Volume 7 Chapter 407: Encounter in the Garden at Night in the Alessandra Academy for the Foreign Races

The only members of the Chaos Bringers’ Camp whom Bella had encountered and understood were Time Space Magic Demon Noesha and Poison Origin Betty. She didn’t know much about the characteristics of the others. For example, “pseudo-loli” Charlotte and “pseudo shota” Demir were both a part of the Chaos Bringers, but Bella didn’t realize that at first.

Even their closely-allied World Destructors could not detect the Chaos Bringers’ presence unless they were willing to show themselves. The Chaos Bringers had the highest level of “cognitive impairment” magic that could make them undetectable to any nearby existences. Even though the Chaos Bringers’ combat abilities could not be matched with the World Destructors, their mischievous abilities to escape and conceal themselves were not something that the World Destructors could surpass or even imitate.

When the Savior Camp rose up, the World Destructor Camp was nearly wiped out. At the critical moment, it was the members of the Chaos Bringer Camp who diverted the attention of a large part of the Savior Camp’s forces, allowing the World Destructors to take that opportunity to save the last of their war prowess to set the stage for a reversal later on.

Currently, the Savior Camp’s hatred for the Chaos Bringers was no less than their hatred for the World Destructors. If not for the Chaos Bringers diverting their forces, the World Destructor Camp would have been destroyed a long time back. Then, the reversal consequently wouldn’t have happened. The fourth-generation leader of the World Destructors, who managed to survive, led them to a successful counter-attack that destroyed the Savior Camp’s sanctuary that they had been operating for a long time.

Bella still did not realize that an invisible loli had appeared outside. This Chaos Bringer was the illusory double of the Chaos Bringer Camp’s leader and came with its own invisibility ability. All she could see was a human Dragon Knight beauty bullying several proud dragon princesses as she thought it was quite fun and wanted to give Bella a hand. Mischief was the lifelong profession of the Chaos Bringers that would never change no matter when or where.

In the northern campus area of the Alessandra Academy, in a certain “Castle in the Sky” dorm in the “Pure White Sky,” Bella was lurking in the outermost edge of the tub inside the bathing area, waiting for Black Dragon Princess Clariss, who was outside behind the curtain, to come in. In the bath, the other three dragon princesses were looking at Bella with red cheeks. They felt both angry and ashamed that they could be bullied by a golden-haired human beauty to such a state.

Even though a Dragon Knight could have intimate interactions with their mount, this level of interaction was a serious violation. In each of the dragon princesses’ mouths were fruits that gagged them, making them unable to speak. Right now, they could only hope that the usual calm Black Dragon Princess Clariss could enter quickly and notice the lurking Bella so that they could get out as soon as possible. Clariss was their very last roommate in this dorm. If she were also caught, they could not even begin to imagine what sort of terrible things would happen today.

Clariss seemed to be able to sense the danger, but just as she was about to gather her power, the invisible loli who had been following her this whole time extended her petite little hand and poked the back of Clariss’ head with her finger. With just that light tap, she instantly caused Clariss’ mind to turn blank and forget everything. She could only feel a voice that was directing her to go inside obediently, take off all of her clothes, and have a nice bath.

This was one of the heaven-defying abilities that the leader of the Chaos Bringers had. She was able to create an “Empty Mind” field in any area nearby. Any existence within this field would lose the ability to think as their minds would turn blank. Clariss took off all of her clothes to the very last piece and entered the bath obediently, laying down and closing her eyes. She didn’t even notice Bella coming in front of her with bondage ropes.

Even though  Bella had no idea how Clariss had fallen under someone’s control, whoever was behind it was still supporting her regardless of their intentions. It wasn’t Bella’s style to not eat up the prey that was brought in front of her. She thought it would take a lot of effort to subdue Dragon Princess Clariss, but she came into her hands easily just like that.

After dealing with all this, the mysterious loli turned around and quietly left. She wanted to continue wandering around this place and see if she could find Sacred Demon God Samantha. When Bella used the Telekinetic Teleportation Scroll earlier, she had unintentionally exposed some of her scents in that instant, which the Chaos Bringers’ leader was able to detect.

Not long after leaving, the loli saw a group of people in black clothes holding all sorts of precious tools that were used against dragons. They were advancing towards the dormitory as they seemed to be here to ruin whatever interesting things were happening inside. The Chaos Bringers had always operated on their own whims, so the loli passed them by without a care. The ambushers stopped in place as they all left quickly as if they had lost their memories.

“I can’t let you disturb the sweet party inside! With such an interesting thing happening, you bunch of…”

Under the loli’s astonished gaze, the group of people who were just about to leave stopped in their places again. Then, they disintegrated into dust and disappeared. The entire process went smoothly without a single mistake. To destroy the target so easily in front of the Chaos Bringers’ leader and for the loli to not even notice when they made the move, this proved they were at least an existence at the same or higher level. Other than her old rival, the Chief of the World Destructors, the loli couldn’t think of anyone else with such a terrifying ability.

But the attacker definitely was not the Chief of the World Destructors. The nature of the chief’s attributes was not this. Loli looked around vigilantly, on alert for the next attack of this unseen enemy. She was in a phantom state right now, so she could only retreat temporarily if the other party were in physical form. Fortunately, the attacker did not do anything else after that. Even after knowing that the loli had left the scene of the incident, she still remained hidden in the shadows.

The attacker was standing on a tower not far away behind the Chaos Bringers’ loli leader as her entire body was hidden behind a layer of black energy so nobody could tell what she looked like. They could only judge by her general outlines that she was a girl as her figure resembled Sacred Demon God Samantha. The strength of the shadowy figure was at the same level as that loli, but they were just in a different camp. As for why she would conveniently exterminate those Evil Spirit Curse Masters, it was simply because she found them distasteful.

“Hmph, so it’s that brat. And I thought she had found Samantha… There seems to be a lot of action happening on both sides recently. There’s not enough time, what a shame. I’ll definitely find her next time.”

The shadowy figure and the loli’s illusory form were of the same nature; they were time-restricted. Her limit was a little shorter than the Chaos Bringer Camp’s loli leader. If both sides were using substitute doubles, then there was no point for them to fight. Even if one of them won, they would only destroy the double. If the loli weren’t fighting with their real bodies, then the shadowy figure didn’t want to fight either.

Bella noticed a lot of interesting things happening outside. She resisted touching the beauties of the Antoinette Academy, especially after being shocked by the abnormal plumpness of Princess Aslan’s breasts; Bella couldn’t hold back the dark lust inside her soul anymore. She was in the bathroom with the beautiful dragon princesses, continuing the fun she was having earlier.

The water inside the tub had been swapped out with creamy white milk as the dragon princesses were confined to the bathtub to accompany her in the special milk bath. Since they were all girls, you couldn’t call this a straight-couple bath anymore. White lily petals were sprinkled on top of the milk. Bella was leaning at the center position of the tub with Ice Dragon Princess Mavis and Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman, who had all their powers sealed. Bella would kiss their delicate fair bodies every so often as there was no need to mention how pleased she felt.

One of them had an extremely warm body, while the other was icy cold. If one were to hold them to sleep, they could really use them as an ice bag during the summer and a heat pouch during the winter; the best choices to either cool or warm your blanket. Mavis and Sulliman were held firmly in Bella’s arms and could not break free, so they could only allow Bella to hug and kiss them.

“Bella, how could you do this?! You’re a dragon knight! How can you bully dragons?”

“Mavis, this is called being intimate with a dragon, not bullying. It seems like you’re still naughty and need further education.”

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“Stop kissing, really… I’m going to turn all weird!”

Bella pulled Mavis into her arms and kissed her cool icy lips. Then, she came to the other side and kissed Sulliman. This special “ice and fire” double experience was one that countless “gentlemen” dreamt of, but Bella was the first to experience it. Bella, who was no longer content with just kissing, pulled both Mavis and Sulliman close to her for some snuggling and had them hug each other face to face. Then, she circled her arms around the two from outside.

“Alright, princesses. Let me guide you two to a whole new world!”

“What new world, Bella? Don’t do this, I’m scared. Wait… Sulliman, don’t be tempted. No… you can’t do this!”

“Mavis, your body is so cool. It feels nice.”

Under Bella’s forceful push, Mavis and Sulliman ended up kissing each other with their dainty white bodies rubbing against each other. The feeling of their bouncy twin peaks pressing together awakened something strange inside them. Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman was the first to fall. Following the trick Bella used to bully her earlier, she invaded Mavis’ mouth with her tongue.

Mavis would never have expected that her good friend would come onto her for real as she accidentally let Sulliman take the initiative. Watching the two beautiful dragon princesses hugging and kissing each other, the special sense of accomplishment increased in Bella’s heart. Silver Dragon Princess Isabel was also in the tub. Both her hands were bound behind her back by dragon bindings. A beautiful long-haired dragon maiden was holding her from behind. After she saw who it was, Princess Isabel almost felt so ashamed that she wanted to crawl into a hole.

The golden-haired beauty that came out of nowhere wasn’t just anyone, it was Dragon Princess Laceman, who had been missing for some time. Other than the gold collar around her neck, there was nothing hiding or binding Laceman’s body. She was holding Princess Isabel from behind, not allowing her to escape. Currently, Isabel had both her hands bound behind her back as her legs spread out on both sides in a seated position resembling an “M.”

Silver Dragon Princess Isabel was being held from behind by her good friend of the olden days, Golden Dragon Princess Laceman. As a beautiful maiden who had been intimate with Bella many times, she was familiar with many positions. Now, she was squeezing the soft flesh in front of Silver Dragon Princess Isabel’s chest, tentatively groping her, exploring the most sensitive areas of this beautiful princess’ body.

“Bella, how did you sign a contract with Laceman? Isn’t she Dragon Knight Lisha’s mount?”

“Isabel, I could sign a contract with you too. No need to hold back, Laceman. I’ll let you experience what true pleasure is!”

“Wait, Laceman. Don’t… Don’t do this, we’re… We’re…”

Isabel couldn’t resist the further bullying from Laceman as her small little mouth had already been sealed by Laceman’s lips. When Bella swam over, Isabel was directly caught in a “pincer attack.” Facing all sorts of bullying from her former best friend and demoness Bella, Isabel was overwhelmed and was kissed into a muddled state. In the end, she didn’t even know who she was kissing anymore. She could only feel the other person’s equally delicate skin. After judging that the other party was also a girl like herself, she let herself go and kissed them.

“Princess Clariss, while it’s wrong to take advantage of someone’s weakness, you’re really too charming. I can’t hold back, so this is all I can do. Please take no offense.”

Black Dragon Princess Clariss had already regained her consciousness. Her originally cool face had now turned fully red. Unlike the other dragon princesses’ embarrassed expressions, Clariss’ expression was clearly that of an enchantress who was about to break out. Her charm was already pouring out, and if not for Bella gagging her with fruit and having her hands and legs bound by dragon binding ropes, she might not even need Bella to tease her for her to pounce on Bella in “counter-attack.”

Bella was deliberately trying to get Clariss to lose her composure and show off her true self. Clariss was currently sitting in a humiliating spread-legged kneeling position in the tub, straddling a spherical magic tool that was constantly vibrating, almost like a “wooden horse.” Clariss was not a conservative person, so the strange characteristics inside her were being lured out by the stimulation of the special magic tool.

“Ahem, Bella, didn’t you come to borrow our school uniform? How did it end up this way? Big sister is going to break soon, you demoness. How could you be even naughtier than the big sister?”

“Oh? Big Sister Clariss, I want to borrow the school uniform, but I also want to borrow you. Maybe for… ever!”

“You’re playing with fire, Little Sister Bella. The Dragon Race does not allow a dragon knight to keep a dragon completely for themselves. You’ve trained that girl Laceman, didn’t you? She wasn’t that open before.”

“Big Sister Clariss, are you trying to convince me to repent with that excited look in your eyes?”

Even though the things she said and how she spoke seemed like she was warning Bella to abandon her crazy actions, Bella was still able to catch the hint of excitement inside Black Dragon Princess Clariss’ beautiful black eyes. This Black Dragon Princess was sexier than the other dragon princesses. She clearly hadn’t had her first time yet and was still a nestling, but that expression was just like a weary beauty who had been craving for it for a long time.

Black Dragon Princess Clariss had always been an “S;” this was probably like experiencing what it was like being an “M” for her. Bella also took advantage of the fact that the other dragon princesses were in an abnormal state to pour out a bunch of erotic tools from her storage ring. Other than the excited look on Black Dragon Princess Clariss’ face, the other dragon princesses were both fearful and shy while looking at the pile of strange props. This demoness Bella, she wasn’t trying to gather them around for a humiliation play, was she?!

“Alright, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get to the main part! These toys are all very expensive, Princess Isabel. Come and try this one first!”

“Wait, give that naughty Princess Clariss… No, I’m not ready yet… Don’t.”

When Bella left the dormitory and appeared in one of the gardens in the central campus zone, “Force of the Earth,” it was already nighttime. She had been playing all sorts of shameful games with those dragon princesses from shortly after dinner to midnight. She was currently relaxing outside. She still wanted to continue when she would get back later! She’d just take it as some relaxing time before she had gone for her investigation. Her other girl friends didn’t know she was out playing.

Bella had changed back into her original form of Sacred Demon God Samantha and was wearing Black Dragon Princess Clariss’ Alessandra Academy paid version school uniform, a black school uniform similar to German army uniforms with a black mini skirt on the bottom. Since she came out in quite a hurry, Bella didn’t have the time to change into the matching black stockings before she came out.

The Alessandra Academy for Foreign Races was very quiet during the night without much action. Seeing that there weren’t any people walking around, she took out a lily ero-manga, set it down on her legs, and began reading it. She wanted to put in some “last-minute studying” and learn a few more positions that she could use when she returned. An extreme beauty in black studying under the moonlight, this would have been a beautiful image, only if Bella could change the book she was reading.

But a dainty little loli had silently appeared by Bella’s side and sat right next to her, casually leaning over onto Bella’s shoulder. Who knew what sort of strange tricks the loli used, but while Bella hadn’t realized it, she secretly “stole” the lollipop that Bella had hidden inside her pocket and casually enjoyed it.

“Big Sister Samantha, I finally found you. Hm? What are you reading? You’re smiling really strangely!”

“Not a book that’s suitable for young girls, of course. Huh? You’re… Oh, so it’s you.”

It was the first time Bella had ever met a “thief” that dared to steal something to her face. After she had a clear look at this loli’s appearance, she froze for a moment. This familiar yet unfamiliar feeling almost allowed Bella to recall who she was. This loli was the little sister of her original form, Sacred Demon God Samantha’s from another camp, the leader of the Chaos Bringers whose name she couldn’t remember.

To avoid the awkwardness of not saying her name, Bella quickly changed what she wanted to say and pretended to know the name of the loli. Fortunately, the loli was still indulging in her joy of finding her big sister and didn’t doubt Bella’s identity. Her attention was on something else. 

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