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Volume 5 Chapter 246: The Evil Deeds Hidden 10,000 Years Within The St. Mary’s Cathedral

The Vaolette Town, the birthplace of the Radiant Church ten thousand years ago, was said to have a deep connection with the first six generations of Light Popes. The first generation Pope Goldsmith grew up in this small town and followed the caretaker of the church in this small town, who was also the second generation Light Pope Aesop. He had taught Pope Goldsmith light magic that wasn’t valued at the time because of its poor practicability.

Third generation Pope McPherson joined the church a few years later when he was still a child. In the subsequent war against the Twelve Demon Kings, Goldsmith, who was blessed by the Goddess of Light, founded the Radiant Church. Later, fourth generation Pope Douglas and the fifth generation Pope Roxanne both became the residents of the Vaolette Town.

Sixth generation Pope Lindberg also lived in the small town for a period, where he met the lively fifth generation Pope Roxanne. According to the sixth generation Light Pope Lindberg, the small town of Vaolette had mysteriously disappeared into thin air later. When he had succeeded as Pope, he once paid a visit to the town of Vaolette and only saw an empty space at the time.

Bella carefully observed Vaolette Town. Except for the strange residents in the town, no dangerous changes had taken place in the town. Based on the hypothesis of time and space travel, this was most likely Vaolette Town, where the Radiant Church had originated from more than 10,000 years ago.

Taking any antique dating back more than 10,000 years was probably priceless and didn’t have a market value. Bella temporarily suppressed the greed in her heart. She felt that there must be a reason why this small town had become like this. Bella was reluctant to make any moves until she found out what it was.

Moreover, Bella was here to save lives. According to the fifth generation Light Pope Roxanne, Mathilde, the captain of the Radiant Church Law Enforcement Team who had entered the Scripps Cemetery, was captured here by the evil Pope Aesop. It was more important to save her first. If you want to make money, you should rely on it first. The money-making would come later.

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If what the ancient books said was right, in the center of Vaolette Town was the Radiant Church’s St. Mary’s Cathedral. The St. Mary’s Cathedral was located in the central area of the St. Mary’s Academy, which was one of the few academies of the human race that existed more than 10,000 years ago. Aside from second generation Pope Aesop being a teacher in the St. Mary’s Academy, the other generations of Light Popes were all students here.

The sixth generation Light Pope Lindberg was part of the last batch of graduates of St. Mary’s Academy. Due to the limitation of the town’s architectural layout, the building area of the academy couldn’t be expanded anymore. After the sixth generation Pope Lindberg graduated, the fifth generation Pope Roxanne vacated St. Mary’s Academy. The remaining teachers and students were transferred to the “City of the Eternal,” Olsylvia City. The transferred teachers and students were the first batch of the St. Louis Church Academy.

The St. Mary’s Academy wasn’t large. From a distance, the area of this academy was equivalent to less than one-tenth of the current St. Louis Church Academy, the exclusive school of the Radiant Church. It was definitely too small. If they didn’t build a bigger academy, it wouldn’t be able to keep up with the development and expansion of the church and the sharp increase in the number of followers.

The female knights’ destination was St. Mary’s Academy. It was difficult for Bella to leave the team midway because it would be too obvious. So she ended up following along. After entering the gates of the St. Mary’s Academy, Bella dismounted and hid in the crowd while the female knights in the front dismounted.

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After arriving at the St. Mary’s campus, the knights had to remove all their equipment. Bella didn’t want to take off her clothes in front of a bunch of puppets. Wouldn’t she be on a losing end? There were also many nuns in the St. Mary’s Academy. It seemed that they were nuns of the Radiant Church. They wore nothing except for a golden cross on their chest.

Bella confirmed that the mysterious mastermind behind this incident was definitely into blonde-haired, big-breasted beauties because the puppet students at the St. Mary’s Academy were all like that. Unfortunately, they weren’t alive. Bella couldn’t feel the breath of life from them.

At this time, Bella instinctively felt a threat. She quickly hid behind a big tree and saw another being emerging just after hiding. The person flew over from the distant sky. He was dressed in a black cloak, and the familiar clothing styles reminded Bella of ‘that’ person’s identity.

Incredibly enough, this was the fourth generation Light Pope Douglas. He seemed to be using the corpse of a random old man who had been dead for a long time. His two eyes were dripping with blood as he walked. As looking at the clothes, the corpse was probably one of the tomb raiders who took part in the Scripps Cemetery exploration mission. Douglas must have taken over his body after his death.

The fourth generation Pope Douglas had originally planned to resurrect himself with Kleina’s body. The body of the beautiful grey-haired girl was most suitable for him. He never expected Bella to destroy his evil plan halfway. After Kleina was rescued, Douglas could only borrow the body of a tomb raider amidst the chaos.

The old man’s corpse now-in-use was supposed to be a famous tomb raider known as the “Lock King” of Olsylvia City. Although he was very powerful, he wasn’t a match for Douglas’ soul. Douglas wasn’t used to this body. After he had calmed down, he decided to visit Aesop personally to speak to him.

When the fallen Pope Douglas landed at the St. Mary’s Academy, the puppet nuns seemed very sensitive to his breath. They knelt and didn’t dare to look up at Douglas’s substitute body. However, the eyes of Douglas’s substitute body had been completely destroyed. It was uncertain if he could actually see them or not.

“Aesop, you old bastard, come out now, or I’ll destroy all your puppets!”

“Douglas, don’t be so impulsive! After all, I’m considered your teacher. I haven’t even settled the score with you for the fight between your 10,000-year-old Ice Serpent Reynolds, and my Sky Demonic Dragon Emperor Omnis.”

“Teacher? You dare call yourself a teacher! You even attacked your own student and was killed by another student in the end…”

The tone of the fourth generation Pope Douglas was full of disdain and ridicule. In his view, it was too fake to use the title of teacher for Aesop. He had murdered the first generation Pope Goldsmith, his own student, but was eventually punished. The third generation Pope McPherson, who was also his student, threw him off his post. What a “wonderful” teacher he was!

“About that… Douglas, don’t deliberately look for trouble! Speaking of students, weren’t you defeated by junior Roxanne, who was several decades younger than you? You made a ‘great’ senior too!”

“Roxanne sneaked an attack, but I eventually managed to drag her down with me. Enough about this, let’s get down to business! Hurry up and return my substitute body materials. She was taken away by your demon subordinates.”

There wasn’t much emotion in Aesop’s tone. He seemed like a wise man who had seen through the world of mortals. After they had spoken, Bella secretly peeked at Aesop from behind the big tree. Like Douglas, Aesop was also using a substitute body.

However, the body Aesop was using now was a man who looked rather handsome. He was about 30 years old from his clothes; he appeared to be another tomb raider who had taken part in the Scripps Cemetery exploration. After his death, Aesop had occupied his body. His eyes had been destroyed by the mechanisms in the tomb, leaving only two black holes that had bled out.

Bella felt that the two Popes’ substitute bodies were the other way around and should be reversed. Watching two dried up corpses standing and chatting was rather disturbing. Bella wore the Netherworld Stone. With it, the other beings here would regard her as a demon.

After a round of argument, Aesop and Douglas still couldn’t convince each other. Aesop had repeatedly denied sending his subordinates to rob Douglas of his substitute body. After all, he didn’t need a substitute body, and Kleina wasn’t a blonde beauty, completely different from what he liked.

Douglas insisted that Aesop was lying. The demons in this area were under the control of Aesop. Who would believe that it wasn’t his doing? To prove his innocence and show Douglas his unshakeable love for blond-haired, big-breasted beauties, Aesop decided to take Douglas into the depths of the St. Mary’s Academy to verify it personally.

Bella had obtained important information from their quarrel. Not only was Captain Mathilde locked up in the St. Mary’s Academy, but the first generation Light Pope Goldsmith, the “Origin of Light,” was also held there. Bella quietly followed the two Popes to the central area of the St. Mary’s Academy.

Bella was a bit speechless when she arrived at the St. Mary’s Cathedral in the central area of the St. Mary’s Academy. The evil Pope Aesop had transformed it into a demon’s lair. The style of the lair was exactly the same as the old Twelve Demon Kings, which seemed to confirm the rumor that Aesop had colluded with them.

Bella didn’t like entering this type of Demon King’s lair. The style of the old Twelve Demon Kings’ lair was too gloomy and dark, completely different from Bella and the new Demon Kings. The entire lair resembled a disgusting giant sarcoma that tightly wrapped St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The St. Mary’s Cathedral was rather large. Under the guidance of two Popes, Bella entered the fallen St. Mary’s Cathedral. The murals in the corridor of the cathedral had been corrupted by slimy demon mucus. The murals eulogizing the Goddess of Light were only faintly visible.

Bella remembered that the third generation Pope McPherson once told her about the acts of the second generation Pope Aesop. Before this, Bella had believed that it was a political maneuver of Pope McPherson to smear his opponent’s reputation when they fought for the position of Pope.

But after entering St. Mary’s Cathedral, Bella was finally sure that the third generation Pope Mcpherson hadn’t lied. Here, a large number of blonde girls were imprisoned. Like the girls outside, they were living puppets. When the second generation Light Pope Aesop was in office, the church had recruited a large number of reserve Holy Maidens every year, without even waiting for the five-year mark.


Unlike the four Holy Maidens of the Radiant Church, the first reserve Holy Maidens were an unspeakable history of the Radiant Church. They weren’t recruited for the use of the Radiant Church at all. When they first recruited these reserve Holy Maidens, the requirements were very specific – blonde hair and certain chest measurement. Anyone could guess that they were meant to cater to the second generation Light Pope’s personal hobby.


With Bella’s discerning eyes, those detained here were all reserve Holy Maidens. From a glance, she could tell he had been very rough with them. Before this, Aesop had also secretly detained a large number of reserve Holy Maidens in the depths of the St. Mary’s Cathedral. He had tortured them until they died and then turned them into puppets to continue their imprisonment.


Like the puppets outside, these reserve Holy Maidens weren’t dressed. Their hands and feet were tied with thick black chains. On their charming snow-white bodies were traces of abuse and whip marks.


Looking at the statues along the way that were used to hold the puppet reserve Holy Maidens in place, Bella couldn’t understand Aesop’s interests at all. The entire lair was as dark as an underground torture room. All sorts of bloody torture instruments were scattered all over the place. Since Aesop had tortured these reserve Holy Maidens, Bella’s feelings of sympathy and protection were stronger than her wicked thoughts.


When the second generation Pope Aesop stepped down, the Radiant Church had recruited eight or nine groups of reserve Holy Maidens, nearly 200 beauties. In the end, these reserve Holy Maidens had disappeared mysteriously as recorded in the history books of the Radiant Church, although the church said that they had gone to serve the Light God.


Besides these reserve Holy Maiden puppets, Bella hadn’t come across any gold and silver treasures, only several deformed demonic people that roamed around the lair. The degree of their deformity, although disgusting, was still within Bella’s acceptance range. Bella had to force herself to look at them.


One of the sacred objects Bella wore on her chest, the Netherworld Stone, gave off a dim luster. With it in place, the demons weren’t aware of Bella’s presence. Since Aesop and Douglas were using substitute bodies, they wouldn’t discover Bella, who was wearing the Netherworld stone, unless they switched back to a pure soul state or if Bella attacked them.

Bella secretly cursed the Radiant Church for tricking them. Didn’t they claim that the underground Scripps Cemetery was a treasure land filled with gold and diamonds? What a bunch of b*******! Bella found nothing of value except copper coins.


In the depths of the St. Mary’s Cathedral, Bella finally saw her target, Captain Mathilde of the Radiant Church’s Law Enforcement Team. Mathilde had been stripped naked. It looked like Aesop wouldn’t allow any of the beauties he captured to hide their bodies behind clothes.


Mathilde’s golden ponytail had been released, so her hair fell all over her body. She knelt under a cross with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound with golden chains. There were golden chains attached to the cross that covered Mathilde’s slender neck. It acted as a “collar” to fix Mathilde’s neck onto the cross.


The cross was attached with many golden chains that fixed Mathilde’s waist onto the cross. Mathilde’s face was covered with a black blindfold and a plastic tube forced into her mouth. From time to time, strange liquid flowed down the pipe into Mathilde’s mouth. Mathilde couldn’t spit it out at all and could only allow the mastermind behind this to feed that strange potion.


With her abundant experience, she speculated that Aesop had force-fed Mathilde nutrient solution or something of the like, or else Mathilde would have died after starving for two or three days. After sweeping her eyes over Mathilde’s body, Bella realized the problem.


Previously, Mathilde used to have a flat chest, but after two or three days, she had actually grown a pair of beautiful breasts. The effect of this “breast enlargement” was amazing. The potion that Aesop fed her must have other strange stuff besides nutrient solution.


“Douglas, this girl is my material body. See? I controlled myself from touching her these past few days to transform her into a body that fits my aesthetic standards. I really didn’t steal your body.”


“Aesop, your likes haven’t changed at all! Even after 10,000 years, you’re willing to give this up.”


“Douglas, you don’t understand! This is a gentleman’s persistence. It’s the pursuit of my life. These female students are really amazing…”

Bella glanced at the gentlemen whose eyes were two black holes. She was speechless for a moment. The substitute bodies used by Aesop and Douglas were blind. She wondered if they could really see the outside world.


The evil Pope Aesop had kidnapped Mathilde for some evil ritual. Next to Mathilde was a huge cylindrical container. The inside of the container was covered by a layer of white light. The holy light that resembled a pixelated image seen in the comics from Bella’s previous world made it impossible for anyone to see what was inside.


It turned out that the first generation Light Pope Goldsmith was imprisoned there. When Aesop drugged Goldsmith and put her to sleep, he had anticipated that Goldsmith’s body contained the last blessing of the Goddess of Light. However, Goldsmith drank the mysterious potion out of her trust in her teacher, Aesop, the Holy Light that protected her from being violated still existed.


Afraid of being judged and punished by the church tribunal, if the incident was revealed, Aesop sealed Goldsmith into a crystal cylinder and hastily inherited the Pope’s position. Due to his improper method and inability to produce Goldsmith’s proof of succession, the Pope was expelled by third generation Pope McPherson in less than five years of him becoming Pope.

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