Queenish 2

The gate behind them closed and in front of them there were thousands and thousands of bloodthirsty spectators. Crowd there reminded him of World Cup matches. Unlike to real world sports like Football (Soccer) or Cricket, spectators were allowed to throw stuff at the warriors. Some of them bled because of the stones they were throwing. 
But he was sweating already.
On the most comfortable seat, there was a group of people who belonged to Royal Family. Roderick looked up to see the family members who were studded with gold ornaments. 
In the group, a beautiful woman wearing a big crown sat on a big chair while the guards surrounded her in such a way that it would not obstruct her view.  He was searching for King when the Queen signaled one of his people to blow the horn. The person bowled a horn made by a bull’s horn. 
Swords clattered behind him. One sword almost cut his head off. Roderick ducked it and duck from another blow second time. It was when he realized he had to go on a killing rampage. Roderick tightened his grip on sword and split a man in half.
Another man ran towards him but couldn’t survive Roderick’s sword.
He went towards those who had not even touched him yet and crushed their heads with his hammer. It made everyone team up against him. 
Tiger roared behind them. They charged towards them from the open gate.
Roderick ran towards a tiger and swung his hammer on its head. 
“No! You killed my brother?” second tiger growled at him.
S***! You can speak? Now the angry tiger charged at him.
Next, he jumped and sliced the head off the stripped beast. Now the animals hesitated to go for him and attacked everyone else.
“Stay away from him! He is dangerous.” Lions began to speak. They attacked other people, but not Roderick. 
For a while Roderick was the only person in the battleground as a spectator. After those tigers had killed the fighters, Roderick killed them and stood alone on bloodied ground. 
Queen looked down at him and ordered more fighters to fight him. The fighters who came were wearing armor, but it didn’t discourage Roderick a bit. He slew every one of those with ease. Those metal armors were of no contest against his hammer and sword.
“I am super strong!” He yelled in and cracked open the final man’s skull. 
He expected a loud cheer from crowd but they fell in silence. He soon found out the reason behind it. 
Queen was standing with her arm extended. Archers were drawing their bows towards him from every side. Roderick dropped his weapons and waited for Queen’s verdict. 
He knew thumbs down meant death, but he was not sure what thumbs up meant. There was no evidence of Roman emperors using thumbs up for mercy. She gestured at him to come. Then she walked out from there. 
Is this freak show over now?
Perhaps he was right because audience also began to empty stands. He expected some good treatment from there on, but as soon as Queen disappeared, soldiers began treating him like an animal again. Soldiers caught him by his arms and dragged him along with them.
“Where are you taking me to?” Roderick questioned.
“Queen doesn’t like to talk with dirty pigs.” Soldier had answer for him.
He found out what they meant to say when he was taken into a bath house. Roderick realized it was Royal bath house when he saw Queen’s robe on the floor. 
The water was warm. So was the food, which he ate after he was done bathing. Then there came servants with new clothes.
“Wear it and be a clean pig.” Soldiers hadn’t stopped mocking him.
When soldiers had made enough jokes on him they lead him through a corridor where some people were transferring corpses.
“Don’t take these bodies out of the city.” The soldier who mocked him started to bark orders at them.
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