Chapter 278 – Archdemon

. The entire time, I had been on guard against the class SS demon, whom I had badly injured, coming after me. As I exited the entrance tunnel, I saw why he hadn’t. As I intended, my sudden attack on the archdemon had completely changed the tactical situation. I overflew Melione as she helped Bruna toward the entrance tunnel. The ...

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Chapter 278 – Archdemon
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In case anyone cares, I actually did choose Fan Li's name carefully. It is 凡莉 or Fán Lì. Initially, I chose Fàn , one of the most ancient Chinese surnames, and then Lì "White Jasmine" because I think it's a lovely name. But I changed the surname to 凡 Fán, which means 'mortal' or 'lethal'. "Lethal White Jasmine" is the result, and I thought it was a name one might actually run across while reading Xianxia.

Later, I learned about a Chinese historic figure 范蠡 Fàn Lǐ, who was an ancient politician and strategist. Perhaps I had heard the name in the past and kept it in the back of my mind. I don't know.

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