Chapter 610: 20km Field Training

There was no need for Ye Jian to carefully think or guess what Ye Ying’s reaction was, she could even repeat it, yet her voice and tone would be precisely the same.

Hearing those words, she laughed and said: “Why did you go agitate her again? She wanted me to embarrass myself; in the end, she saw something she did not want to see the most. Oh, you, she would faint from anger if you agitate her once more.”

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”She fainted one minute after I stood back in place! Damn! Jian’er, do you think she would say that I made her faint from anger when she wakes up?” An Jiaxin was not someone afraid of trouble; she chuckled as she said smugly: “There’s a sense of accomplishment making her faint from anger, she is the one pissing us off all the time, she is pissed off this time. Hahaha, I feel perfect about it.”

She slowly retracted the smile on her face; she then said: “But I think this matter agitated her a lot. She originally wanted you to embarrass yourself, make use of our classmates to object to your military training. Still, as a result, you have become the celebrity of the school instead. From my understanding of her, she is feeling not reconciled!”

”She had said such harsh words just now, do you think something would come up during the field training tomorrow?”

Ye Jian halted her steps, “Tomorrow’s training would be field training? How many kilometers?”

There was actually a long-distance military field training in the wild; it seems that the province really attached great importance to the military training this time, even such a robust training program had been arranged for the students.

”20 Kilometers. We need to prepare and gather at five in the morning, everyone…… would enter the mountain for field training. Thinking about it already makes my feet feel wobbly,” An Jiaxin placed all her focus on the field training, her previous fighting spirit was like a withered flower.

Ye Jian’s brows were slightly frowning, Luo Ran added with Ye Ying, perhaps Yao Jing would be added in…… Three of them could form into a threat; she indeed needed to be more careful.

The two of them chatted as they headed over, the students in the class had already queued up in long lines waiting to be served their food. It was still the original cooking place. At noon, the blazing sun was above their heads, right now, the setting sun was like brocade, covering the whole sky in golden radiance. There was a blazing cloud by the side of the sky; its color was gorgeous.

”Ye Jian, Ye Jian, our idol, you must stand in front!” The students lining up behind saw Ye Jian coming over, they waved their hands and said: “The students in front, please make way, make way, our idol is the first!”

An Jiaxin acted as if she was the one getting welcomed; she even waved her hands modestly and said, “Hi fellow classmates, it’s been hard on you all.”

The instructor, who came to find Ye Jian, coincidentally heard it, he appeared from behind with a stern face, but then, he had a helpless smile as he said: “This female student, I’ve observed you for many days, if it weren’t for your long hair, I would have thought you were a male student.

She had been boyish from the beginning to the end; she did not have the temperament of a delicate girl.

An Jiaxin, who made use of Ye Jian’s momentum, turned her body. She looked at the instructor standing beside her; she said earnestly: “Listening in to other people’s conversation is not gentlemanly conduct. Instructor, you’re not right this way.”

”Your voices could even be heard from the classroom next door, do I also need to listen in to your conversation?” Her antics had tickled the instructor, she was a lovable girl. Their class was indeed the critical focus class of the whole school; the students were vigorous and obedient; they were many times better than the classes his two comrades were handling.

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The boy in charge of the food in front had already heard their voices, he helped Ye Jian put aside her food without saying a word, the dishes were piled up so high that the boy queuing in front twitched his lips, his face was filled with doubt, “Brother, are you certain Ye Jian can finish this? Don’t treat her as if she has the appetite as us guys!”

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