Chapter 609: War Songs Ringing Out

”Ye Jian is the strength of our unity! We must say so!”

”Come on, let’s sing ‘unity is strength’ together, raise your voices!” The instructor was feeling happy, seeing all the students he led filled with fighting spirit; he got filled with a sense of pride. Of course, the most significant contributor was Ye Jian, she was like a catalyst, bringing out the full potential of the students who had not displayed it.

With someone saying “ready, set,” the students in the class were roused and sang ‘unity is strength.’

They had played the leading role; the other classes were not to be outdone; they began competing in singing on their way to have dinner. Everyone sang one after another, competing in which class sang louder and which class sang uniformly.

”Are the brothers and sisters in the forth class around!”

”Yes, yes, yes!”

”Do we fight!”

”Fight, fight, fight!”

” Where are the falcons of the eighth class!”

”Over here! Over here!”


”East wind blows, war drum sounds, competing in singing, who’s afraid of who!”

”Sixth class is boring; their singing isn’t loud, don’t force yourselves to sing, go serve sentry duty!” 

The whole field got filled with loud singing. You all sing well; we are not too bad, either! Let’s see who wins!

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Singing was a tradition in the army; it had recently become a tradition during military training. First of all was to unite their morale, joining their hearts, displaying their team’s majestic morale. Secondly, it was inspiring, relieves stress; it was to encourage the recruits in the army to persist, in military training. It was to encourage the students to persist; they would rather bleed and sweat but do not cry; they would instead drop off their skin and flesh but never dropping out of the team.

The third and most crucial factor of all, it was to enliven the atmosphere. The instructors are initially stern; they would roar during training and scare people! They were also not filled with human interest; it was a big blow for students. Singing can bond people, enliven the atmosphere; they would also have a better understanding of the instructors; they can be more harmonious and have a united front.

The first class took the lead; they brought the five-day training to the liveliest point; each of them was shouting, some even shouted until veins could be seen on their necks.

An Jiaxin, who shouted until her throat was dry, laughed at Ye Jian: “Great boost of morale, look at what you did, other classes are envious of our class.”

She did not notice why Ye Jian could be with the other instructors completing the order just like a real soldier; she had also never thought of asking. To her, there was no need to ask such questions.

Ye Jian was so amazing, what could stump her?

Ye Jian was instead considering how to explain it to An Jiaxin, Principal Chen’s identity could not be revealed. A world-class sniper hiding in a small town for fifteen years, he definitely had his reasons, she must not bring up Principal Chen.

”There’s nothing to feel envious about. Ye Ying brought it up, I must absolutely satisfy her,” Ye Jian raised her gorgeous eyebrows, her indifferent expression was like the fleeting clouds in the sky, “Too many petty tricks, just like a never-ending cycle like we were back in middle school.”

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An endless cycle, reacting to it over and over again, it was a little annoying.

The fragrance of the dishes wafted in the air; An Jiaxin couldn’t help swallowing her saliva before answering, “This person likes to play petty tricks! Just like in the past!” She suddenly thought of the harsh words she said previously, her expression became solemn and immediately said: “When you were previously training, I went to warn her to stop creating trouble for you, she repeatedly said three ‘just you wait,’ her expression was so fierce as if she wanted to devour someone.”

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