Chapter 611: These Are Comrades

”What you cannot finish can be kept as supper, you will definitely wake up from hunger at night,” The male student behind the male student felt it was not a problem leaving more for Ye Jian. The first class was a science stream; there were more male students than female students; the male students should take care of the female students.

Before moving out, Teacher Tong had already let out words for the male students to take care of the female students.

An Jiaxin blushed after being teased by the instructor, she immediately changed the topic: “Instructor, are you looking for Ye Jian for something? You guys chat, I’ll eat. Damn, I’m so hungry.”

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Was she chatting with the instructor? Forget about it! She even felt panicky when she looked into their eyes.

After she left, the instructor smiled and said to Ye Jian: “The trainer is looking for you, let us dine and chat,” He had said ‘us,’ it was because the instructor saw the military might in Ye Jian, she could no longer be treated as a student.

Ye Jian naturally got along well with the instructor; she wasn’t feeling mentally pressured, she smiled and said: “Alright, I’ll wait for the trainer to come? Or would you bring me to meet the trainer?”

”I’ll directly bring you to the front to get your meal. Let me inform the students,” The instructor did not dare wait for the trainer’s instructions. he then said to the students who were lining up: “The trainer is looking for Ye Jian, they need to talk while eating due to the lack of time, do you all mind allowing Ye Jian to collect her food first?”

How could they mind? They all said uniformly, “We don’t mind, we don’t mind at all!”

They were all polite and willing to yield; even Meng Wen did not dare to voice her opinion; her opinion was no longer critical. Only someone stood out and opposed it and became the public enemy of the whole class.

After Ye Jian thanked them, she walked forward and took her meal, the male student serving their meals immediately took out the dishes he had already scooped out for Ye Jian: “Two drumsticks, how is it? You can add more if it’s not enough! Our class has plenty of drumsticks.”

The army had arranged the student’s food well; it was justifiable; it was just that there wouldn’t be anything left if they came later. The male and female students were physically exhausted at the end of the day; they wouldn’t have any problems even if they were picky eaters.

Still, being picky? Those who came late would only have full vegetarian!

An Jiaxin was staring at the two drumsticks and screamed; she looked at the braised drumsticks in the stainless steel vat, she then mumbled, “This poor nun has not eaten meat for more than a decade, I must have my fill today.”

”You have to be more worried since you did not eat meat for more than a decade, be careful of being bloated,” A male student who heard her mumbling teased, “There are more rice and dishes for dinner, there is still a 20-kilometer field training tomorrow. You all won’t be hungry tonight, you all can eat until all of you are bloated!”

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The first class today was more harmonious than at any other moment; the relationship between classmates was even closer than ever.

The trainer was not waiting for Ye Jian in his office; he was waiting for her in the army’s canteen. It was time for dinner for more than a thousand soldiers from the anti-chemical unit; they were all training at the obstacle field in front during the day. They cannot simply enter the area behind; the students also could not simply enter the soldier’s ground in front.

Ye Jian, who followed the instructor, entered the canteen. She, who had a sharp hearing and keen eyesight, heard a soldier saying: “She’s here, she’s here……”

Ye Jian, who was wearing the same training clothes as the army, did not seem out of place when she entered the soldier’s canteen. She was a soldier, a soldier who had not enlisted.

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