Chapter 42: Company Trip


The company that Tan Wei was involved with had successfully signed a contract with BaiSheng. Su Le did not interfere with this collaboration, and Tan Wei also did not let Su Le participate in the matter either.

Su Le knew Tan Wei was helping her. Although Jiang Ting didn’t know if there was any animosity between them, in others’ eyes, Su Le and Tan Wei were rivals in love. Since Tan Wei was the representative for her company in the collaboration and Su Le was just a minor assistant, it would be for the best if Su Le did not participate anyway.

“Xiao Le, the data from the sales department are out. Our new product has received a pretty good reaction from the market.” Jiang Ting entered Su Le’s office with a smile of her face. “The plan that you and JinChu have come up with is very successful.”

“Does that mean I will get a larger bonus this year?” Su Le leaned away from the computer and saw a distinct smile on Jiang Ting’s face. “Sister Jiang, did something good happen that made you so happy?”

“Of course.” Jiang Ting placed the data down on Su Le’s desk. “The company is planning to take us to the famous mountain Fo in the neighbouring city to relax this week. All expenses will be covered. I also heard that there will a another company joining us as well.” When she finished speaking, an ambiguous smile crept onto her face.

Su Le missed it though since she did not look at Jiang Ting. Instead, Su Le was looking down as she typed. “A free holiday. Of course, it’s a good thing.”

Jiang Ting spoke with Su Le for little longer before heading back to her own office. Her relationship with Su Le had become much more intimate over a collection of autographed books. Things like gifts were always a good way to deepen a relationship.

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On Saturday morning, Su Le stood at the door of the coach that her company had hired. Her face twitched. She discovered that the coach, which could seat about 40 people, was already half full and they were all people from the other company. Meanwhile, the boss of that company was smiling radiantly at her. Also, there was a pile of snacks by his side that were all from brands that she enjoyed eating.

Su Le suddenly found herself in a predicament as everyone’s sight fell onto her. She didn’t feel good since she felt like she had suddenly became an animal attraction in a zoo.

“Su Le, why are you frozen? Are you not going to get on?” Jiang Ting smiled as she asked.

Su Le boarded the coach with a twisted expression. Meanwhile, behind her, many of her colleagues were expressing their interest in the other company that was going with them on their trip.

“I heard that we are going with JinChu for the trip. I don’t know if we can see JinChu’s CEO as well though. I heard that their CEO is very handsome.”

“Don’t even think about it. I heard that he already has a girlfriend …”

Su Le heard those two sentences just before she got onto the coach. She suddenly felt very pressurized.

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Su Le sat down at the opposite aisle by the window. Before she could even settle into a comfortable position, someone had already come and sat down beside her with the snacks.

“Didn’t you have something to do today?” Su Le looked at Wei Chu with a half-smile and carried on, “The ‘something to do’ was going on a holiday?”

“I just wanted to give you a surprise.” Wei Chu smiled while handing a packet of chocolate to Su Le, “This is a chocolate that you like.”

“Don’t think that you can use chocolate to make up for your lie,” Su Le said as she accepted the chocolate. After opening the packaging and taking a bite, she hesitated while she glanced at the smiling man next to her before asking, “Do you want a piece?”

“Sure,” Wei Chu smiled and leaned closer to Su Le. Before Su Le could respond, Wei Chu ate some of the chocolate that Su Le was holding. Then, he lifted his head and smiled again, “The taste is really good.”

Su Le stared at the chocolate in her hand that had a corner missing. She stuffed the rest into Wei Chu’s hand and said, “Since you like it, then finish the rest of it.” Seriously, this man appeared to be so elegant and graceful but why was he so thick-skinned?

Wei Chu smiled as he accepted the chocolate.

Su Le’s colleagues were all surprised and curious as they watched the scene. They hadn’t thought that Su Le was the girlfriend of Jin Chu’s CEO. This Su Le had kept a really low profile.

Was it possible that they got together during the collaboration? But that wasn’t right. The collaboration didn’t need the CEO to personally do the project, so when did Su Le have the chance to interact with Wei Chu?

Unless they were already dating before the collaboration?

People had always been curious about gossip, regardless of their gender.

There were many friends and acquaintances on board, so as little groups formed and chatted, there was never a quiet moment on the coach. Some gossiped while some chatted about clothes, jewellery, or football. The coach was very lively and noisy. Su Le noticed that a male colleague had already begun chatting with a pretty lady from JinChu.

“Why doesn’t this trip seem like a holiday anymore? It seems like it’s for blind dates instead.” Su Le spoke quietly to Wei Chu. “My company and your company’s people have united.”

“Isn’t that great?” Wei Chu smiled as he reached to hold Su Le’s hand, “Resolving the single employees’ marital problems is a good thing.”

Wei Chu’s hands were warm. Su Le felt her hand heat up. She then looked at Wei Chu, who was currently trying to conceal his happiness by turning his head away slightly.


The coach had not travelled far when it began to rain. There was an inexplicable sense of beauty as droplets of water splashed against the windows. Su Le leaned her head against Wei Chu’s shoulder as she watched the scenery. She was getting drowsy.

Just before Su Le fell asleep, she thought to herself that she could finally understand the warm scene she saw on the plane. Being able to depend on someone felt rather good.

Wei Chu adjusted his position a little so Su Le would be more comfortable. The noise level in their surroundings gradually got quieter.


Seated in the opposite aisle, Jiang Ting watched Wei Chu’s gentle and careful movements. Jiang Ting suddenly understood a little of Su Le’s calm behaviour when she learnt about the feelings that Tan Wei had for Wei Chu.

Wei Chu was an outstanding and intelligent man. Also, Su Le was a rare generous and transparent woman. An ordinary man couldn’t be with a woman like Su Le because after a while, he would be afraid that he could not keep hold of her. She was too transparent. But men like Wei Chu were well-matched with Su Le because the former was steady and the latter was transparent; it was like they were made for each other. If Wei Chu liked a woman who was wilful and spoiled, it was possible that the woman would change instead, under Wei Chu’s gentle and considerate actions.

A relationship that may not be perfect originally would become perfect if was those two who got together.


When the coach arrived at mountain Fo, many decided to rest at the hotel due to the weather. When Su Le woke up in a daze, Wei Chu already had an umbrella in his hand.

The two of them alighted the coach together as Wei Chu held the umbrella over them. Pitter and patter noises were heard as raindrops hit the umbrella.

Su Le lifted her head and looked at the umbrella that was leaning more towards her direction. The majority of the umbrella was covering her. She secretly laughed.

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