Chapter 138: Unknown Expert

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Zhang Jingshen, Auntie Lan, Zheng Huahu, Zheng Hualong, Mei Qingshuang, Meng Chaoxian, and other leaders, as well as important figures tied to the alliance, had solemn expressions.

“The emergency has to do with one man only. Please turn your attention to the screen!” Zhang Jingshen pointed behind him.

He cut to the chase.


The screen burst into light and a black-clothed man appeared.

That man was Li Mo, of course.

“Just a few days ago, a new time-space trove appeared, attracting the attention of many experts. They include, but not limited, to Daoist Kame, boss Boar, Xin clan and Lei Tian.”

Zhang Jingshen stood, “Some of you have also participated in that day’s event. But this man used a strange array to trap everyone. If not for Lei Tian breaking a barrier with his sacred sword, none of you would’ve been here.

“China has no less than a thousand famed experts, but this man whose power trumped all of yours that day is unknown. Who is he? What is he after? These questions are the purpose of today’s meeting.”

Hu Province’s leader, Meng Chaoxian, stood, “I was also there and seen with my own eyes the black-clothed man. His arts are baffling, his array skills bizarre. No matter how much I tried looking into his arts to find clues as to where he comes from, I haven’t been able to find a single connection to any faction. “

“Please watch the recording.”

The image on the screen changed.

“Suspected of using Qi Pilfering Art and the Black Tortoise Array. Other arts are unknown!”

“He’s from the Xin clan, no doubt about it. Since when did the amazing Xin clan have such a figure?”

“That’s impossible. The Xin clan’s Qi Pilfering Art is a single target only, while this man uses it on a whole group.”

“Hadn’t Black Tortoise Array been lost for more than a millennium?”

“Fascinating, just what movement is that? Doesn’t it look like blinking?

“He is formidable!”

Zhang Jingshen gestured for silence.

“We can surmise from the video that this man’s strength isn’t high, or he wouldn’t have waited for so long to act. Most of the people here are elders that know the importance of the time-space trove. I do not need to state how imperative this matter is. We have to recover the thing this man got from the time-space trove, regardless of who he is!

“Here are the missions. Find out his real identity, provide clues to his whereabouts. This mission has no level restriction and the reward is increased status level and 500 points. Second mission is to capture him. No level restrictions as before and the reward is becoming an elite as well as your province’s leader, along with 5000 points!”

“Five thousand?” Yang Hongying’s eyes glittered.

Her third year in the alliance was almost at an end but all she managed to scrounge up was 27 points. Yet these measly points bought her quite a hefty number of rare things.

With five thousand, she’d get her hands on those tenth level stuff, the most expensive out there.

“Everyone, if any of you have any information, please speak up.” Zhang Jingshen sat.

The crowd was fervent in forming little groups and discussing things over. Yet ten minutes passed and not one of them opened his mouth.

Zhang Jingshen frowned.

Zheng Hualong patted the microphone and the crowd quietened.

“The matter revolving around the unknown expert is serious and the headquarters has its close attention on it. Speak and you will not only receive points, but the chief’s promise. He will reward the one with the most information with three fortune fruits.”

“Fortune fruit? And three?”

“Holy, chief sure is generous.”

“As far as I know, a fortune fruit is worth five thousand points. Its value can’t be measured!”

“With one fruit, you’ll be set for life!”

“I want it so much. Blast that black-clothed man! Where is he, @#$%! Find out who he is!”

The crowd was aboil over the fortune fruits.

Zheng Hualong stood, “Does everyone know why the emergency meeting is held in Shenjing Province? Because the source of the time-space trove comes from it!”


“Opportunity comes knocking, people. It’s all up to you if you can seize it!”

“I declare the emergency meeting adjourned. Then, leader Zhang, let us proceed with the usual custom that comes after the meeting, trading. “

Zhang Jingshen nodded.

The content of the emergency meeting couldn’t be simpler, finding out about the black-clothed man. And as per the Experts Alliance’s usual convention, after the meeting followed commerce. The host of the meeting, the leader of the province where it was held, would present rare items for sale. The alliance’s members were also free to exchange their own goods with each other. 

Zhang Jingshen put the items up for display, tagged with prices.

The trade within the Experts Alliance only allowed the use of alliance points.

“Look, it’s Underworld Grass!”

Yang Hongying grew excited when she saw a patch of small and black grass.

“Hey, did you not hear me? That’s Underworld Grass!”

Li Mo’s jaded attitude was getting on her nerves.

Rumor had it that the Underworld Grass was a plant growing on the shores of the Underworld River. To a cultivator or a qi user, it held little value, but to soul cultivators, it was priceless. 

A third level or lower soul cultivator would increase in level the moment they ingest the Underworld Grass. 

No need to train, no nothing. All you had to do was swallow it.

Li Mo rolled his lazy eyes to Yang Hongying, “The Underworld Grass is great an all, but can you aford it?”

Yang Hongying checked the price tag and seemed to have swallowed a fly.

“370 points. Why so expensive?”

Yang Hongying had used more than two years to get 27 points. But for her to earn enough to buy the Underworld Grass, she’d have to work for decades.

“Yang fruit, millennium lotus seed, jade droplet, wow… The items this time are amazing.”

Yang Hongying was broke and all she could do was stare in space as those with points walked about buying what they needed.

Yang Hongying struggled for a long time watching the Underworld Grass, then came to a decision. She took out the soul stone and yelled, “A soul stone for 350 points. Any takers?”

Soul stone improved a soul cultivator’s training speed, but Yang Hongying felt an instant boost in level was better.

Li Mo threw his two cents, “Underworld Grass only works to those below the third level while the soul stone increases a soul cultivator’s training speed regardless of level. Won’t you lose out by exchanging it?”

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“I’ve been at the first level since I was five and only barely became a second level two days ago. With my talent, it’s more probable I’ll end up dying from old age then advance to the third level. I’m more in favor for instant gain than future returns!”

“Your talent may not be outstanding but it’s nonetheless high. The only reason you’ve held back for so long is because of your illness.”

“I want your soul stone!”

A second level soul cultivator showed his badge. The exchange was quite simple, place the two parties’ badges together and they’d finish swapping points.

Yang Hongying jerked her hand back as she turned to Li Mo, “What did you say?”

“Itch.” Li Mo quipped.

“%@#!, I’m not selling!”

Yang Hongying stashed the soul stone.

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