Chapter 616: Deep Hatred

Ye Jian did not wish for Yang Heng to find her at night. If he did not come over to find her, she would have already headed back to the dorm to rest.

Mountains surrounded most troops stations in the area on one side and water on the other; they relied on the mountains and streams as natural barriers. The anti-chemical unit was no exception, although it was not as quiet as the camp in Fu Jun Town, the nights here were much quieter compared to the city, it was the quietness which could remove all the impetuousness of the mind.

”There’s really no need for you to purposely come over to remind me, you really can’t go soft on a person like Luo Ran, you have to be tough,” Under the faint lighting. There was a hint of coldness on Ye Jian’s shallow facial expression when she spoke, her back was maintained upright, her every step was filled with calmness and confidence, there wasn’t the slightest fear in her words and actions, she didn’t even wince in low morale.

Such a Ye Jian had long been reborn, she was no longer as quiet as water like in her last life, knowing she had no capabilities to compete and tried to minimize her sense of existence.

She knew how to be as radiant as the sun at one moment and as bright as the moon during the next moment, seemingly changeable and yet firm like a thin wire, the Ye Jian who is trying her best to live for herself.


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Yang Heng looked at the girl who filled with fragrance and was simple and elegant like the landscape at night, the thought of Ye Jian standing proudly like a green pine tree under the blazing sun flashed in his mind, there was a hint of confusion in his eyes.

He wanted to ask her what she had experienced to have such an outstanding performance today.

But after some thought, based on his current identity, the two of them were not so close to the point of talking about such personal topics.

He smiled and said: “I was shocked by you during the day, that’s why I purposely came to take a look at night. You are currently a legendary character in the whole school. Before I came to find you, the class was in a heated discussion about you; it’s the same for Luo Ran’s class.”


When he mentioned Luo Ran once more, the two of them furrowed their brows slightly, Yang Heng’s tone became colder, “It will end the day after tomorrow, there’s no need to worry after returning to school. Luo Ran will pull back no matter how bold he is in school.”

Yang Heng was much more mature for his age, a sixteen or seventeen-year-old youth had such calm thoughts, he would speak to the point in every sentence, “He would be handling the formalities during the first half of his twelve grade, he would directly go abroad during the second half of the year. You will be in the school for less than two years, sometimes, you need to endure, and the skies would clear after the rain.”

Luo Ran had an extreme personality; he was vengeful and narrow-minded. Just like Ye Jian’s matter, as long as you did something that made him embarrass himself, he would immediately shift his hatred to you and no longer kept focusing on Ye Jian.

Right now, Yang Heng had such plans, he was considering whether to tell Ye Jian, but he did not know whether she would say that he was being too nosy.

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After seeing that they had strolled for more than half the field, Yang Heng, who had considered a few times, said in a grave tone: “It’s best to settle this matter, I plan to make some movements after returning to school, shifting his attention away from you.”

”Didn’t I previously mentioned that I would absolutely not decline if I can settle it? Let me handle Luo Ran’s matter; it would be better if I step in.”

After he finished speaking, Ye Jian turned her head over; there was a slight trace of astonishment in her bright eyes.

In return, Yang Heng laughed, “Why do you have such an expression? Why are you, astonished? You thought I was just casually saying it at that time?”


Just like what he said, Ye Jian had indeed thought he was just casually mentioning it.

When they met at the kiosk in school, he had said to find him if she faced any difficulties, to be honest, Ye Jian did not take him seriously at that time.

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