Chapter 617: He’s Serious

Yang Heng was not bad, but he was just a seventeen or eighteen-year-old youth; he would, at times, allow emotions to affect his judgment and would do something radical or say some extreme words.

Listening to him right now, she realized he was actually serious.

It was as if she wanted to say something, Ye Jian lifted her head and looked towards the two street lamps. As a sniper, she would immediately notice who was secretly staring at her, the sensitivity of a sniper was telling her…… someone was staring at her.

Yao Jing never expected Ye Jian to suddenly lift her head and look towards her direction; her heart tightened as she headed to the side of the street lamp, she had also retracted her gaze.

She was able to tell that Ye Jian was astonished by Yang Heng’s words; that was why she looked sideways, the astonishment in her eyes got exchanged with Yang Heng’s laughter.

In Yao Jing’s eyes, the smile on Yang Heng’s face was a comforting smile she had never seen before; such a smile was actually directed towards Ye Jian!

”Ye Jian, I am unable to tolerate you,” Yao Jing then laughed softly, one of her hand was clenched tightly into a fist as she pressed on the cold pillar, her voice was icy and yet soft: “I must let you know that some people cannot get close to you all because you want to!”

Seeing the two of them facing each other and stopping, Yao Jing retreated step by step, she soon hid in the darkness and quickly left.

So it’s her…… Ye Jian retracted her gaze, she smiled and said to Yang Heng who did not notice at all: “The last time after you fought with Luo Ran, Yao Jing came to my class to cause trouble the next day. Yang Heng, you are actually able to tell the reason.”

”Also, I heard Yao Jing forced a girl who had good results in her class to drop out of middle school half a month before you and that female student hosted the school anniversary.”

There was no need to state things too. Clearly, Yang Heng’s cleverness would understand what she was implying.

A hint of awkwardness appeared on his tender and handsome face. It wasn’t him being unable to comprehend; he just did not wish to think deeper. Humans had the instinct to reject what they did not like.

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Ye Jian felt sad for Yao Jing, the childhood friend who grew up together with her was not aligned with her…… It could be seen that people who had done solid work on the surface but had many evil thoughts would not cause people to have good vibes.

”She was standing under a street lamp just now, she had just left a minute ago,” Ye Jian did not wish to be inexplicably hated by Yao Jing once more, this girl was many times more narrow-minded than Ye Ying. However…… It was too late to say such words; she was already being hated.

Yang Heng remained silent for a long time before saying in a low voice: “She is very possessive, she has been like this since young. Even if her toy is broken and thrown away, she would absolutely not give it to others. She became even more extreme as she grew up; even my parents are startled when they see her.”

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”Ye Ying is slightly capable; she can coax her, allowing Yao Jing to feel angered but have nowhere to lose her temper. It should be because of that; when she saw your appearance. it gave her a reason to lose her temper,” There was cold determination at the corner of Yang Heng’s brows, there was even a trace of disgust, “Forget about it, let’s not mention her, I will find you less in the future and stop causing trouble for you.”

She had even forced a boy not to have healthy interactions with any girls; Yao Jing’s possessiveness was indeed frightening.

There were many stars in the skies at seven in the evening; the instructors began urging the students taking a stroll to cool off to head back to their dorms. Several figures flashed pass the lights near the forest and entered the forest.

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