Chapter 137: Silver Armor Race

Sun Wei walked tipsy to Mei Qingshuang and bowed.

“L-leader Mei, will you do me the honor of accompanying me over a long and intimate chat for the night?”

“Leader Mei won’t honor you!” Xin Hongzhu looked glum. 

Sun Wei looked from Mei Qingshuang to Xin Hongzhu and then Yang Hongying. He left them and went to another table, extending the same invitation to a pretty young lass. 

He was turned down at every turn.

The entire feast’s womenfolk gave him a firm no. But Sun Wei didn’t let that ruin his mood as he extended his invite to Auntie Lan. She refused of course, but then he continued with the waiters, janitors, the whole shebang… 

All responding with total refusal.

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Sun Wei returned to the feast and dialed. Since no one wanted him, he’d call one over.

In the middle of the night.


A sudden noise jumped Liu Feng and his wife from their sleep. Their door was broken in as Zheng Huahu steeped through.

Liu Feng was shell-shocked and his wife held him in a vise from fear. Liu Feng may be an expert, but that couldn’t be said the same for his wife. She was an average human.

“Liu Feng, be a good boy and don’t move and I might spare you.”

Zheng Huahu removed his clothes.

Liu Feng was infuriated, “$%#@ you!”

The wife’s screams were confined to this room, with no sound escaping outside.

Zheng Hualong put a barrier up outside, isolating the room from the rest of the world.

Liu Feng pointed and a chair shot for Zheng Huahu. The latter grabbed it in mockery, “Is that the best you can do? Be a good chap and watch from the side…”

While Zheng Huahu was shaming Liu Feng, the latter pointed at him and Zheng Huahu felt a relentless force freezing him in place.




With every twitch of Liu Feng’s finger, Zheng Huahu was bouncing off the walls. When the whole ordeal was over, every bone in his body was in twain. The pain was too much for his mind to take and blanked out.

From outside, Zheng Hualong’s face changed when he laid eyes on the bloody figure that was his brother. He dispelled the barrier and ran for Liu Feng.  

“Help, someone!” The wife screamed.

Zheng Huahu’s face twisted again and ran with Zheng Huahu in tow after a short pause.

Zheng Huahu couldn’t care less about some Shenjing Province base’s reputation, but Zheng Hualong was the opposite. He was a fourth level expert and hoped to join the headquarters’ ‘management’. To do that he needed the votes of every base’s leaders.  

The Experts Alliance’s members checked in the hotel ran post haste. The wife hugged her husband as she wailed. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what transpired.

“Zheng clan’s men have crossed the line!”

Zhang Jingshen thundered over. He fished out his phone and called the headquarters’ head.

Liu Feng traced the talisman on his chest with immense shock on his face.

Not even in his dreams was his power enough to fling Zheng Huahu around like a doll. This was all caused by Li Mo’s talisman.

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Putting it on, Liu Feng’s strength was boosted five times, shooting him straight into the early fourth level.

‘Such an overbearing display! A simple talisman can shoot one’s power through the roof!’

‘Was that man Zhou Mengxian’s brilliant disciple?’

Zhang Jingshen finished his call and handled things here. He placed men not only to guard Liu Feng, but even expanded the perimeter to the entire hotel.

Zhang Jingshen left in a sullen mood after finishing. He was about to change his clothes to rest when he heard the doorbell, “Leader, screams are coming out of Sun Wei’s room without stopping.”

“He’s asking for it!”

Zhang Jingshen slapped the table in rage.

He stormed for Sun Wei’s chambers and banged the door. Sun Wei rained curses as he opened the door. 

Zhang Jingshen saw a fat woman with blue skin sprawled on the table as if dead. She was too frozen to even speak.

“Who is she?”

“The chick I called over.”

“Eh?” Zhang Jingshen was shocked.

“Who do you think I am? I may be lustful, but I am a man of principle. I’ve not once resorted to base and despicable means in my life!”

“Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask her!”

“Help…” The fat woman croaked.

Zhang Jingshen pointed, “Then why is she calling for help?”

“No clue. How is it that the talisman worked fine last night while today seems no different than a useless paper?”

Sun Wei was down on his dumps as well. The talisman brought him an unspeakable joy he hadn’t felt in years. When he got burned by unanimous refusals a while back, he asked for a call girl, a particular slim one in this case. The result? He had been going to town on her until she ended up a popsicle. 

For lack of a better choice, she called the fat lady again.

There was no way Zhang Jingshen would believe him. But in the end, he walked away with an awkward sorry after having questioned the fat lady when she recovered somewhat. 

At sunup, Zheng Hualong was already confessing before Zhang Jingshen could bring the two brothers to justice. The show of sincerity mollified Zhang Jingshen into making the matter insignificant, then forgoing it altogether.  

In a normal society, one man’s power was negligible. While in the world of experts, power gave right, and the strong were revered.

Time flew and four in the afternoon was soon approaching, along with the beginning of the emergency meeting. People already streamed in. 

Zheng Wufang that got Li Mo so interested, was also there. He looked average and had average strength. He was so plain that you’d never even notice him if you passed him by on the streets.

But it was this unremarkable man that would later become one of the Seven Sages of the universe, shaking the world with having ten galaxies in his iron fist. 

Mei Qingshuang caught Li Mo staring at Zheng Wufang and said, “Do you know him?”

“Only in name.”

Li Mo’s eyes roamed around as his mind slowly drifted to the long past chaos and war.

In those six centuries of war, Zheng Wufang had always conducted himself with impeccable civility.

Then what of that sudden sword…

‘If not him, then who?’

Zheng Wufang hid in a corner, uninterested in the hubbub and excitement. He was playing around with an empty wine glass, his mind closed off with the outside world. 


Li Mo squinted as his eyes lingered longer on a particular person.

It was a portly middle-aged man that wore a tight cowl over his head and neck, hiding his features. Not even his eyes were visible from the black glasses he wore.

His hands as well were covered in gloves to hide every inch of skin.

Mei Qingshuang spoke, “He is Duren Robb. His gift is a poison naturally produced by his body and unable to control it. This scarred his entire body and chose to take this appearance.”

Li Mo nodded.

Mei Qingshuang herself believed those words but by no means did it imply the truth.

Through his piercing Celestial Eyes, Li Mo unmasked this Duren Robb.

Duren Robb wasn’t hiding a horrifying appearance left behind by his poison, but a bug body.

If Domon looked like a fly on two legs, Duren Robb was an upright beetle.

Duren Robb was by no means human but a savage alien – Silver Armor Race!

As expected, the universe’s fierce infiltrated the Experts Alliance. It was now obvious why the three organizations collapsed in the end. How could they not when they had rats in their midst? 

To Duren Robb’s left sat a lady with snow-white skin looking after Duren Robb’s every whim in an almost servile manner – kneading his shoulder, rubbing his feet, etc.

On Duren Robb’s right was another snow-white person, but a youth this time. He wasn’t ugly per se, but his behavior was nothing short of subservient.

He smiled at everyone he met with slumped shoulders and bent waist. Not ten meters from him, a guest spilled his glass and the snow-white youth rushed over and scrubbed it clean before handing it back.

Li Mo frowned.

The snow-white duo looked human by all accounts, but appearances could be deceiving. In reality, they were the snow people, more commonly known as lapdogs.

Any race with spirituality had a trait. Humans’ was to passively absorb spiritual qi and strengthen themselves. Hexamand race had the sonic boom, capable of creating an explosion in atmospheres and even vacuum. The humongous stone golem’s trait was earth absorption, boosting its power by feeding off of earth qi.

The universe was filled with wondrous beings. Sacred beasts, divine creatures, demons, elementals, monsters, all races had an inherent trait. All but one, the snow people.

The men were lowly, the women cheap. Their only trait was to become the lapdogs of every race out there. If there was a contest on the lowliest, the cheapest, the most discriminated race in the universe, they would take first place hands down. 

When aliens invaded Earth, the first wave was the alliance between the eleven savage races. But there were no snow people included since they were never taken into consideration.

As for why there were snow people about, well, folks in power needed servants to make them look good.

Snow people had no trait, that was the naked truth, but they did have a redeeming quality hidden inside them. They bred like rats. Add to that their base nature, without ambition, these people had always been in the forefront of any war. 


Duren Robb lifted his glass but it slipped from his grasp. It spilled everywhere and, by sheer coincidence, some droplets of wine landed on Sun Wei’s shoe as he passed by.

Sun Wei flipped, “You son of a bitch, can’t even hold a glass straight?”

“Forgive us sir, we are truly sorry. Let me help you clean it up.”

The snow people youth and lady kneeled at the same time and took out spotless handkerchiefs to clean up Sun Wei’s shoe with their heads down and butts sticking out.

Who could possibly refuse such an apology!

“Stop, stop. Just forget it.”

Sun Wei started feeling guilty, waiving at them to stop.

“The two leaders have arrived. The emergency meeting is now in session!”

Someone shouted and the hall quietened.

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