Chapter 612: Shocked A Veteran

The troops eating were not as noisy as in the school canteen, although there was no designated time for a meal. The team leaders would sometimes tell them to eat slowly, but the soldiers who got trained to be fast-paced also had a training atmosphere when having their meals.

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They were not noisy, but there would be some noises, it was not loud, it could even be said to be soft. When Ye Jian walked past the rows of tables, she would occasionally hear others talking about her.

”She’s unlike a student. Look at her cold gaze; she’s just like the brothers in the reconnaissance team.”

”She even walks like a soldier; she can’t be a student.”

“Quiet down, don’t let the trainer hear it.”

The trainer had already heard everything there is to it. A few instructors had encountered a student who was more potent than them, Cai Jiancheng, who had been serving for three years and filled with military might who was closest to her felt a misconception, it was impossible for a student.

Her hands were stained with blood, or else she would not have such a baleful aura; she would not catch a veteran who had been serving for three years unprepared.

Seeing Ye Jian not squinting her eyes and treating the army like her home and even had a relaxed expression, the trainer was confident that she was a female soldier trained by a unit in school. Such a soldier was the true pillar of the country.

”Come, Ye Jian, let’s sit together and eat as we talk about two matters,” There was over a meter distance, the trainer stood up and smiled as he kindly greeted Ye Jian to sit opposite him.

Ye Jian had encountered trainers, team leaders…… She even met a Major General before. When facing the trainer of the anti-chemical unit, Ye Jian had a strong mental fortitude; she placed the plate on the table, saluted, said ‘reporting’ before sitting down.

She sat in a standard military posture; her back was straight, both hands were naturally placed on her knees, having the proper manners a soldier should have.

She could not lose the face of the Fu Jun Town Unit when she went out; Ye Jian remembered it clearly in her heart.

”Hahaha, relax, relax, it’s break time, let’s talk in a relaxed manner,” The trainer was feeling satisfied with her always prepared attitude, he exclaimed in his heart: Which unit chose this soldier? They really had such an early start!

Ye Jian’s brows curved up; she crisply replied, “Yes sir,” and instantly relaxed, just like an ordinary student, even her gaze softened.

”You’re not eating much, do you want to add some dishes?” Under the trainer’s relaxed conversation, there would be an occasional glance measuring her up; Ye Jian still ate calmly; she could even answer his questions in a calm manner.

They had entered the main topic after around two minutes.

Top soldier? Flag bearer? She felt embarrassed to be the top student soldier; it was fine being a flag bearer.

”Trainer, I’ll have an unfair advantage in a contest over the top soldier, I believe you can tell from my situation, I am indeed unable to be the top soldier among the students, you should choose someone else. I can be the flag bearer; it’s entirely not a problem.”

The trainer was already accustomed to it; he did not treat Ye Jian like a student. When he heard her words, he smiled and said: “You’re afraid others would have an opinion if you become a top soldier? Ye Jian, trust me, not a single student in the eleventh grade who would have an opinion.”

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”We will choose a male student from the twelve grade and a female student from the eleventh grade. How about this, there is also a student who will go on stage to give a speech. why don’t you go on stage to give a speech?”

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