Volume 5 Chapter 237: The Night Of Chaos In The St. Louis Church Academy

In the southern part of the Olsylvia Academy, the St. Louis Church Academy wasn’t peaceful tonight. The whole campus was filled with dark shadows. Under normal circumstances, these departed spirits from the underworld wouldn’t dare attack the Radiant Church’s sacred land.

But today was a bit of an exception. These departed spirits were summoned by special sacred objects. If the summoner weren’t planning on stopping, they would stay here and wander around the campus.

This group of departed spirits seemed to be under someone’s orders. They didn’t attack the teachers or the students of the academy but sabotaged and did mischiefs, such as covering the statue of the Radiant God with graffiti and overturning sacrificial offerings.

This was the first time that the Light Priests had encountered the departed spirits to leave the people alone and only cause trouble to the surrounding. In the face of these strange departed spirits, the Light Priests were panicked and flustered, completely unsure of what to do. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Holy Maiden to give commands, so they stood there in a daze. 

In the Sky Gardens No. 1 Tower, the tallest building in the St. Louis Church Academy, one of the four Holy Maidens of the Radiant Church, Sophia of the Micah Faction, stood there expressionlessly. Behind her was a pair of angel-like wings.

This was influenced by the Sky Feather, which had a rather special power. Users must have a certain blood relationship with the God Race to obtain a part of the divine power from the Sky Feather.

“Daisy, you have been corrupted. You used the power of the Netherworld Stone to summon these departed spirits. That’s a sacred object that had sealed various evil spirits. It’s very dangerous to use it like this.”

“Sophia, you have been confused by that evil object. Nevermind, I will defeat you and convince you to surrender.”

Daisy, one of the four Holy Maidens, was dressed in a black priest’s cassock. She was holding the Netherworld Stone that Bella had transformed. Those strange departed spirits who behaved out of the ordinary had all been summoned by Daisy using the Netherworld Stone.

“Hymn of the Skies.”

“Touch of the Night.”

Sophia and Daisy launched their attacks almost at the same time. They were both using instantaneous magic; Sophia’s was a rain of light, and Daisy’s was a dark dragon. Light and dark energy blew the Sky Gardens into a wreck.

While Sophia and Daisy were still engaged in their battle, Bella was already looking for her next target. Daisy’s task at this stage was simple to delay Sophia and allow Bella to rescue Hayley and Susan first.

Hayley’s current location was more of an interest to Bella. She was in the hot spring bathing hall of the St. Louis Church Academy. Bella ignored Noreya’s disdainful look and set Hayley’s location as her first target.

However, she still had to be careful. The sacred object that Hayley carried was the Heart of the Ocean. From the name itself, she could tell it had something to do with water. Although this was a hot spring area, it was undoubtedly Hayley’s home ground.

The departed spirits summoned by Holy Maiden didn’t attack this large bathing hall because this area was under Bella’s command. Bella swaggered into the large bathing hall. As soon as she entered the center of the girls’ bathing hall, there came two beautiful female priests.

“There’s still room inside. Please… Who are you? I’ve never seen you before…”

The beautiful priests were rather slow to react, making it easy for Bella to knock them out. After that, Bella began working on her favorite task. She tore up the thin bathrobes worn by the two beautiful priests and tied them with ropes.

There were a lot of girls in the bathing hall tonight, all of them were beautiful priests. They completely lacked vigilance, so much so that none of them had noticed Bella’s actions even after she had knocked out a bunch of them.

Bella knocked them unconscious, stripped them of their clothes, and tied them up with ropes, their backs against each other. Time was short; otherwise, Bella would have teased them even more!

Holy Maiden Hayley was daydreaming in the bath. Bella walked over and looked at Haley’s proud twin peaks. Although this wasn’t the first time Bella had seen them, she felt excited every time she saw them.

Hayley’s entire body exuded the soft scent of the ocean, which came from the Heart of the Ocean necklace that Hayley wore on her chest. Bella found that Hayley’s eyes were cold when looking at her as if she did not know her.

“Who are you… outsider?!”

“Your master… You’re actually attacking me?!”

Before Bella was done teasing her, an ice thorn aimed at Bella’s face flew out of the hot springs. However, Bella dodged and was unhurt.

In the hot springs behind Hayley, a huge water element rose. The water element was more than four meters tall with a pair of huge fists that stood out. It was a water element that mages could summon. The gold bracelets on both sides of its fist were engraved with magic inscriptions, indicating that this water element was of the advanced type.

The water element was one of the skills exclusive to a mage. For it to appear behind a priest was really strange. Besides this huge water element, there were also many smaller water elements in the hot spring. It seemed that she was going to engage in a group battle.

“Outsider, get out of here. This sacred place…”

“Sacred place, my foot! Is it fun controlling others! I’ll let you as much as you want!”

When Hayley spoke, her originally light blue pupil shone with a dark blue gleam. Bella immediately associated it with the evil parasite, the Shadow Predator, on the Netherworld Stone. The Heart of the Ocean could also be a host for something evil.

The St. Louis Church Academy had now been thrown into chaos because of Holy Maiden Daisy’s ability to activate the Netherworld Stone. No one had noticed the ongoing battle over at the hot spring bathhouse.

Bella drew out her knight’s sword and sliced the water element in front of her. The water element attack mainly centered on their fists and ice thorn magic. This level of attack didn’t pose a threat to Bella. The only thing that bothered her was how difficult it was to destroy the water element.

Water elements weren’t afraid of physical attacks. Even if it were split into several segments, it could quickly merge itself back together. It was a really annoying magic element.

“It’s no use; I can’t destroy this energy…”

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The enormous water element was taunting Bella. Suddenly, a black colored evil imprint appeared on the chest of Holy Maiden Hayley, who had been trapped and controlled. Bella had done something to the Holy Maidens’ bodies before. This evil imprint also had a certain intelligence. It lurked the entire time, especially waiting for a flaw in the Heart of the Ocean before it launched a counterattack.

Its sneak attack was very successful. The enormous water element’s heavy hammer, which was originally about to slam down, paused in mid-air due to the restrictions of the dark energy.

The gold bracelet on the water element’s hand was caught by a pair of iron hooks. Assassin Noreya exerted all her strength and broke the water element’s two hands. Noreya pulled the pair of huge gold bracelets over to her side.

Without its bracelet, its hands could no longer regenerate. The pair of gold bracelets were the water element’s magic artifacts. Without it, the water element couldn’t launch any magic attacks.

“Wait, we can talk about this…”

Seeing that Noreya wanted to destroy the pair of gold bracelets, the arrogant water element became terrified. If the gold bracelet were destroyed, it was finished.

Noreya didn’t care to negotiate with the other party. It was her professional habit not to indulge in useless chatter with her target. She crushed the pair of gold bracelets with her hands. Bella couldn’t tell that she actually had so much strength.


“Go to hell! How dare you think of escaping after watching my woman take a bath?!”

Bella horizontally sliced the water element right in the middle. The water element gave a resentful roar. This time, it would never come back to life again.

With the defeat of the enormous water element, the water element henchmen it had summoned earlier also turned back into the water. Bella immediately removed the Heart of the Ocean necklace from Holy Maiden Hayley’s chest.

“Bella, why are you here… Wait a minute, let me explain…”

“Hayley, let’s wait till we get back. We’ve only separated for a few days, but you claim to have forgotten me. It looks like I’ll have to leave a deeper impression. Don’t move…”

The dark blue gleam in Holy Maiden Hayley’s eyes had just faded, and she was still in a daze. Bella carried her over her shoulder like a trophy. Hayley was still naked. It was so embarrassing to be carried by Bella like this.

Bella wanted to punish Holy Maiden Hayley. Of the four Holy Maidens of the Radiant Church, Hayley was the one who showed the greatest resistance towards Bella. It was a good chance to take advantage of this opportunity to strike down her pride.


“Bella, I was wrong. Let me down. I can walk on my own…”

“No, you have to be carried like this. You don’t want your juniors to see you like this, do you?!” 

Holy Maiden Hayley looked at the other girls lying on the floor of the bath hall and finally quieted down. These were students who were with her. If they saw this scene, Hayley’s prestige as a Holy Maiden would be gone.

After recovering Holy Maiden Hayley, Bella and Noreya went to the next target. Holy Maiden Susan was located near the cross of the giant statue of God. Holy Maiden Susan’s sacred object was the Crystal of the Earth.

Most of the Radiant Church’s Law Enforcement Team, originally stationed in the St. Louis Church Academy, had now gone to the Scripps Cemetery to rob the tomb. To prevent the situation from heading in the wrong direction, Gralen had the personnel to dig the cemetery tonight.

As for the chaos at the St. Louis Church Academy, the Law Enforcement Team of the Radiant Church still hadn’t shown up. Perhaps there was an emergency at the Scripps Cemetery, so they didn’t have time to deal with the situation on campus.

The location of the cross of the giant statue of God was near the hot springs. Bella and Noreya rode to the giant statue of God in a school carriage covered with a black cloth.

The giant statue of God is one of the protector Gods whom the Radiant Church offered sacrifices to. Apparently, it was the protector God of the Goddess of Light. The entire statue was about ten meters tall, with a cross carved on its back.


Bella caught sight of the giant statue from a distance away. Holy Maiden Susan was standing in front of the statue. From the back, she seemed to be praying. Susan’s gold cassock was especially conspicuous in the dark.


They didn’t move any closer. There was something wrong about the situation. The giant statue seemed to be moving, and a golden light shone from the position of its eyes.

This was a stone statue more than ten meters tall. If it really started to move, the entire St. Louis Church Academy would probably have to be rebuilt. Fortunately, the hands and feet of this statue were tied to the cross behind the statue by black energy chains.


The black energy chains had been secretly planted in Holy Maiden Susan’s body by Bella. When the evil being in the Crystal of the Earth was about to be resurrected, the evil imprint managed to bind the giant statue with dark energy in time.


When Holy Maiden Susan turned to look, a long iron chain was thrown from Bella’s carriage. The iron chain easily shattered the golden protective magic energy shield around Susan.

“How is it possible? Wait… you…”

Susan raised her right hand in front of her but didn’t expect the chain to loop several times around her arm. After a great pull, Susan immediately flew out to the carriage.


Bella had been waiting in the carriage for a long time. As soon as Susan was pulled in, Bella rushed up and hugged her. The Crystal of the Earth was also worn on Susan’s chest in the form of a necklace. Bella easily removed the sacred object.


“Bella… Why are you here? Hayley is here too. What are you… Wait, can we talk it out? Why are you taking off my…”


“Be quiet, so you don’t disturb others…”

Having lost the support of the Crystal of the Earth’s energy, the giant statue that was about to be revived fell silent. Bella took out a black cursed pike and was about to throw it out to destroy the giant statue’s eyes but was dissuaded by Holy Maiden Susan.


“Bella, please don’t do that to the giant statue. I’m willing to take its place for punishment…”


“Susan, you are just too kind. Fine, we’ll talk about this when we get back.”

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In the Sky Gardens No. 1 Tower, the tallest building in the St. Louis Church Academy, the battle between Holy Maiden Daisy and Holy Maiden Sophia had come to an end.


The first platform was completely destroyed because it was a battle between light and dark; the post-battle scene was comparable to the ruins after the demon war.


Daisy fell to the ground on one knee, half kneeling. A trace of blood was clearly visible at the corner of her lips. Holy Maiden Sophia was only doing a little better than Daisy. She could barely stand.


The two holy maidens were a sorry sight. Their priests’ cassocks were hit by a shock wave of energy and were so torn it was as if they weren’t wearing anything. Fortunately, it was now in the middle of the night, and there were only two of them here. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to explain to outsiders that nothing strange had happened between them.


“Daisy, darkness cannot defeat light. You…”


“Sophia, your light has never been here…”


“Who goes there…”

A black shadow passed by Holy Maiden Sophia. She stopped in her tracks and slowly knelt to the ground. Like the angels who had died in the battle of the Gods and the demons, she gradually bowed her head.


The pair of angel-like wings, on her back, scattered to the ground, as if it had been torn off. The black shadow was Noreya. The mysterious and beautiful assassin sneaked an attack from behind. With one blow, she successfully knocked out Sophia, who was in a half God state.


The Sky Feather ranked highest among the four sacred objects. If Holy Daisy hadn’t first consumed a great deal of Sophia’s energy, Bella wouldn’t have obtained it so easily.

Holy Maiden Sophia was knocked unconscious by Assassin Noreya. Noreya’s technique was very skilled, as if she often did this.


A white phantom slowly rose from behind Sophia. It was the evil parasitic object in the Sky Feather. This guy was unlucky. Bella couldn’t even stand others peeking at her girlfriends. How could she let go of this evil object that had stuck itself to her girlfriend? 


Bella appeared behind Daisy. After she gestured to Noreya, she ignored the white phantom.


“Just you wait! The church’s Holy Swordsman has been deployed. You infidels can’t escape! Why don’t you cooperate with me? I will help you…”


Noreya drew out a black dagger and inserted it into the center of the white phantom’s chest. Golden blood suddenly flowed out of thin air.


“Who the hell are you… How do you know my race’s weakn…”


Even until death, the white phantom didn’t get its answer. Noreya actually knew the vital part of their race and destroyed its heart in one move.

After its vital point was punctured, the white phantom gradually dissipated and turned into a wisp of white smoke, floating into the night sky and merging into the night.


The Sky Feather slowly fell to the ground. If it weren’t for Noreya’s dagger and the golden blood left on the ground, perhaps no one would know that the white phantom once existed in this world.


Holy Maiden Daisy stared at the masked female assassin whose appearance remained hidden. Just like that, she had managed to kill off a God. The parasite on the Sky Feather was most likely the soul of a God after it had transformed.


“Bella, what are you… Why are you doing this… Didn’t I tell you I’m an ally….”

“Daisy, I’m sorry to have to put you through this. I’ll reward you when we get back. You were willing to cooperate with me last time, so this time it should be nothing!”


Holy Maiden Daisy was at a loss. Bella had actually taken out the rope and tied her up as before. This demoness was so skilled at tricking her teammates. How many times had she done this now?


Bella placed Daisy and Sophia into the black carriage. She planned to retreat and leave the St. Louis Church Academy. This time, she had made a big move. There might not be enough time for her to visit President Maria and Holy Swordsman Cynthia tonight.

However, the unrest in the St. Louis Church Academy continued. The Netherworld Stone, originally under Daisy’s control, had failed.


The departed spirits summoned by the Netherworld Stone should have disappeared. Instead, “new varieties” had appeared.


The night of chaos in the St. Louis Church Academy wasn’t over yet. There were unknown people who had taken over Bella’s “job” and continued to cause problems in the academy. 

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