Chapter 467: Choosing A House

When the two of them returned home, the crowd couldn’t help but smile when they saw the garland headband on Ning Meng Yao’s head, they said it looks good on her, causing Ning Meng Yao to feel embarrassed.

They had been back for many days, within these few days, Ning Meng Yao would take a stroll in the garden every day, otherwise, she would be taking a look at the workshop. But Lei An had returned not long after, he was covered in dust, causing Ning Meng Yao’s eyelids to twitch.

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She looked at Lei An with disgust: “You came over straight?”

Lei An nodded his head: “Yup.”

He was afraid that he would hear news of Yang Le Le being engaged if he came too late, after handling everything on the battlefield, he immediately rushed over, he did not even wait for Lin Zi You.

Ning Meng Yao immediately felt speechless after seeing Lei An acting that way: “You’re afraid that Le Le would be snatched away?”


Ning Meng Yao looked at Lei An and did not know what to say: “Alright, go wash up and take a good rest, Le Le should be back in two days. We can discuss it when the time comes,” Nothing could be done, he was back but the young lady was still not back.

Lei An reached out his hand and touched his nose, he then smiled awkwardly: “I know.”

With Qing Xue leading the way, Lei An headed to the back of the house and rested.

Ning Meng Yao shook her head helplessly: “Uncle Yang and the others were previously worried that Le Le would not be married, but isn’t someone here to propose right now?” He had even rushed over to propose.

Qiao Tian Chang found it funny as he looked at Ning Meng Yao: “Lei An is an orphan, he always tells me that he also wishes to have a family like ours, he’ll no longer envies us after he has Yang Le Le.”

He knows that Lei An would always look enviously at him, he would then feel very lonely. It could be seen that he really wanted to start a family.

”If he does not want to build an individual house in the village, he can choose a house in the villa,” Qiao Tian Chang had built a huge villa, there were eight or nine buildings in the villa, it would be livelier if many people stayed together.

”Alright, they’ll sure be pleased when the time comes,” He had already thought about it when he built the villa, there was a possibility of Yu Feng and the others coming over, that was why he built many buildings, it seems that he really did plan ahead.

”Yup, it’s true, we cannot force everyone to stay with us,” Ning Meng Yao smiled and said.

Who knew that Xiao Qi Tian had brought Mu Xue over not long after Lei An came over.

Xiao Qi Tian was dumbfounded when he saw the newly built villa.

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”Tian Chang, you must leave me a house in this villa, Mu Xue and I can come here when we have the time in the future,” That place wasn’t anywhere special, but after being decorated with flowers and trees, it really gave off the feeling of a paradise on earth.

”Alright, there are many houses, go choose one for yourself,” Qiao Tian Chang did not mind at all.

However, Ning Meng Yao by the side sighed: “It seems we need to build two more buildings.”

Ning Meng Yao had thought her parents might be coming here, there was also Feng Shuo, Yu Feng and his wife, Mu Chen and his wife, Xiao Qi Feng might also want one, then there are the others…… It seemed too few.

Qiao Tian Chang gave some thought and shook his head: “We’ll discuss this later on, there’s no need to be so rushed right now,” He would definitely expand the villa in the future, or where would their children stay?

Xiao Qi Tian looked at the few buildings, his brows were slightly raised: “Tian Chang, it seems that the villa you all built is not bad.”

”We’ll be staying here from now onwards,” They would naturally build this place better.

Ning Meng Yao was feeling blessed in her heart, Qiao Tian Chang had prepared all of this for her.

”Yao’er, will Elder Sister Mei and the others return when you give birth?” Mu Xue looked at Ning Meng Yao and asked softly.

”They said they would be coming,” This child was the first child among them, they would naturally pay more attention, regardless of whether it would be a boy or a girl, he would be doted on in the future.

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