Chapter 614: Amazingly Smart

Now that it was brought up, they found twenty-three cameras. However, it could not be used right now. Although the twenty-three cameras were still in the hands of the students, the soldiers in the army had tampered with it; they were unable to use it even if they wanted to.

The dinner did not last for too long; the trainer did not try to pry which unit Ye Jian belonged to. For someone as smart as Ye Jian, she had hinted that she was from a certain unit during their conversation.

She was telling the trainer that it was inconvenient for her to mention it.

After she left with the instructor from the first class, the trainer entered the unit’s office block, and he entered a separate office.

It was the head of the anti-chemical unit’s office.

”The young lady is amazingly smart; she must have guessed that I was trying to inquire about her situation. She’s excellent, she directly said it was inconvenient to take any photos and stopping me from asking about her status, she then added with another sentence saying ‘every political trainer has the characteristics of a wily old fox.’ Hahaha, it’s fascinating, she even took the initiative to admit that a certain unit trained her.”

The trainer, who entered, sat on the seat in front of the leader’s desk. He chuckled as he said to his old partner, who was still working in front of his desk, there was a hint of jealousy in his words.

It caused the leader of the anti-chemical unit, who was preparing a proposal to lift his head. He had a square face; he had dark skin, which was a stark contrast to the paper under his hands; he was over forty years of age, he had a frosty expression.

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Hearing those words, he lifted his head away from the plan; there was a smile hidden in his sharp gaze, he then joked: “An hour ago, I advised you better not to ask, the greater your expectations, the greater your disappointment. Oh, you, you are purely asking for discomfort. Also, don’t think about digging elite soldiers from other units to our unit all day, come, take a look at this proposal.”

”We will set up an anti-terrorist anti-chemical unit that can go abroad. We will be the largest anti-chemical unit in the northern military region. the backbone would be selected from our side; you can have a look and select a few members.”

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The trainer received the proposal; he had a pained expression on his face after seeing the few names on it, “You are really generous! These are all the elite soldiers in the unit; you are transferring them all away, aren’t you carving off a piece of flesh in my heart?”

”My heart aches just as much as yours, go up first,” The leader looked at the time, he then moved his shoulders and stood up, “You slowly have a look, I’ll go have my meal and have a look how amazing that Ye Jian is, causing you to have such a sour taste like pickled vegetables.”

He had remembered it in just a short moment.

”There’s a twenty-kilometer field training tomorrow; you can see it when you follow along. It’s their rest time right now, there’s no training at night,” The trainer read the five-page proposal, the expression on his face gradually turned solemn. The setting sun shone through the glass, telling everyone that the fifth day of the military training had ended.

Dinnertime was already over when Ye Ying walked out from the infirmary, although it had passed, the male student in charge of distributing the dishes had left a portion for her.

The red clouds at the horizon gradually darkened, the last golden light at the edge of the cloud disappeared, the skies darkened, and only a faint translucent blueness could be seen.

After admiring the scene of the fiery red clouds, the students of each class did not immediately head back to their dorms, they all sat together in groups, or some were sitting and chatting happily with their instructors.

After training during the day, it was hard to come by moment, not needing to train; everyone had a relaxed smile on their faces.

Today’s topic was mostly about Ye Jian, the trainer had instructed the instructors, and they all had consistent answers.

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