Volume 5 Chapter 245: The Mysterious Lost Town of Vaolette

In the underground region of the Scripps Cemetery, Bella and her friends easily flew into the Floating Cathedral on their flying throne. It was only after entering that they realized that this place was larger than it had appeared from the outside.

This was basically a floating island, but it covered almost as much area as the Soul Island beneath it. Much like the Island below, the Floating Cathedral was also protected by a 10,000 year old demonic beast. The Demonic Sky Dragon Emperor Omnis was just as long as the Giant Frost Serpent Reynolds. The dragon was covered in crimson scales and looked like an Eastern dragon from Bella’s original world.

However, it was still a little different from the eight clawed golden dragons of her old world. It had a pair of wings growing from its shoulders, like western dragons, which looked rather strange. Omnis coiled around the Floating Cathedral in the same way that Reynolds coiled up the Soul Tower.

In fact, the two were still attacking each other, with Reynolds spitting frozen air while Omnis returned with fiery destruction. Omnis’s head had two mouths. One spat fire, while the other spat lightning.

Reynolds was on the back foot in this exchange, he only knew ice magic while Omnis bombarded him with both fire and lightning.  Lightning magic was a direct counter to water and ice magic and if it weren’t for Douglas’s assistance, Reynolds would have long been fried to a crisp by lightning.

Kleina, who was still chained to the frozen throne, suddenly felt a wave of cold. Bella, who was closest to her, was the first to notice. It looked like Douglas had done something to her body.

“Kleina, what’s wrong?”

“Knight, I feel so cold. That pope forced me to eat many strange medicines. It might… might have changed my body…”

Noreya, who was sitting on the arm of the throne, lightly tapped Kleina’s head, knocking her out. Douglas had made this throne rather large; it was easily able to sit all three girls on it. Noreya was sitting with her back to Bella and Kleina in order to prevent the latter from seeing her face. She knocked Kleina out before either of the other girls could react.

“Noreya, what are you-”

“Bella, just do this… Do this first, and then…”

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Noreya leaned in close to Bella, whispering quietly into her ear. When her unique and enchanting scent wafted into Bella’s nose, Bella barely resisted the urge to push her down right there on the throne. Right now they were both dressed very lightly; they were barely covered by a few strips of cloth, and much of their bare skin was exposed. When Noreya leaned in, there was a lot of skin to skin contact.

“Noreya, that’s not good. Isn’t that just taking advantage of her while she’s weak! I…”

“Bella, please. It’s not like this is your first time taking advantage of something, like what you did to me… Nevermind, it’s up to you! But if you don’t hurry up, Kleina will turn into…”

After talking to Bella, Noreya quickly returned to her arm of the throne. Bella had wanted to take advantage of their skinship a little more, and was disgruntled by her rapid retreat. Although the method to save Kleina was rather lewd, she still had to save her. Bella scooted closer to the unconscious Kleina and carefully appraised her tender face before pressing her lips against her.

“Wuh… Knight? What are you… Mm, no… please stop…”

“Kleina, just call me Bella. From now on we’ll be family, your lips are very soft!”

“Knight… Bella, No… Don’t do this… Mmph…”

Kleina was startled awake by Bella’s kisses. The first thing she saw was Bella’s lips over hers, as her hands roamed all over her sensitive spots. Kleina had never even imagined what it would feel like to kiss another girl, and she was beet red. There was nothing she could do to resist since she was still tightly bound to the frozen throne; Bella did all sorts of embarrassing and unspeakable things to her.

Bella entwined her tongue with Kleina. She sucked away all of the strange medicinal liquids that Douglas had force fed her. Since Bella was a demon king, she was immune to the adverse effects of these evil medicines. If an ordinary person were to come into contact, they would die a terrible death.

Bella didn’t swallow, though. She immediately spat the liquids off the side of the throne. Although she could make use of the energies within the liquid, as soon as she thought of how it was Douglas who created the liquid, she felt viciously nauseous.

“Bella… I feel a lot better, that’s enough… you… what are you doing, wait, you can’t kiss there… Assassin help me… Bella has turned evil!”

“Kleina, stop yelling. She’s on my side. Just relax and I’ll make you feel very good…”

Bella wore an evil smile as she moved down to Kleina’s chest, and mouthed over her supple skin. Kleina’s willpower completely collapsed. If it weren’t for Bella holding a hand tightly over her mouth, she would have let out an unsightly sound.

Noreya sat with her back to the two, her hands clasped tightly over her ears. However, she could still feel their movements through the throne and was speechless. Wasn’t this the legendary “car sex”? Wait, it was more like “sky sex”. As they rose higher into the air, Bella’s evil level rapidly rose.

There were many imposing churches located on the ground of the Floating Cathedral. Bella, who was having “sky sex” above all of these holy buildings, felt extra happy. The only thing that would make this moment better was if there were a crowd of holy maidens waiting below. That feeling of carnal blasphemy was one of Bella’s greatest joys.

By the time the flying throne set down in a secluded forest on the Floating Cathedral, Kleina had already collapsed weakly on top of it. She was so exhausted that she couldn’t even keep her beautiful grey eyes open anymore. Even after Bella got up, Noreya still held her hands over her ears.

Bella felt a little amused. Really, “mounting” Kleina was originally Noreya’s idea, yet when she put the plan into action, Noreya actually hid away. Bella lightly tapped her on the shoulder and Noreya reacted as if she had been shocked by lightning and hurriedly stood up as she warily looked her.

“Bella… you, did you…”

“Noreya, don’t be so sensitive. It’s not like we haven’t… Didn’t we kiss back in Chairman Maria’s dorm?”

“Bella, stop. Let’s hurry up and take care of our business here. I’ll stay here and take care of Kleina. Hurry up and go find that person. Elaine is readying her flying puppets. Once we’re done here, we can leave immediately!” Noreya said, interrupting Bella. She obviously didn’t want Bella to talk about their steamy past. Bella didn’t try to keep going either. She carefully crept out from behind cover to appraise their surroundings.

The Floating Cathedral encompassed a surface area that was on par with the Soul Island below. It was more accurate to call it a floating town. The entire construction looked as if it were a regular town that had been uprooted from the ground wholesale. It was also obvious that this town was extremely devout, judging by the countless number of churches.

Bella couldn’t remember the name of this town, however she spotted several farmers working in the fields. Clearly, they were no longer living people. Although they didn’t look decayed, their eyes were empty and soulless just like zombies. What caught Bella’s interest was the fact that all of these female farmers were wearing naked aprons. This was the first time that she had seen such a lewd outfit in this world.

Besides all of the beautiful female farmers in the field, there wasn’t a single male to be seen. Bella wondered if this was an all female town. As she looked closer at the fields, she suddenly stared in shock. There were crops growing here that she had only ever seen pictures of in the Empire’s ancient library records.

There were golden wheat, ruby tomatoes, and emerald watermelons. These were all luxury crops from ten thousand years in the past. According to ancient records, these crops were gifted to mankind by the Goddess of the Forest, and were difficult to grow.

The source of these crops had disappeared with the collapse of the God World. They had only experienced a brief window of growth during the reign of the first Radiant Pope, Goldsmith. After Goldsmith’s disappearance, the Radiant Church entered a period of internal turmoil under the reign of Pope Aesop.

McPherson, who was the self proclaimed little brother of Goldsmith, ambushed Aesop. Afterward, their supporters clashed in a lengthy conflict that lasted for a decade. Finally, Aesop lost the decisive Battle of Temple Mountain and was forced to flee, fading into the rivers of history.

During the Church’s civil war, large stretches of farmland that grew golden wheat, ruby tomatoes, and emerald watermelons were destroyed. The few surviving fields of these luxury crops were destroyed in the subsequent battle between the fourth pope Douglas and the third pope McPherson. After the dust settled, Douglas was unable to find any luxury crops left, and since then, the crops seemingly disappeared from this world.

Bella looked at the fields with disbelief written across her face. Was it possible that this town was from ten thousand years ago, from the era of Pope Goldsmith?

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Right, wasn’t Moon Elf Princess missing something valuable to sell! These crops were from an era ten thousand years in the past; they couldn’t be bought with money. Thinking of this, Bella stopped caring about her dignity as a knight, or her pride as a demon lord. She snuck closer to the fields. She didn’t care whether or not she recognized the plants, she dug them all up! She dug up several samples of every rare crop she encountered.

Bella felt that the farmers working in the fields were similar to NPC’s from video games of her old world. They ignored the “player” Bella as she dug up all sorts of rare and valuable crops. Not only did Bella steal crops, she also discovered several different ancient poultry animals.

Although Bella’s spatial ring couldn’t store living things, she could still store their eggs. She would take them back with her and see if she could hatch them.

Bella was the only thief in the world that had the pleasure of stealing ancient treasures while also enjoying a field of beauties wearing naked aprons. However, Bella was unable to find any valuables besides the agriculture.

In fact, she didn’t find a single gold or silver coin. She practically searched through the entire farmhouse before finally finding a couple of copper coins. Looking at the coins, Bella recognized them as a design that was minted 10,000 years ago, confirming her suspicions. This floating town really was from 10,000 years in the past.

Back then, the coins in circulation were all minted by the Radiant Church, in order to spread the power of the Church. They were minted with the faces of the clergy. Gold coins were minted with the face of the Pope, silver coins with the red robed archbishops, while the copper coins had the name of the pope minted onto it.

It was only until the reign of the sixth generation pope, Lindberg, that the power to mint coins was returned to the secular powers. This was due to a combination of the rise of the various human Empires, the fall of the Church, as well as the dark history of the Church. The Church reclaimed its coins when the various human Empires began circulating their own currencies.

The copper coins in Bella’s hands clearly had the name of Pope Goldsmith etched onto them. Some of them even had the second Pope Aesop’s name on them. Bella couldn’t find anything else in the farm house besides these copper coins. She almost felt as if she had become a time traveler, or entered a separate dimension.

The sound of hoofbeats dragged Bella’s attention back to the present. She snuck next to the window and carefully looked out. She saw a troop of knights riding toward the fields on white horses. They were all blond haired, blue eyed beauties. Besides the fact that they were wearing lewd armor, there was nothing special about them.

Their armor only had metal over their hands and feet. The rest of their bodies were practically bare, with their intimate areas barely covered by strips of cloth. Bella felt some admiration for the designer of this armor. Someone who could design such an evocative armor set was a rare talent and a man of culture.

After dismounting, the knights began searching through the fields. From the looks of things, they seemed to be searching for Bella’s group. Bella hid behind the farmhouse door, preparing to ambush them. They looked as if they were being controlled, as if they were puppets.

One of the knights casually walked into the farmhouse that Bella was hiding in, and Bella instantly struck. Bella clamped a hand over the female knight’s mouth even as she struggled furiously. The strength of the knight was clearly not that of an ordinary human.

Bella used the might of a demon lord to pin the knight down into a haystack. Then, she took the rope meant for the livestock and used it to tightly bind the knight. Finally, she stripped down the knight, and put on the knight’s armor. It really was a human puppet; when Bella was stripping it, she didn’t feel any hint of body heat. Bella recalled what she learned from Puppet Master Elaine and blindfolded the knight. As soon as it could no longer see, it stopped struggling and quietly laid down on the ground.

After changing into the knight’s armor, Bella boldly walked out of the farmhouse. The knights couldn’t speak and were completely unaware of the fate of their fellow puppet. After a few more moments of futile searching, the female knights remounted and turned back toward the town center. Bella hurried after them, disguised as a fellow puppet knight.

Bella’s travel speed rose sharply after mounting a white horse. Added to the fact that she now had several “guides”, her reconnaissance of this floating town progressed quickly. The town was simple and rustic, to the point where Bella almost thought she had really traveled through time. The architecture around her was all built in the style of the past, from 10,000 years ago.

The inhabitants of this town also left Bella speechless. They were all female, and none of them wore a single scrap of clothing. They walked about the town with their skin bared to nature. Bella didn’t even see a hint of a man, and besides the women, there was nothing else in the town.

However, like the knights, the population of the town were solely made up of human puppets. They couldn’t speak and silently moved about. It was almost as if she were watching an old fashioned silent movie. There wasn’t a single sound besides the sound of hoofbeats; the entire town felt like a “girly” version of a zombie town.

Bella’s presence did not garner any attention from the puppets. The knights and the townsfolk treated Bella as if she were invisible. Bella casually grabbed something from a stall, but the stall owner didn’t even react.

From the sign on the stall, Bella finally discovered the name of this this place. Vaolette Town. According to the ancient records of the Church, Vaolette Town was a holy ground of the Radiant Church. However, when the sixth generation Pope, Lindberg, ascended to power, all records of this town mysteriously disappeared.

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