Chapter 279 – A Little Progress

. When that cloud formed around me and became bindings that wrapped me like a boa constrictor, I felt a momentary surge of adrenaline, then my thoughts became cool and calculated. The effects of [Blood Physique] were both physical and mental, and thus, partly responsible for keeping my instincts from controlling me, but knowledge from my older selves was feeding ...

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Chapter 279 – A Little Progress
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I don't know if this is a good finish or a weak finish for this volume, but this completes volume six.

The first chapter of Volume Seven should post next week. I will hopefully be posting an afterword and possibly a couple appendices over the weekend.

If that sounds a little tentative, it's because I'm having computer issues. Fortunately, I had this chapter already in draft on the site. I don't have access to Scrivener, my writing software, so I may have to manage on Google Docs in order to recreate the next chapter from scratch. The replacement computer will not arrive in time.

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