Chapter 613: We Can Meet Your Requirements

Regardless of being a top soldier or flag bearer…… Ye Jian wanted to tell the trainer she did not wish to enter the public eye.

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After a slight pause, Ye Jian retraced her expression under the trainer’s smiling gaze: “Trainer, I wish to ask, there won’t be anything like a group photo and sorts, right?”

This question was significant and profound, it was understandable if Ye Jian was an ordinary student, but Ye Jian was not.

Therefore, the trainer’s haze swiftly changed after hearing it, he carefully scrutinized Ye Jian once more, after he thought of something, his sight landed on Ye Jian’s pair of hands. Still, he noticed…… her hands were already placed on the dining table when he was not noticing.

”It has great significance because it’s the military training of the students in First Provincial High, taking photos as commemoration cannot be left out,” The trainer would not conceal this matter, based on his instincts as a soldier. Ye Jian having such reservations would definitely have her reasons.

Her skills, age, and unusual behavior are different from ordinary students…… It was not a natural gift; it was acquired from the training. In addition to what she had just said, the trainer could confirm Ye Jian was a soldier trained by a specific unit; she was trained to be an outstanding elite soldier.

Ye Jian’s indigo like brows frowned for a quick moment without leaving any traces, she smiled and said: “Really sorry, trainer, I have no way of playing the role of a top soldier or flag bearer. I’ve let down your expectations, really sorry.”

”Understood, understood, we are the ones who lacked consideration. However……” The trainer had a more profound smile, giving Ye Jian a familiar feeling, it was like the smile of Political Commissar Yan, filled with the style of a wily old fox, “ We can fulfill the requirements you brought up, isn’t it just not taking any photos, we will definitely not take any.”


In an instant, Ye Jian didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. She had not agreed to anything and was getting treated as an agreement in the trainer’s words.

She smiled and said: “I realized that every political trainer has the characteristics of an old fox, catching people off guard. I have not agreed to it; you already used my reason for rejection as a condition brought up.”

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After hearing those words, the trainer laughed: “Hahaha, no, no, as long as we can satisfy the request of soldiers, we will try our best to fulfill it! Your request is just a trivial matter; there is no need for any discussions, I can permit it,” She had said that every political trainer had the characteristics of a wily old fox. She was secretly telling him that she was indeed a soldier trained by a certain unit.

It was enviable, which unit had such good foresight? Even knowing how to choose a soldier in advance, however…… This soldier was well chosen, but Ye Jian might not be assigned to the unit that trained her when she enlisted.

This matter was settled, but for the sake of letting Ye Jian be rest assured, the trainer said: “The students would only not take any photos in secret, all cameras are confiscated before entering the army. After all the students entered training, we brought metal detectors into every dorm and inspected every student’s luggage; they did not bring any prohibited items.”

The management of the troops in 1997 was stringent, even soldiers in the army are prohibited from bringing cameras into the camp.

Several thousand students entered the anti-chemical unit, other than the routine inspections; a second inspection was arranged when the students were unaware of it.

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