Chapter 482: I Have Picked Up A Dear

Ning Meng Yao felt warmth in her heart, watching Qiao Tian Chang busy looking after their son.

After giving birth to their son, Qiao Tian Chang took care of him every night. As soon as the child cried, he would wake up immediately, and then carefully get up to change the child’s diapers, etc., but Ning Meng Yao would also wake up because of that, so this was basically how their lives were.

“No need, this is normal when we have a child.” Ning Meng Yao said with a smile. Children were the sweet burden of their parents.

Qiao Tian Chang shook his head: “You have not slept well for more than half a month, and we have visitors during the day so you do not get enough sleep. How could this be good for your health?” Qiao Tian Chang said distressed.

“You get up a lot at night.” If she could not stand this, then wouldn’t Qiao Tian Chang be more upset that he had to get up whenever the child cries at night?

“I’m fine.” Qiao Tian Chang was used to this since young, especially after he entered the barracks, it was often very likely that someone would sneak in to steal things in the middle of the night. Even if it was not a human, it could have been a beast, so he had to stay alert at all times.

After arriving at White Mountain Village, his habit still remained unchanged, his eyes would open even when there was a slight wind blowing at night.

This habit gradually changed after he married Ning Meng Yao, he slept more soundly with her.

Now that they had a child, his habit from the past was back, any little sound from the child would wake him up.

Ning Meng Yao looked at Qiao Tian Chang, and thought, a father like him is probably the best father anyone could ever have. I guess that even stay-at-home dads nowadays could not compare with him? Besides, he is also a great husband.

“Tian Chang, I think I have picked up a good husband.” Ning Meng Yao said with a smile.

Qiao Tian Chang was not angry, instead, he said with a smile: “Then you should keep it well and never let it be stolen.”

Ning Meng Yao nodded solemnly: “Whoever dares to rob me, I will let them have a taste of their own medicine.”

Qiao Tian Chang could not help but laugh, he put the things in his hand aside, walked to Ning Meng Yao, and kissed her on her red lips: “I like it when you say that.”

“Ah, how could you kiss me when my whole body smells?” Ning Meng Yao was a bit disgusted with herself.

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In this half a month, she could not wash her hair or take a bath. In the end, after her bitter pleading, Qiao Tian Chang allowed her to wipe herself with water every night, otherwise, according to Grandmother Qin, she should not touch any water.

Qiao Tian Chang made a face and said unhappily: “Who said that? I do not think so.”

Ning Meng Yao had a milky smell on her, just like their son. How could there be any foul smell? It was just all in her head.

Taking a glance at Qiao Tian Chang, Ning Meng Yao said sadly: “Only you and our son are willing to stay with me.” Her appearance now was… She did not know how to describe it either.

“There, there. It is almost twenty days now, you can shower after a month. We are doing this for your health, just bear with it a little longer, okay?” Qiao Tian Chang said this almost every day.

Ning Meng Yao was a very clean person. Even in winter, she would also need to take a bath. However, she was not allowed to take a bath or wash her hair for a month now. That was basically killing her, eh?

Therefore, Qiao Tian Chang comforted her every day, finally she had accepted it, but who knew she would talk about it again today.

Ning Meng Yao looked at Qiao Tian Chang resentfully, her eyes were screaming grievance, which made Qiao Tian Chang want to let her do what she wanted.

“Have a look at this little blanket that I have prepared for our child. Do you think it is suitable for him at night?” Qiao Tian Chang quickly changed the subject.

Ning Meng Yao was disappointed that her purpose was not achieved, but she still took a look at the small blanket in Qiao Tian Chang’s hands: “It looks a little thin, there is another small blanket in the cabinet, we can use that too.”

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Qiao Tian Chang nodded and walked to the closet. He opened it and took out a small red blanket, and put it on the bed.

After all the work, Qiao Tian Chang thought about the toys that he had not prepared yet, so he went to reassemble them and gave them a try. He was relieved after making sure everything was alright.

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