Chapter 466: Trip To The Back Mountain

It was Ning Meng Yao’s first time seeing Qiao Tian Chang acting like a child, she couldn’t help but laugh out: “Qiao Tian Chang, you should really let others see how you’re behaving now.”

”Behaving like what?”

”Sexually frustrated,” Weren’t those two words written all over his face?

Qiao Tian Chang rolled his eyes at his wife: “Dear, how many times have I touched you ever since you were pregnant? How can I not be sexually frustrated?”

When they did not have any children, he passed his days being passionate with her every day. Right now, he could only hug, kiss, and touch. When would such uncomfortable days end?

Ning Meng Yao was feeling annoyed, but she also found it funny seeing how uncomfortable he felt, he was already an adult and still calculative over such things.

She supported herself and leaned towards Qiao Tian Chang’s face, their lips then touched: “Are you satisfied right now?”

”Dear, don’t tease me,” Qiao Tian Chang gritted his teeth as he looked at his wife, she was still teasing him at such a moment, this girl must have done it on purpose.

Ning Meng Yao looked doubtfully at Qiao Tian Chang, she just wanted to kiss him, how did it end up teasing him?

However, she immediately understood after seeing his dull eyes and hearing his hoarse voice: “I’m going to sleep,” Ning Meng Yao was blushing and was feeling really embarrassed.

Qiao Tian Chang sighed, why was his wife acting like that?

He reached out his hand and pinched her cheek to punish her.

The morning the next day, Ning Meng Yao woke up early for once, she reached out and woke the man beside her: “Wake up, I want to go to the back mountain.”

Qiao Tian Chang was actually awake, he just wanted her to sleep a little longer, who knew that she woke up so early and even teased him early in the morning.

He turned around and pressed her down: “Teasing me again so early in the morning, you don’t intend to let me feel comfortable?”

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Ning Meng Yao looked at Qiao Tian Chang and expressed her innocence.

”Alright, get up,” Qiao Tian Chang resigned himself to fate and got out of bed, he wore his clothes and brought Ning Meng Yao’s clothes over.

Ning Meng Yao got out of bed and washed up, they had a simple breakfast and then took their baskets and headed to the back mountain. Grandmother Qin originally did not agree to it, but she was later convinced by Qiao Tian Chang, she was at ease after he said they were just looking around at the foot of the mountain and won’t be climbing up.

Ning Meng Yao felt depressed as she lowered her head: “Granny Qin is really strict.”

”You are already seven months pregnant, could she not be strict?” If it wasn’t Ning Meng Yao really wanting to take a look, he did not wish to bring her over.

If something were to happen, wouldn’t he be filled with regret?

Ning Meng Yao reached out her hand and touched her nose: “But you promised to take me there.”

”Yup, aren’t we heading there right now?” Qiao Tian Chang found it funny as he shook his head.

She was at ease after hearing that Qiao Tian Chang did not intend to bring her back, anything was fine as long as he did not send her back.

Qiao Tian Chang was supporting Ning Meng Yao during the whole journey, Qiao Tian Chang had cleared away the weeds growing everywhere.

There was a tiny stream at the foot of the mountain, it was quite pretty and Qiao Tian Chang brought her over.

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Ning Meng Yao did not plan to really walk around the mountain to feel satisfied, that was why she was not angry, she began walking around by the stream.

But she quickly noticed something in the stream, river snails.

”Tian Chang, can you scoop up the river snails for me?” Ning Meng Yao looked eagerly at Qiao Tian Chang, causing Qiao Tian Chang to nod in agreement.

He could still see her unwillingness to stop after scooping up a basket full of snails for her, if it wasn’t because the basket was full, he might need to continue scooping. It caused Qiao Tian Chang to be unable to hold back his smile.

”You really like this?”

”It’s delicious.”

”Anything that lands in your hands would become delicious,” Qiao Tian Chang didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as he said: “However, you can only teach Granny Qin.”

”No problem.”

The two of them were at the back mountain for a long time, Qiao Tian Chang plucked the flowers by the stream and weaved a beautiful garland headband for Ning Meng Yao, he placed it on her head and the two of them left that place.

She reached out and touched the garland headband on her head: “I’m about to become a mother, it feels weird wearing a garland headband.

”What’s so weird about it? It’s pretty,” Qiao Tian Chang couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Ning Meng Yao feeling awkward, she looked really beautiful.

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