Chapter 615: Being A Target Of Envy

”Some students have good comprehension, they can grasp the essentials immediately, just training for a few minutes could have the effect of other people training for a few days. Didn’t you all say that the female student from the first class of the eleventh grade directly skipped a grade and entered the eleventh grade? Such a student has good comprehension from a single glance.”

The instructor’s words were credible, most of the students chose to believe them, they burst out their emotions, “Sigh, it a talent that cannot be envied, why is she so amazing in all aspects?”

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”I heard the students in their class saying that her speed in answering questions overpowers the whole class. But she’s adorable, you can find her if there are any questions you cannot answer, she has never declined to answer.”

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”There’s more; it’s said that she had never taken notes in class! Oh my, what kind of IQ is this? She already understands after listening in class; I really wish she could transfer some brain cells to me.”

”She’s beautiful, good in studies, talented, and not selfish to help her classmates; she was born to be admired by others.”

The instructors who heard such evaluations were all astonished…… Why does this not sound like an ordinary person!

Yang Heng secretly curled his lips after hearing it; he really wished to say it was not only so, Ye Jian’s memory and observational skills were also extraordinary. The brains of thousands of people might not be compared to her! 

There was field training tomorrow; they still needed to follow a mountain path. Yang Heng narrowed his eyes; there was some darkness flashing past his eyes; he then stood up.

”Eh, where are you going?” The student sitting beside him asked, “Releasing some fluids? Together?”

Yang Heng had already taken a massive stride; he said lazily: “Nah, I’m going to take a stroll alone and will directly head back to the dorm later.”

”You can’t be heading to find that student from the first class of the eleventh grade, right? Damn, bring me along!” The male student smiled, but he was saying it. Yang Heng was quite nice, but he was quite proud, proud people usually stick to their words, he said he would take a stroll alone, no one can join along.

Stargazing on the mountain was something delightful, but Yao Jing felt she was feeling restless and wanted to lose her temper, hearing the students in her left and right talking about that person in the first class of the eleventh grade, her expression during the night was hideous.

When she finally heard her good friend Wang Dandan saying Ye Jian was not bad, Yao Jing, who felt her lungs were about to explode stood up, she calmly faced Wang Dandan and said: “I’m going for a stroll.”

”Oh, then go ahead,” Wang Dandan lifted her head, she smiled and reminded her: “There are snakes in the mountain, someone from the fourth class was almost bitten by a snake the day before, you must be careful, don’t go too far away.”


Yao Jing’s gaze darkened slightly, she then laughed and said: “I’ll just stroll along the walkway, there are street lamps, I can see clearly. I’m leaving; I’ll directly head back to the dorm afterward.”

There was a walkway at the anti-chemical unit’s backfield; there were street lamps across certain distances, the mountain was cool, many students who had finished bathing would take a stroll on the walkway and chat.

Yang Heng and Ye Jian were also taking a stroll on the walkway; they were talking about the field training tomorrow.

He came over to remind Ye Jian to be careful of Luo Ran’s schemes tomorrow; there were plenty of opportunities to take action during the twenty-kilometer field training.

But for Yao Jing, what she saw was…… Yang Heng smiling at Ye Jian, although it was not a broad smile, it came deep from his heart, it was a relaxed and joyful smile, it was a smile she had never seen before!

She, who was hiding behind a streetlamp, had her gaze follow the two figures strolling on the walkway. The hatred in her eyes was like the rolling dark clouds, a raging storm about to happen after the gloominess.

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