Chapter 136: Mei Qingshuang

A very good looking girl spoke with Li Mo. She had her pouty lips trace a faint smile while her narrowed eyes formed two crescent moons.  

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Li Mo knew fully well who she was, the seventh sister of the Xin clan. The very one that ruled the world Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Xin Hongzhu.

Xin clan wasn’t located in Shenjing, but in Handong Province. The guidebook told him that this province was one of the very few bereft of Experts Alliance’s base.

Xin Hongzhu caught him by surprise since she couldn’t be a member of the Experts Alliance.

“You may call me sister Hongzhu.”

Xin Hongzhu beamed, sitting next to Li Mo.

“You look oddly familiar. Have we met?”

Li Mo kept mum.

“What’s your name?”

“Li Mo.”

“Fine name, and it has a nice ring to it too.”

Xin Hongzhu nodded. She was looking around the place when in fact it was all an act to check him out.

‘Did she find out who I am?’

Li Mo not only wore a mask that night but went the extra mile by changing his looks along with his qi signature. He was cocksure only someone two stages above him could see through it. 

Li Mo asked, “From what province do you come from?”

“I’m not part of your alliance, but one of your leaders and I are very good friends.”

“Look, there she is.”

To his shock, Li Mo found that Xin Hongzhu pointed right at the black gown wearing classy woman Yang Honglei was dancing with. 

“She is Mei Qingshuang. She is the chief of the Miao people(T/N: minority ethnic group) as well as Xixiang Province base’s leader.”

“She just became one too.” Xin Hongzhu completed.

Yang Hongying had her arm across Mei Qingshuang’s shoulders as she walked over. Mei Qingshuang was a bit stunned seeing Xin Hongzhu sitting by Li Mo’s side.

“Let me introduce myself gorgeous, I am Yang Hongying.”

“Mei Qingshuang.”

“Wonderful name.”

Mei Qingshuang gave a charming smile.

“Sister’s name is nice as well.”

Xin Hongzhu walked up to Yang Hongying and caressed her hand.

Xin Hongzhu left Yang Hongying feeling queasy. She could make advances on someone, but never the other way around.

Yang Hongying wanted to take her hand back, but try as she might, she failed every time.

Xin Hongzhu showed a rotten smile, “What’s got you so jittery? You hugged my wife for so long yet when I hold your hand a bit you can’t take it?”

“Who’s your wife?”

“Mei Qingshuang of course.”

Mei Qingshuang was beet red, “Don’t listen to her nonsense.”

“A woman calling another her wife makes you a lesbian. Is that what you are?”

“Yep, that’s me. Her kind is so my type.”

Xin Hongzhu pinched Yang Hongying with a wicked grin.

“Come, sit. Tell me, are all Yang clan girls as pretty as little sister?”

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Xin Hongzhu pulled Yang Hongying into sitting next to her for a chat, no matter how against it the latter was.

Mei Qingshuang shook her head in dismay. She then noticed Li Mo and returned his gaze with a friendly smile.

‘Mei Qingshuang? It sounds oddly familiar.’

‘Where have I heard it?’ Li Mo frowned.

What happened in his past life six hundred years before dying was ancient history. He was still clear on the important events at the time, but everything else, be it bystanders or minor affairs, were lost in the sands of time. 

“Hello, I am Mei Qingshuang. What about you?”

Mei Qingshuang took the initiative to shake his hand.

She didn’t have a smidgen of attitude a province leader should have.

‘Don’t they say Miao women were fiery? This Mei Qingshuang is just too gentle!’ 

Li Mo’s curiosity was piqued.

“Li Mo, from Shenjing Province, and a first level member.”

Mei Qingshuang smiled.

As the feast started, an awkward mood pervaded ever since Zheng Huahu’s display.

“What’s so great about a fourth level official? We do not entertain such spoiled behavior!

“Why did I intervene? I just couldn’t stand his insufferable attitude any longer. If I hadn’t intervened, I’d be called Sun Zi(T/N: it’s a demeaning word. Lit. means grandson. It means he was far beneath the other guy.) instead of Sun Wei!”

Sun Wei was showing off a smug attitude as he drank wine surrounded by a crowd singing him praises.

“I’ll be honest with everyone. As a matter of fact, I am but a step away from entering the fourth level. Half a year later, at the latest, I’ll achieve it!” Sun Wei spoke with pride.

“Amazing, brother!”

“Wow, fourth level!”

“Shenjing Province never had one before.”

“Of course we had. All who entered the fourth level had the right to transfer to the headquarters.”

“So that’s why. Then brother Sun must be going to the headquarters as well after advancing.”

“Out of the question. I will most certainly not. I couldn’t care less about what benefits the headquarters offers. I would choose to stay in Shenjing Province regardless, even if I were a fifth level. With us brothers helping each other, the more the merrier. Capital’s headquarters? Others might care, but I, Sun Wei, don’t give a rat’s arse.”

“Brother Sun’s words are so heartfelt.”

“Come, brother Sun. A toast, in your honor!”

“Let us all toast together for brother Sun!”

“Let’s all hang out in the future with brother Sun!”

“Ha-ha-ha, well said.”

Sun Wei emptied his glass and his tongue wagged bigger words to no end.

Zheng Huahu sitting next to Zhang Jingshen had always kept an eye on him.

“Is showing off of any use? In this world, no matter the time or place, those with power rule. Only power can give validity to your words.”

Zheng Hualong said coldly.

Zheng Huahu’s face changed at his rebuke, though he didn’t argue.

Zheng Huahu and Zheng Hualong were brothers. Zheng Huahu had two years over Zheng Hualong, yet it couldn’t be said the same when it came to strength. This led to him harboring fear towards his baby brother all his life.

Zheng Huahu’s gaze shifted to Liu Feng’s wife, “Brother, help me out.”

“One day you will find your end above a woman.”

“Thanks, brother!” Zheng Huahu was in ninth heaven. Zheng Hualong didn’t outright refute him which showed his compliance to help a brother out.

“What can I do? Who told my brother to like snatching men’s wives from right under their noses? This one fault goes back to our Zheng clan’s ancestors… “

“What ancestors, I’m the picture of perfection!”

“You… you are a genius. Only a genius stands out from the rest.”

Zheng Hualong snorted again.

Liu Feng’s wife caught Zheng Huahu’s stare and blowing her a kiss, scaring her into lowering her head.

Liu Feng held her hand tighter, “There’s no need to be afraid of him. I talked it over with the two leaders and they will set him straight if he dares touch you again!”

“The leaders are really willing to offend them? You saw them standing there just now, Liu Feng. Why don’t we just leave? I have a bad feeling about this.”

Liu Feng’s brow scrunched up in a frown at Zheng Huahu.

Liu Feng mollified his wife, “Just bear with it for today. We will leave as soon as we get our mission tomorrow!”

Li Mo walked past them and threw a talisman on Liu Feng’s table.

Liu Feng whipped his head back in shock, following Li Mo walking away with his eyes. 

“What is this?” Liu Feng inspected the talisman.

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