Chapter 57: Proposal

The next morning, when Su Le got up, Wei Chu had already prepared breakfast. While she had her breakfast, Su Le thought that she was fortunate to have a boyfriend like Wei Chu.

For a woman who couldn’’t cook anything tasty, Su Le was very calm. It was already 10 am when she finished her breakfast and changed her outfit. As expected, sleeping in was something that wasted a lot of time.

During the national holidays, many supermarkets were doing promotions so there were many people shopping. Su Le walked at the front while Wei Chu pushed the shopping cart as he followed behind her. They walked like this between the aisles.

“This brand has a new flavour of crisps, let’s buy one to try!” “That brand of milk tea tastes really good, let’s buy a box!” “This brand of beef jerky is really chewy, let’s buy a bag!”

As Wei Chu followed behind with the shopping cart, he watched as the pile of snacks grew as they were added into the cart. He was gradually becoming suspicious about what Su Le regularly ate on a daily basis. All these had little to no nutritional value and it was not good for one’s health either if one ate too much of these types of food.

When they reached the fresh vegetable section, Su Le looked to the left and right, but she didn’t know what to choose. In the end, she silently passed this difficult task over to Wei Chu.

Wei Chu’s actions in picking vegetables were very nice to look at. Fresh bok choy, potatoes and all other kinds of vegetables were weighed and placed into the cart by Wei Chu. Su Le suspected that Wei Chu was buying days worth of ingredients.

At the fresh meat section, Wei Chu got some lamb chop, pork, and chicken wings. At this point, Su Le finally realized that something was off as she stared at the pile of food, “Why are buying so much food?”

“I invited a few friends over for a meal,” Wei Chu smiled at Su Le and placed a rabbit leg into the cart.

Su Le still had some suspicion as she had previously heard from Wei Chu’s friends that Wei Chu didn’t frequently take the initiative to invite other people over for a meal. So, why did he suddenly decided to invite a few friends over today? Su Le was stumped.

“This!” Su Le pointed to a packet of enoki mushroom. She pulled on Wei Chu’s sleeve, “Buy this.”

Wei Chu grabbed a bunch and asked, “Stir-fried enoki mushrooms, should we cook them with fish, or to make a soup with them?”

“Pick whichever you’re best at.” Since Su Le understood that they were going to buy the thing she wanted to eat so she let out a satisfied smile, “I’m not picky.”

At the side, a few aunties who were also shopping smiled as they saw the interactions between the young, intimate couple. They also felt rueful that guys currently had a lot of patience because when they were younger themselves, how many men at that time knew how to cook?

The couple carried on shopping and they finally bought everything they needed. On the way to the cashier, they met a university classmate of Su Le’s. Seeing Wei Chu acting just like a virtuous family husband, Su Le’s classmate froze for a while.

“Su Le, Sen … Senior Wei,” the pitiful female classmate stuttered. “What a coincidence.”

Wei Chu looked at her innocently and greeted the female, “Hello, junior classmate.”

The female classmate smiled brightly as she watched them resume walking. When the couple was far away, she instantly took her mobile phone out and called her close friend.

“Ping Ping ah, guess who I just saw… God Wei and Su Le were together just now … I know them being together is not anything new but they just had romantic interactions… It’s true. I just saw them buying ingredients together. God Wei was extremely gentle to Su Le, ah …”

Pretty soon, many people from B University knew that Wei Chu was deeply in love with Su Le and he was very gentle to her. As this rumor was spread, it gradually changed into the rumor that Wei Chu was henpecked and Su Le was a tigress. No matter how many people the rumor was passed on to, it ended up with this version. But the one thing that was for certain was that God Wei’s love for Su Le would never change.


When Wei Chu and Su Le carried the items from their shopping session back home, a few familiar people were already standing at the front door. Su Le had seen these people before. It was Chen Xu, Liang Guang, Tang Yao, and Cao Yu Dong etc. But what surprised Su Le was the fact that Chen Yue was present as well.

Su Le took the keys from Wei Chu and opened the door. Chen Yue beamed as she walked next to Su Le, “I’m really lucky. It’s my first visit and I can already try the great God’s cooking.”

Tang Yao asked in curiosity, “Why didn’t you think it would be Su Le who’s cooking?”

Chen Yue sighed, “Su Le can only make two dishes: stir-fry bok choy and spicy potatoes. The only other thing that she can make well is instant noodles.” Then, she pointed to the bags of ingredients that Wei Chu was carrying, “Do you think Su Le can make anything from those?”

Su Le opened the door and rolled her eyes at Chen Yue while changing out of her shoes into slippers, “If you carry on talking rubbish, you can just have plain boiled rice for lunch.”

“Ai, great God, Su Le doesn’t want any dishes for lunch. What do you think?” Chen Yue looked sorrowfully at Wei Chu.

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Wei Chu smiled, “It’s up to Xiao Le to decide.”

“Great God, you have fallen,” Chen Yue entered the house and, like the owners, changed her shoes. She looked at Su Le with a gaze that a mother would have when her daughter married out of the family, “Xiao Le Le, don’t think that you can be cocky now that you have great God backing you.”

Su Le brought some melon seeds and other snacks into the room. She ignored Chen Yue as she invited the other guests to sit down.

“Stay with your friends and chat. I’m fine by myself,” Wei Chu glanced at his friends, who had no idea what a visitor was supposed to do. He laughed and took the bags into the kitchen.

Tang Yao, who was cracking a walnut open, shook her head and sighed, “Look at how hardworking Wei Chu has become now that he has Su Le as his girlfriend.” Then, she nudged her husband and said, “Watch and learn.”

Liang Guang could only smile bitterly in silence. With Wei Chu as an example, all the other men would definitely seem unqualified in their wife’s eyes.

Although the meal at lunch did not have any abalone or shark fin, there was still an abundance of food. After everyone had finished, they all sat on the sofa to chat.

“Lao Da, your relationship with Su Le is so good. When are you going to hold the wedding banquet?” Chen Xu shook his head, “With beauties, one should be quick, fierce, and accurate.”

When Su Le heard this, she uncomfortably shifted her gaze to the TV. Meanwhile, Wei Chu answered Chen Xu seriously, “What you said is right.” In response, Su Le’s face went red.

Everyone else started to whoop and cheer. Chen Yue moved closer to Su Le, “Hey, Xiao Le Le, how would you reply if God Wei proposes to you?”

Su Le gritted her teeth as she looked at Chen Yue, “You ate so much at lunch but it still didn’t shut your mouth. Next time, you shouldn’t eat.”

Chen Yue was totally unafraid of the threat. “I know that you’re just shy. Truthfully, great God is really not bad. You won’t suffer any losses if you marry him.”

Before Su Le could reply, the doorbell rang. She took a quick glance around the room and saw nobody was moving. Also, she suddenly realized that Wei Chu had gone into another room at some point in time. So Su Le could only get up and open the door herself. When the front door was opened, she could only see a large bunch of vibrant red roses in front of her. Su Le stared at them blankly.

“May I ask are you Miss Su?” The delivery staff pushed the flowers to her. “These are flowers from Mr Wei. Please sign here for acceptance.”

Su Le stared at the bunch of flowers again. There were probably about 100 red roses in the bouquet. She signed her name, baffled and accepted the bouquet. What was Wei Chu planning? It wasn’t even a special day or anything. Why did he suddenly send her roses?

After closing the door, she turned around and suddenly saw the shadow of someone before her. Before she could respond, she saw Wei Chu kneeling down on one knee in front of her. There was a red jewelry box in his hand. And there was a sparkling diamond ring in the jewelry box.

“Su Le, please marry me.”

Su Le opened her mouth slightly while she stared, stunned, at Wei Chu. Then, she glanced at the few people seated on the sofa. She finally understood why Wei Chu had suddenly decided to invite some guests for a meal today. So it was for this.

Seeing that Su Le had not responded, Tang Yao took the lead and said, “Su Le, agree to marry him. Once you have agreed, you can order him, use him, and discipline him as much as you like!”

“Su Le, marry Lao Da. Without you, Lao Da is too cold-blooded and heartless. You are our only hope, our ray of light.” Chen Xu spoke next, not wanting to be outdone.

“Xiao Le Le, no matter what, Wei Chu is a famous God in our university. So don’t be picky. There are not many good men like him left out there.”

Wei Chu’s other friends also started to speak up for him. Su Le couldn’t help but laugh as she saw everyone acting like they wanted to accept his proposal on her behalf.

She looked at the man, who still had a serious expression on his face. Even when he was teased by his friends, his face did not have a trace of embarrassment. He was earnestly waiting for her response.

“If I marry you, who would cook in the future?”

“I will cook.”

“How about the laundry?”

“I will do the laundry.”

The floors?”

“I’ll mop.”

“If I want to go out?”

“I’ll accompany you.”

“If you have a change of heart?”

“I won’t have a change of heart. If I ever do, all assets in my name will belong to you and I’ll be alone till death.”

The rim of Su Le’s eyes reddened. She was not a materialistic person, but in this world, how many rich men were willing to give all their assets to their wife?

“I’ll transfer all my assets to your name tomorrow. Doing this is nothing as long as you’re willing to be my wife.” Wei Chu was worried that Su Le was doubting his sincerity. He was also worried about her misunderstanding the image he had for her, so he quickly added, “I’m not saying that you love money. I just want to prove to you that I’m sincere. I really do love you.”

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There was finally a day where this influential figure from B University was speaking incoherently. He was really out of his normal self.

“In the future, we will be one. My things are also your things. And if you’re willing, your things can also be mine. If you tell me to go east, I won’t go west and I definitely won’t go north or south. I won’t control how you live. In the future, you can carry on living like how you do now. I won’t demand anything from you. Anything you want me to do, I’ll work hard to complete it. Marry me, Su Le.”

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