Chapter 41: Meeting Of Love Rivals

Miss Tan?

Su Le’s mind blanked for a second before she guessed that this Miss Tan was probably a client of the company, and as a newly appointed assistant, Su Le cleverly did not interfere on her own. Instead, she exited the office and saw someone whom she did not expect to see.

Tan Wei also never thought that her rival in love was an employee of a company which could potentially be collaborated with.

“Hello,” Su Le smiled at Tan Wei, “The general manager is currently in her office. Please enter.”

“Thank you,” Tan Wei nodded to Su Le and headed towards the general manager’s office.

“Su Le, do you know that person?” A colleague who was preparing to leave had coincidentally walked by so she asked her with a lowered voice. “That person looks very beautiful.”

“Just happened to meet her once,” Su Le smiled and patted the colleague’s shoulder. “Stop hovering around me when you have already finished work. People who are working over time would feel resentful over your display.”

“I enjoy finding happiness in other people’s pain.” The colleague beamed as they bidded Su Le farewell. Su Le hadn’t even been in the company for 3 months when she was promoted from a new employee to the general manager’s assistant. This speedy promotion didn’t make too many people dissatisfied because it meant that Su Le was capable, so the colleague was rather friendly towards Su Le.

After Su Le returned to her office, she filed some documents. An hour quickly went by and it was almost time to go home, so she packed up her things and prepared to leave.

Su Le had just stepped out of the building’s entrance when she was suddenly called aside by Tan Wei. She looked at the pretty young woman and smiled courteously.

“Do you have some time for a coffee and a little chat with me?” Tan Wei was not stupid to think that Su Le didn’t know about her feelings towards Wei Chu. But at the same time, Su Le’s reaction made her respect Su Le. She thought that even if Su Le didn’t hate her, she would at least have some negative feelings for her. But Tan Wei couldn’t find any of that from Su Le.

Su Le was polite and courteous to her. Although she wasn’t enthusiastic about her, Su Le was not guarding or resentful of her. A woman’s intuition was sensitive. For example, if someone disliked her, she could still sense it even if they didn’t act or say anything, but Tan Wei did not feel this from Su Le.

“Of course, let’s go. Miss Tan is too courteous.” Su Le did not reject Tan Wei’s invitation.


Su Le ordered a cup of Blue Mountain coffee. Then, she awkwardly but politely talked about general topics like work with Tan Wei. But judging from Tan Wei’s expression, it appeared that she didn’t want to talk about these things with Su Le.

“Miss Su, would you mind if I asked you some personal questions?” Tan Wei saw Su Le kept talking about irrelevant things so she simply went straight to the point.

“I’m sorry. I know asking you directly like this is very bold of me, but I want to know if you actually like Wei Chu. I don’t wish for him to get hurt.” Tan Wei watched Su Le carefully. She didn’t want to miss any changes in Su Le’s reaction.

Under Tan Wei’s gaze, Su Le lifted her cup of coffee to take a drink before she replied slowly, “Miss Tan, these type of matters should be kept private between the involved parties and I think Wei Chu understands my attitude.” Su Le thought that Tan Wei was lucky to have met her and not a hysterical woman, because otherwise, what was in store for Tan Wei was a quarrel between women.

Su Le’s reply did not anger Tan Wei. She looked at Su Le and suddenly said, “I have liked Wei Chu for 7 years. So much that I even bought all the products his company produced. I also learnt to be an independent woman. But just when I’m prepared to go back to his side, another woman is there, which I did not expect.

“I’ll admit that you are not bad, but you are not good enough. Also, you can’t be compared to him,” Tan Wei lowered her head and carried on, “You’re not even gentle. I really don’t understand why Wei Chu would fall for you.”

When Su Le heard this, she remained silent. Even though she had thought about it herself, about why Wei Chu liked her, to the present day, she still did not have an answer.

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“Wei Chu has always been outstanding. From high school to university, I haven’t seen anything that he can’t do.” Tan Wei stopped stirring the liquid in her cup, “I thought about many possibilities but I never thought that before I was ready, he would have already fallen in love with someone.”

“Is he really that perfect?” Su Le thought the woman in front of her made Wei Chu sound like a God. Su Le didn’t really understand a feeling like infatuation. She couldn’t wholeheartedly place all her attention on a man, so it was natural that she wouldn’t understand that type of feeling.

“Perhaps he’s not perfect,” Tan Wei lifted her head, a relaxed expression on her face. “Truthfully, about 10 minutes ago I still thought you were not suitable for Wei Chu. But now, I think you are very suitable for him.”

Su Le thought that the other party had changed her thoughts too quickly, so she found it difficult to adapt to the situation. After all, she originally thought the other party came to find faults in her but the topic had suddenly changed to her getting praised instead. They were both women but the other party’s thoughts were very hard to predict.

Tan Wei laughed when she saw the confused Su Le. “You are very smart and also know what to do, so rather than someone who puts their whole heart to Wei Chu, you may be more suitable for him. You are someone who will put their heart on him, but not so much that you lose sight of yourself.”

Finally, Su Le understood the situation. She was being tested.

“Before, I insulted you a few times but you did not get mad. Instead, you remained calm and carried on listening to me. This indicates you understand propriety and you can see the situation clearly.” At this point, Tan Wei was suddenly disappointed. “You are truly suitable.”

“Eh … Should I thank you for the compliment?” Su Le forced a laugh, “I didn’t know I had so many good points.”

“Psh,” Tan Wei suddenly laughed. Her appearance was radiant. “I just said a load of trash talk before so I hope you won’t take offence from it.” Then, she tilted her head. “After all, seeing the person whom I like with someone else. it’s still somewhat hard to accept. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Su Le had some feelings of admiration towards this magnanimous woman. At least, she expressed her thoughts and feelings before admitting that her words was rude, even though Su Le was her rival in love.

A phone started ringing. Su Le looked at her phone. It was from Wei Chu. She glanced at Tan Wei, who was in front of her. Su Le thought that the way she just acted would cause suspicion from the other party.

“Is it Wei Chu?” Tan Wei put her cup of coffee down. “Quickly answer it. Otherwise, Wei Chu will assume that I have kidnapped his precious girlfriend. Then, it will be miserable for me.”

Su Le smiled apologetically and answered the phone. She spoke to Wei Chu in a low voice. After telling him her location, Su Le ended the call.

“Wei Chu really likes you,” Tan Wei smiled a little, “I have never seen him take the initiative to approach a female before and not to mention such considerate attentiveness. In the past, he was always acted in a cold but polite manner. So…” Tan Wei smiled as she looked at Su Le, “…to train Wei Chu into a fully considerate and gentle boyfriend is not easy. You will need to spend more effort on it. It’s getting quite late, I should leave now. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” Su Le stood up to send Tan Wei off. Tan Wei took out a business card and placed it in front of Su Le, “This is my business card. I like you a lot, we should contact each other a lot in the future.”

“I will never be interested in women in this lifetime.” Su Le also gave her business card to the other party. As Su Le watched Tan Wei exit the coffee shop, a small smile appeared on her face.

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Later, Wei Chu arrived at the coffee shop with his car and saw Su Le standing outside. He helped her open the car door and only spoke when she was seated, “I thought you didn’t like coffee.”

“You are right,” Su Le smiled a little. It appeared that she was in a very good mood.

Seeing Su Le like this, Wei Chu could only shake his head helplessly. He did not ask her about other matters even though he knew it was Tan Wei who had invited Su Le for coffee.

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