Volume II: Chapter 17

We separated from the couple when we reached the next town. The town is a huge one and the couple said they would stay low for a while and with the gold Cordelia gave them, I think they can stay low for 5 years at least. 

I am still having muscle soreness all over my body from the horse riding, I should be grateful I did not fall off the horse and break my neck. 

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It seems I can change the plot. At least for now, this world does not forcefully put us back right on the ‘supposed’ track. I can think and act freely. 

“Ianthe, we’ll go to the capital next! I want to take a look at those festivals they told us about,” Cordelia says while stretching her arms above her head.

Do I have a say in that? Of course not… I am the ladies’ maid. I am responsible for looking for lodgings, restaurants and even taking care of the princess’ clothes. Luckily, I am very good at washing spells due to Lord Valentine and have been used to taking care of all that due to him.

Thinking of Lord Valentine, a wave of loneliness washes over me. I have to get used to it. I have to move on. I have betrayed his trust, he has always denied Cordelia’s request during the past five years, but I betrayed his trust by helping Cordelia. He should forget his failure of pupil. 

“I’m tired now, we’ll set off tomorrow.” With a wave, Cordelia vanishes into her room in the inn. 

I return to my own to find Dolphin swimming towards me, tail waving. 

“You must be lonely, Dolphin, like me.” I hug Dolphin as tightly as I can to relive the sense of comfort I received when I first hugged Dolphin five years ago. 

I debated whether I should bring Dolphin with me or not when I was packing things for my journey, but in the end I could not bear leaving Dolphin, Dolphin is like my safety blanket in this world. A safety blanket that was bestowed to me by Lord Valentine.

Here I am thinking about Lord Valentine again. I have to stop! If I have to spend my time weeping like some harebrained girl, how about I spend my time recalling the plot of the story?

But the truth is I can’t remember a lot. If I could do that, I would have written everything down five years ago when I first entered this world. That novel has a generic and typical plot. Nothing special. It is just not memorable! I should applaud myself for having a spur of a moment luck that I remembered what would happen next when we encountered danger yesterday. 

I sighed and flopped down onto my bed while hugging Dolphin. 

“What should I do, Dolphin?” 

Dolphin wiggles its tiny tail in response. Dolphin then proceeds to do tricks with the tiny ball I gave it. Dolphin plays with the ball adorably to cheer me up. 

Slowly, bit by bit I began to relax. During the first few days of our runaway, I did not dare to sleep. Not because I was afraid someone would catch us, because I knew we would not be caught. Cordelia’s father, the King, believed that it was Cordelia’s own effort and power to be able to run away from the Kingdom, so he approved of her wish. Another reason is that the King simply dotes on his only daughter. 

No, it’s because of my fear for the mysterious dream. That mysterious voice that told me to leave. I was so frightened that one day I might dream about the death of my parents. But luckily, since that day that mysterious woman no longer appeared in my dream. 

But I have already developed an aversion to sleep. I tend to exhaust myself so that I will lose consciousness as soon as I climb onto my bed. I even made protective charms and shield. I know I am simply deceiving myself, if that woman in high heels wish to find me, I doubt I can escape that.  

But just who is that woman? Who was she referring to? Will she be satisfied with how I am doing now?

She said ‘Let him go’. But who is the ‘he’ she was referring to? The only male I knew who I have also interacted with in this world can be counted with just one hand. Lord Valentine and the King. She was not referring to Lord Valentine, was she?

But that’s the only possible explanation as whenever I interacted with the King, I am under the disguise as Lord Valentine. 

If it’s really about Lord Valentine, then maybe the one who is behind the weird dream is Lady Olivia, his future fiancee? Lady Olivia misunderstood and wished to drive me away by trying to manipulate my deepest fear?

This explanation seems plausible, yet something isn’t right. First, the setting of the dream was the modern world, Lady Olivia has no way knowing I am from another world. Second, her maid has no idea who I was. 

What a mystery. Dolphin continues doing tricks and slowly bits by bits I fall asleep. 

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