Volume 7 Chapter 406 – The Perverted Dragon Knight’s Night Attack on the Dragon Dormitory of the Alessandra Academy

The Alessandra Academy of Foreign Races had always been a closed campus. In recent years, it had only partially opened its door for some of its students to participate in club activities at the neighboring the Olsylvia Academy. In addition, only art students from Antoinette Academy were allowed to visit. As for whether it was for exchange or not, Bella had no idea. She also didn’t know if those alien beauties looked like humans or not.

In terms of space, the Alessandra Academy was as big as the two neighboring academies. The only difference was the campus atmosphere. The Olsylvia Academy had a lively atmosphere, with club activities happening every day. Oftentimes, some students would stay on the campus till the middle of the night for their club activities. As for the Antoinette Academy of Arts, its campus atmosphere was impetuous and noisy: rich showing off their wealth, poor hating the rich. All kinds of deals happened there. It was the closest to the campuses on earth.

Different from the two, the Alessandra Academy of Foreign Races had a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. It gave the impression of the last pure land away from the hustle and bustle of the world, with almost no clattering. Its quietness was way over the top. The academy’s layout was based on its two neighbors, divided into east, west, north, south, and the middle region. This division of campus was not based on race, though. Else, it would have long earned the reputation of having racial discrimination.

This division of campus was based on the features of various races. The eastern campus was known as the Sanctuary of Sun, where the races of light and sacred attributes gathered. The students were mostly from races like holy elves and light elves. In contrast, the western campus was called the Secret Realm of Stars and Moons, where races of dark and evil attributes convened. Dark elves, blood elves, as well as a small number of demons were prominent here.

The northern campus was known as Pure White Sky, a gathering place for races with sky attributes, which mainly referred to the members of flying dragon tribes. The southern campus was known as Blue Sea, where oceanic races got together. The likes of ice elementals and water elementals could also be counted in this group. The notable races here were water elves, ice elves, and a small number of deep-sea races.

Last but not least, the central campus was the Force of the Earth, a gathering place for all the earth-attributed students. The students without any magic attribute were also a part of this campus, though. Among the five branch campuses, the central campus had the most people but also the only campus that had been in a state of civil war due to being a gathering place of all kinds of races. Its combat strength had never been unified. In contrast to the other four campuses, the central campus was the weakest, not because of the number of people but simply because of disunity.

The Alessandra Academy wasn’t united; it had internal conflicts. More often than not, the campuses competed with each other. The eastern campus, the Sanctuary of Sun, and the western campus, the Secret Realm of Stars and Moons, were at each other’s throats throughout the year because of their conflicting light and dark attributes. Their contradictions could not be resolved that easily. The northern campus, Pure White Sky, and the southern campus, the Blue Sea, had also begun to be antagonistic in recent years. The reason? Just because the dragon race looked down on the sea race. The conflicts between the two sides were only intensifying day by day.

Each campus lacked any student union; rather, there were campus presidents similar to the student council president who managed each campus. And in order to further divide the power of foreign students, the Alessandra Academy did not allow the foreign students of each campus to unite. They also added some tricks in setting up campus presidents, with each campus having three campus presidents.

After this, the original centralization of power that was split between five people was further divided into fifteen people. Once their power was dispersed, the cohesion never came out. The foreign races did not like bureaucracy. If there were humans in place of them, the fifteen campus presidents would have colluded with each other a long time ago. However, this was the Alessandra Academy of Foreign Races, so the fifteen campus presidents remained unconvinced. Plus, they did not believe in people of other races. As such, they had been in chaos until now.

The Alessandra Academy had a quota in the Martial Conference of twelve human academies. In order to show that the humans believed in equality of all races, the Alessandra Academy had a status that the twelve human academies would never be able to replace. It was disguised as an imperial academy. Except for a few people, most humans and exotic races had no idea about the inside story.

Each dormitory in the Alessandra Academy had its own distinguishing aspect depending on the campuses. They were basically designed in accordance with the architectural style of campuses. For instance, the dormitories in the northern campus, Pure White Sky, were all floating—floating in the air without any foundation. Their style seriously violated all laws of physics. And it was not just the dormitories, but the entire northern campus was like a castle in the air.

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After Bella used the Telekinetic Teleportation Scroll, she dropped straight into the water with a pop and hit something soft and squishy. Bella, relying on her veteran intuition, immediately judged that she was in a bathtub and had fallen on a girl of another race. Quite apparently, the victim of her crash landing had still not reacted. She had been in the bath for most of the day and suddenly had a pretty girl fall from the sky. Even a long-lived dragon might not encounter this strange and magical thing.

“Who are…”

Bella, on the other hand, didn’t pay that much attention to details. She pressed her lips on the seductive lips of that beautiful girl with her eyes still remaining close. For obvious reasons, the beautiful girl wanted to cry for help. But Bella was one step ahead of her. While kissing, she embraced the beautiful girl’s smooth body, holding her firmly in her arms.

The beautiful girl struggled for quite a while but was shocked to find that the blond humanoid girl hugging her could compete with a dragon. Bella slowly opened her eyes and looked at the beautiful girl of another race. When the girl finally cried for help, Bella realized that the voice did not belong to anyone she knew. She remembered the voices of the few dragon princesses after hearing them once. Although the pretty girl in her arms was exuding a dragon’s pressure, her voice wasn’t anywhere close to any voice she had heard. She should be some other beautiful girl of the dragon race.

The charming dragon girl in Bella’s arm had long, silky red hair and red pupils. There was an annoyed look on her pretty little face. At the moment, Bella felt as if she was hugging a struggling ball of fire. The beautiful dragon girl felt very warm to touch, her body temperature like when the ordinary humans had a fever. Bella could feel the warmth of her body, even in the bathtub.

The dragon horns and unique dragon magic patterns on her chest revealed her identity: either the princess of Crimson Dragon Race or the princess of Fire Dragon Race. Bella’s mind was in a mess. Fire Dragon Princess, Silver Dragon Princes Isabel, and Ice Dragon Princess Mavis aren’t in the same dormitory at all. How can I go to the bathroom of their dormitories? This dark dragon incident has gone out of hand, I admit.

It was a well-decorated bathroom. The walls were tiled with carved white marble, flying dragons engraved on them. The bath was divided into two bathtubs and a shower with three special shower faucets. The two partitions were covered by a translucent curtain.

Bella and the Crimson Dragon Princess were located in a bathtub outside the bathing area. This bath was already filled with water and had red rose petals floating just about everywhere. The bathtub inside was also filled with water and had black rose petals floating in it. Apparently, the girl who had made the appointment for it was still not here. Furthermore, the water vapor rising from the baths had formed a fog in the bathroom, blurring everyone’s vision.

The Crimson Dragon Princess thought that Bella was just hugging and would let go after seeing her appearance. However, it never occurred to her that Bella would keep embracing her and even shove her tongue into her charming mouth. The Crimson Dragon Princess was caught unprepared, and before she could grit her teeth, Bella’s tongue had already invaded her mouth. A look of incredulity took over her face; she felt quite strange after letting a charming human girl take her first kiss.

While french-kissing the Crimson Dragon Princess, Bella secretly took out the distinguishing weapon of Golden Dragon Princess Laceman, the Dragon Binding Rope, and began to tie the Crimson Dragon Princess. It’s safer to tie her up. The crimson dragons are known for their hot temper. Who knows if the Crimson Dragon Princess would run away just as I let her go.

The Crimson Dragon Princess, noticing Bella’s intention, struggled desperately. She had already felt the ominous aura of the Dragon Binding Rope. But she was helpless. Bella was not tying a dragon for the first time. She had sufficient experience. Soon, she tied the Crimson Dragon Princess’s feet and hands behind her back. Bound by the Dragon Binding Rope around her, the Crimson Dragon Princess looked like a rice dumpling. After Bella’s lips parted from her cherry-red lips, she quickly blocked her mouth with a soft cloth so that the Crimson Dragon Princess could not make any sound.

Right then, Bella saw a familiar silhouette through the translucent curtain. With the soft snow-white figure and ice-blue hair, who else could it be if not the Ice Dragon Princess, Mavis? Mavis was in the shower. Bella didn’t find her before for this very reason. Originally, she had wanted to lie in the bathtub, but who knew that the Fire Dragon Princess’s dormitory bathroom would be broken tonight, and she would come to borrow her bathroom. Mavis found it embarrassing to refuse, so she gave up the bathtub to the Fire Dragon Princess, allowing Bella, the Flower Stealer, to pick a bargain.

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“What’s the matter, Sulliman? Don’t break my bathtub, you savage. Isabel will use it later.”

“Sulliman!? Say something! Really! You aren’t this noisy usually! Well, I’m coming in then.”

Ice Dragon Princess Mavis asked curiously after hearing the noise in the bathroom because the steam in the bath had made it difficult to judge the exact situation inside. She didn’t even know that the Fire Dragon Princess, Sulliman, had been subdued by a certain devil. Seeing that Mavis was about to come in, Sulliman anxiously shook her head. She wanted to prevent Mavis from falling into the trap.

Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman might quarrel with Ice Dragon Princess Mavis often, but the fact that they were best friends remained true. She couldn’t watch Mavis getting caught. But unfortunately for her, Bella had long seen through Sulliman’s thoughts. She reached out and pressed the two sensitive points on Sulliman’s chest, making it unable for the Fire Dragon Princess to take any initiative.

After parting the curtain, an unsuspecting Mavis came to the edge of Sulliman’s tub. Just as she was about to notice what was going on through the steam, Bella jumped out of the water, caught the unaware Ice Dragon Princess, and pulled her into the tub. Mavis momentarily froze after she noticed that it was Bella, only to realize that her first kiss was already stolen by this beautiful blonde girl. Bella, taking advantage of Mavis’s distraction, kissed her somewhat cold lips, which also prevented her from calling for help.

Bella had already prepared a strange potion in her mouth in advance. Taking advantage of the passionate kiss, she passed the sleeping potion to Mavis. Mavis’s eyes went dark as she felt dizzy and fainted. It wasn’t that she was weak or anything. Rather, Bella had gotten these sleeping potions from those Evil Spirit Curse Masters from the Gates of Darkness. Their potency was dozens of times stronger than the normal sleeping potions. Even the dragons could faint temporarily.

Watching Bella trick her best friend before her, Sulliman blew her top. But all she could do was just stare; she was helpless to do anything. She felt really infuriated, though. Even more hateful was that Bella had pushed Mavis on her, bounding both of them face to face. Sulliman’s cherry-red lips were forced to kiss Mavis.

The strange pleasure brought by mutual restraints woke Mavis wide-awake. She immediately found herself kissing Sulliman and their bountiful chests pressing against each other. She considered it really shameful even if they were bosom friends. Even when they had bathed together before, they had never been this close. On the other side, Bella, the perpetrator, triumphantly looked at her masterpiece. She reached out and held the back of the two dragon princesses’ heads.

“Princess Sulliman, Princess Mavis, you don’t need to be afraid. I’m just a dragon knight, that’s all. I’ll talk to you about business later. Let’s just stay like this for a while. Don’t move, or I’ll have to make you.”

Noticing that Bella was about to tie them tighter, Sulliman and Mavis both gave in and nodded in an honest manner. If the rope was any tighter, they were afraid that they would further awaken some strange perversion, even though this strange deviance had begun to sprout quietly.

Silver Dragon Princess Isabel was the third one to walk into the bathroom. Like the others, she was relaxed and lacked vigilance when she entered the bath. She didn’t notice that her two companions had already fallen in Bella’s claws. Isabel first came to the showers and took off all her clothes before washing herself meticulously.

When Isabel noticed some of the shower props left by Princess Mavis, she didn’t grow suspicious, assuming that Mavis had entered the bathroom in advance and was lying in the tub. Just as Isabel rolled up her silver hair and was about to wash her hair, a pure white soap with lilies engraved on it bounced through the curtain and landed next to Isabel’s feet.

“Hey, Mavis, how come your soap slipped out? Mavis!? Forget it, you don’t need to get up. I’ll return it to you!”

The simple Isabel didn’t know that this slipping of soap was Bella’s new trick. Once she picked it up, Bella was waiting for her to fall into the next trap. Isabel pushed the misty curtain aside, and before she could reach the edge of the tub, she stepped on another soap and slipped, sliding straight back and falling into Bella’s warm embrace.

“Bella, why are—wait, don’t kiss… Don’t.”

Bella kissed Isabel just the same way she had succeeded in attacking Mavis just now. Isabel forgot to attack her with magic and was easily subdued, as she had a good impression of Bella. Before Bella’s french kiss was over, she had already fainted. Bella had created a new kissing record after snatching the first kisses of the three dragon princesses in a row. She was now starting to regret using the Telekinetic Teleportation Scroll so quickly.

Had she known that it had such a powerful ability of sneak attacking, she would have retained it and used it later on the three dragon princesses of the three highest-level branches of the dragon race. All the dragon princesses Bella had met were of ordinary level; none of them were the rarest three dragon princesses.

Bella, after tying Silver Dragon Princess Isabel into a dumpling with Dragon Binding Rope, took off her wet clothes and got inside the other bathtub, preparing for the final battle. The tub filled with black rose petals was used by the Black Dragon Princess, Clariss, who had gone out to buy shower gel and hadn’t returned yet.

Black Dragon Princess Clariss was different from the other three dragon princesses. She was open-minded and was an S, same as Bella. According to the philosophical rule, when two attackers met, one would have to give in[1]. One needed to give up being an S and be the M temporarily. Hence, this was doomed to be an arduous battle. Bella had already prepared all the methods, though. She was ready to switch to the ultimate move of the Demon God Body if she could not hold her down.

Clariss returned soon after Isabel was subdued. Bella secretly observed the situation outside through the translucent curtain. Seeing Princess Clariss open the door, Bella’s barely-calmed heart started beating rapidly again. Princess Clariss remained true to her fame as the most open dragon princess. She took off most of her clothes directly outside the bathroom and entered in her black lace underwear and a pair of black translucent stockings.

This was a girls’ dormitory. There seemed to be nothing wrong in doing this. Clariss stopped in the shower area and looked strangely at the belongings of the other dragon princess left near the shower. Silver Dragon Princess Isabel and Ice Dragon Princess Mavis are very meticulous. They would never throw their things aside and go to the bath without cleaning up the mess. What’s even more strange is that Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman hasn’t left yet. If she kept bathing, she would become a water dragon.

“Isabel, are you in there? Why didn’t you even take the bath oils with you?”

Outside the dormitory, a vague figure was watching all this with her X-Ray Vision. She had a standard loli figure. After discovering that Bella wasn’t the Sacred Demon God, Samantha, a sliver of disappointment flashed on her loli face. However, out of professional habits of being born in troubled times, she wanted to mess around a bit. As such, she quietly moved into the bathroom.

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[1]Translator’s note: Here when two attackers met, one would have to give in means that in any lesbian or gay relationship, one has to act the part of male and other female.
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