Queenish 1

There were loud cheers from the people. They chanted something which Roderick couldn’t understand. Chant must have been of someone’s name and listening to its intensity Roderick reckoned the person had been entertaining masses in a great way. 
After the cheering ended, Roderick heard a lion roar. Roar was so loud that it made him flinch even in his sleep.  A roaring lion wasn’t a great thing to use as an alarm. He missed the smell of coffee, which used to awake him during his expedition days.
Presence of animals made the chanting fade away. Animals were doing what they liked. Then there was a long silence.
Sudden cheer woke him up. 
First thing Roderick heard after getting out of his sleep was a sword passing through bones. He looked around him. Everyone looked petrified and was shaking in fear. They were not wearing anything above their waist. Neither was he.
All clutched some kind of weapons in their hands. Roderick found a sword and a hammer on the floor beside him. Roderick realized what was going on when the huge metal door opened and brought a blinding light to the trembling fighters. 
Some medieval looking soldiers brought a decapitated body.
Roderick knew who he was because the chanting of name had stopped. More soldiers dragged dead animals and took them away all the while they were watching. He saw a huge crowd waiting for more dwelling. 
Am I in ancient Rome or what?
More mutilated corpses came with soldiers. 
“Hold your weapons! And get ready to enter the stadium.” The soldier yelled at them. 
Perhaps cleaning was going on there so they were being given some time. 
“Practice if you want.” Soldiers laughed at them.
Most of them prayed. 
“Get in! IN!” soldiers began to push the fighters into the ground. Roderick turned back to see another lot of warriors being brought to the room where they were sitting. Those gladiators were given weapons of dead bodies.
I don’t want to give this to anyone. He tightened his grip on hammer and sword.

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