Queenish 3

After leaving the stinking corridor, he went towards the more lavish section of the palace. He knew he was in the right place when soldiers treated him with respect.
A woman waited for him there. Two small lion cubs were hopping around her.
 Roderick hadn’t seen her in the stadium
“Is he the man who had slain all the fighters?” she asked them.
As well as animals.” Roderick spoke for himself.
“Come with me.” She said and passed the chains of cubs to soldiers. Those soldiers went away with the cubs.
“I had raised the animals all by myself.” She said.
“I am sorry for what I did to your pets.” Roderick began consolidating him.
“They were not sorry for what they did with many people.” She said, “I will raise the cubs that are going with soldiers, feed them, train them, watch them kill and watch them die.” She smiled at him.
“Sorry, but who are you?”
“I am Queen’s Witch. They call me Cassandra even though it is not my name.”
“You can see future?” Roderick stopped walking to question her.
“I make potions. You can say, what I feed her makes her what you are about to see.”
She took him to the Throne Room. Queen was sitting on the throne wearing the same crown he had seen her wear in the stadium. Around her were Kingsguard, Lord Commander and Hand of the Queen. 
“What a beautiful lady.” Roderick whispered to Cassandra. 
But she wasn’t there anymore.
“Welcome, brave man.” Queen spoke in her majestic voice, “I am impressed by your combat skills.”
“Thank you, your majesty.” Roderick bowed.
“You will help us win the war tonight.” She said, “Emperor of Stone dynasty is about to invade this kingdom tonight.”
War? Is nobody going to give me an easier task?
He kept listening to her, “You defeated those great soldiers all by yourself.”
There’s a war tonight and you make your best soldiers to kill each other? 
“I am sorry to say this, your majesty, but don’t you think that a fight spectacle is unwise before a war?” Roderick went on to ask another thing.
“The spectacle is for not letting people panic.” She said, “And also for finding a super soldier.”
“Well, I doubt how helpful I can be for you in this case, alone.”
“You are strong. Strong as Atlas and Hercules, but you are not alone.”
“I don’t understand.” Roderick looked around.
“Lord Commander.” Queen said.
Lord Commander stepped forward and said, “Three hills away, twenty men as strong as you live. We expect you to go there and bring those men here.”
“How will those twenty men help you? I mean, there will be thousands of soldiers on Stone Emperor’s side.” 
“It is none of your concern.” Lord Commander raised his voice, “Leave the tactics to me.”
“Lord Commander, maybe he has got some battlefield strategies in his mind.” Hand of the Queen made his voice heard.
“You have got any ideas?” Lord Commander asked after glancing at the Queen for acceptance.
Roderick just stood there with his tongue tied. At last he spoke, “I’ll bring those twenty men from beyond two hills.”
“It’s the same.” Roderick said and walked out of the room.
He then left the palace and went to his journey. 
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