Chapter 608: Caged Beast Fighting

Ye Ying, who was behind the blue curtain, waited for the teacher to leave before opening her mouth: “Luo Ran, you will only suffer if you carry on like this,” At present, Luo Ran taking action was the best idea since he also hated Ye Jian!

Luo Ran, who was about to leave, directly rushed in when he heard it. He then saw Ye Ying’s snow-white face as she lay on the bed on drips.

It was a sickly beauty! Luo Ran’s eyes brightened up when he entered; he then sat on the bed, “Why are you in the infirmary—fainted from being under the sun? Didn’t they say you did not need to participate? The Instructor of your class intentionally made things difficult for you?”

Ye Ying knew Luo Ran’s thoughts about her, but she disdained to have dealings with such a person, his face was as swollen as a pig, and yet he sat there acting all elegant in front of her.

A trace of disgust flashed in Ye Ying’s eyes; she said softly: “Ye Jian is already so hardworking when she just returned, how could I drag the whole class down. However, I never expected that my body was too weak and fainted after a while.”

She had fainted from anger but pretended she had a weak body.

”Her again! Don’t worry, won’t we have field training tomorrow? Just wait! I’ll take care of her sooner or later!” There was ferociousness in Luo Ran’s eyes; he said treacherously: “I’ll plan it out properly tonight when I head back, there would be an opportunity to take action tomorrow.”

She did not say anything, and he already planned to take action!

Ye Ying, who was feeling gleeful, shifted her gaze, she said in a low voice: “The instructors already have their eyes on you, you will be noticed if you make any minor movements. Ye Jian’s performance today is excellent. Luo Ran, don’t be impulsive!”

She was reminding Luo Ran to be extra careful and cautious!

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”Alright, this matter has nothing to do with you, it’s between Ye Jian and me. I……” Sounds of the door being pushed open could be heard, Luo Ran immediately kept his mouth shut, he then walked out with both hands in his packet. He saw two boys carrying a girl with a stretcher, he rolled his eyes and left the infirmary as if nothing happened.

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Ye Ying was feeling anxious. Instead, she had not hinted Luo Ran to drag Yao Jing in! She looked at her drips, and there was half left, she was not in a rush, the field training was tomorrow, she could head over after finishing her drips.

This time, she must drag Yao Jing along.

There were only two beds in the infirmary. When the medic saw Ye Ying awake, he instructed a boy to move her drips; he then said to Ye Ying: “This student, your condition has improved, you have to give up your bed for the other girl.”

From two to four in the afternoon was only two hours of training, those students with weaker body constitutions would still feel uncomfortable; it was normal for them to get heatstroke.

Ye Ying, who wanted to lie down, could only get up. She looked at the clock hanging in the infirmary; her drips would finish before five o’clock, she could make it back in time for dinner.

At five in the afternoon, the military training of the day ended with the sound of the signal. The students of the first class of the eleventh grade were stupefied, why did the practice today end so quickly? They were not feeling exhausted at all! They were still energetic.

” Instructor, since we still have some strength left, why don’t we train for another half an hour?” A male student standing behind laughed and said, “Make use of the time, it would be invalid once it exceeds the time limit!”

It was already their break time, and the Instructor no longer looked intimidating; the students naturally did not need to feel tense. After getting along with the Instructor for five days, other than being stern during training, he was not bad during break time.

”I also feel energized today, Ye Jian, you are the source of my life!”

Someone roared out this sentence; the whole class immediately laughed out, “The source of your life is your mother! Not Ye Jian, hahaha, go find your mother if you’re searching for the source!”

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