear an arrogant voice outside, “Let me go! I want to sue all of you! You all are abusing a student; I want to sue all of you!”

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