Chapter 58: Two-Faced

Su Le never thought that Wei Chu would propose to her at this time. She thought about the things that Wei Chu had done, like learning to cook, carving their names on the stone, and remembered the photos on his computer screensaver, and the complete collection of her books on his bookshelf. Since she started dating him, he never did anything to make her unhappy. Wei Chu wasn’t the type who said many sweet words; instead, he had done many things for her. Most of the time, it was more touching when a man silently arranged everything compared to a man who just murmured sweet nothings.

Su Le didn’t like men who were just good at smooth talking. Instead, Wei Chu was the type of men she appreciated. If someone asked her now if she had any feelings for Wei Chu or if her heart had moved for him, she would be lying if she said no. In fact, her heart was moved even before they went to mountain Fo for the short holiday. As for when she fell in love with him, it was probably when she discovered her name carved on the rocks.

As women, they had the right to be emotional. And that was the first time her feelings for Wei Chu had changed from just liking to love. As they grew closer and interacted more with each other, she realized that their personalities were compatible. Even though she liked being strong, she knew what she should and shouldn’t do. Although Wei Chu was an influential figure, he knew that Su Le was had a strong personality, so he wouldn’t force her to do anything. Because of this, it was like they had a mutual understanding of each other.

The person in front of her was kneeling down. Su Le saw the expectation and nervousness in his eyes and replied, “I’m not interested in your assets and neither do I want it.”

When Su Le said this, Wei Chu’s expression dimmed. Meanwhile, the people on the sofa who were watching the drama unfold were also getting nervous.

“It doesn’t matter, I …” …will work harder.

“But marrying you is possible,” Su Le put her hand out in front of Wei Chu.

“What?” Wei Chu had a blank expression as he stared at Su Le.

“What, you’re not willing to part with the ring?” Su Le took her hand back as she said this but Wei Chu quickly grabbed her hand as he came back to his senses, “You have already agreed. You can’t take it back!”

Wei Chu’s hand trembled slightly as he took out the ring and carefully slid it on Su Le’s finger. Then, he kissed the back of her hand, “I’m very happy.”

“Stupid, what are you still kneeling for? Is kneeling on the floor that comfortable?” Su Le poked Wei Chu’s head.

“Lao Da is just practising so that when he kneels on the washing board, it won’t be as painful in the future,” Seeing that his boss had settled the matter about his marriage, Chen Xu thought that there was hope that his wages could increase, so he happily said, “Lao Da, remember to treat us to a meal.”

“The meal you just ate hasn’t even been digested and you’re already thinking about the next one?” When facing his own employee, Wei Chu was not gentle anymore, “Since you’re so spirited, you can work overtime this week and come up with a few proposals for the project.”

“Lao Da, you’re joking, right?” Regretting what he previously said, Chen Xu felt like his tears were going to run down his face.

“I never joke around with you.” Wei Chu smiled lightly which made Chen Xu shiver.

Their friends congratulated them loudly for some time before they all tactfully bid the couple goodbye and left. Soon, there were only the two of them left in the house. Su Le was sitting on the sofa. Even though she was staring at the TV, she wasn’t actually concentrating on what was playing. On her right hand, her ring finger was wearing a simple but beautiful diamond ring. Since the ring had just been added onto her finger, she was not used to it yet. But when Su Le caressed the flowers carved around the ring, she was in a great mood.

Since she would have to marry sooner or later anyway, the current situation was good.

“What are you thinking about?” Wei Chu sat beside Su Le. He also carried a bowl of melon seeds, which she liked to eat.

“I was thinking that if my mother knows that I agreed to a man’s proposal so easily, I don’t know if she will hit me with a broom,” Su Le took a handful of melon seeds from the bowl, “My mother hopes that I find a steady and reliable man to spend the rest of our life together. Appearance and money aren’t important. The most important thing is that the man is a good person.”

“Am I not steady or reliable?” Wei Chu was reminded by Su Le’s words that getting on his mother-in-law’s good side was probably going to be difficult. He moved closer to Su Le and said, “When the time comes, remember to speak up for me.”

“I trust my mother’s sight in judging people,” Su Le reached her hand out and patted Wei Chu’s shoulder, “Work hard, young one.”

“Xiao Le, I feel like you are getting more and more impolite with me,” Wei Chu looked pitiful and desolate as he held the bowl.

“Are you certain you want me to be more polite to you?” Su Le raised her brows with an unexplainable grace.

“No. Just pretend that I never said that line,” Wei Chu shifted closer to Su Le. Seeing that she was immersed in eating the melon seeds, he quickly kissed Su Le’s cheek. He smiled brightly as he leaned back to place the bowl down on the table and went upstairs.

“Just a kiss on the cheek. Is it worth being so happy to that extent?” Su Le silently spat out the melon seeds’ shells and looked at the TV. In the drama that was currently playing, the male lead was smiling foolishly while holding out a bunch of flowers.

Su Le shook her head. At present, men being foolish was actually very scary.


Since Wei Chu’s marriage proposal was a success, he was especially enthusiastic with everything he did during the rest of the national holidays. He even cleaned his entire house inside and out, the floors were shining as if they had been waxed.

On the final day of the holidays, Su Le slept until 10 before getting up. When she opened the door, she was met with shiny floorboards. Su Le quickly glanced at her lazy sheep slippers. After confirming that they were clean, she carefully stepped out onto the sparkling floorboards.

When she went downstairs, Su Le discovered that the living room had been cleaned until it was spotless. Su Le was shocked. She stared at Wei Chu, who was busy in the kitchen, “You hired a housekeeper?” That housekeeper was surely dedicated to having cleaned the house up to this extent.

“I haven’t. I couldn’t sleep after waking up this morning so I cleaned the house up a bit,” Wei Chu took a portion of breakfast out, “Come and eat breakfast quickly.”

What time did you actually get up to clean the house up like this? It’s not possible to do this within 4 or 5 hours, right? For the first time, Su Le deeply felt that accepting Wei Chu’s proposal was the right choice. With such a hard working husband, being the wife would be very relaxing.

After breakfast, Su Le sat on the sofa while holding the laptop to chat with her friends online. Meanwhile, Wei Chu was taking down the curtains to put them in the washing machine before putting up a fresh set of curtains. There were many scented air diffusers around the house so the smell was nice. He cleaned every corner of his home.

The only thing Su Le did was chat online, look up to watch Wei Chu and repeat this process.

By the time Wei Chu had finished cleaning, it was almost noon. So, Wei Chu rolled up his sleeves and headed back to the kitchen.

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Su Le silently lowered her head, opened the group chat and typed out a sentence.

Qi Jiu: My man is very virtuous.

Everyone: ……

Very quickly, Su Le was drowned in envious comments by the jealous group. She looked up and saw someone busying himself in the kitchen. Su Le put the laptop down and started walking towards the kitchen in her slippers.

It wasn’t because she wanted to help out. She went to the kitchen just because she was bored and wanted to do something.

In the end, lunch was made by the two of them. After lunch and a nap, they went out and wandered about. Even though they didn’t go to any popular destinations, the atmosphere was still relatively good.

Wei Chu had mentioned going on a trip but Su Le rejected his idea because there would be too many people and they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the scenery. On that night, they saw on the news that every tourist spot was crowded with people. Wei Chu was relieved that he had listened to Xiao Le; otherwise, it would be them who would be jammed in the crowd.

Soon, the national holidays came to an end and everyone needed to return to their normal lifestyle like going to work or school. When she arrived at the company, everyone had such dreamy expressions that it was obvious their mind was still full of thoughts about the holidays.

Su Le carried some documents as she walked into Jiang Ting’s office. Jiang Ting’s glanced at Su Le’s finger. She smiled, “Congratulations.”

Su Le stared at her with a blank expression. She only came back to her senses when she saw Jiang Ting gazing at her right hand, “Thank you.”

Jiang Ting laughed, “Remember to invite me to the wedding.”

“Of course.”

By the time Su Le came out of the office, she was still smiling.

Gossip spreads quickly between colleagues. Within the day, everyone in BaiSheng knew that Su Le’s right hand had an extra diamond ring. All the female staff felt rueful. So CEO Wei had proposed to Su Le. There were even some people who discussed the ring’s worth. The verdict was that it was worth a lot.

Women naturally paid extra attention to things like diamond rings. Even though Su Le had no desire to flaunt it, the entire company knew about how CEO Wei had spent a fortune to buy a ring to propose to Su Le.

This news was soon spread to JinChu. Everyone in JinChu understood why their boss was constantly smiling. So, his proposal was a success and he had caught the person he loved.

After work, Wei Chu went to pick Su Le up as usual. He saw some of BaiSheng’s employees who had a good relationship with Su Le. All these people smiled as they walked closer to Wei Chu to greet him, “Congratulations, CEO Wei.”

Wei Chu smiled and thanked every single person. This gave BaiSheng’s employees a deeper understanding of Su Le’s position in Wei Chu’s heart.

The couple walked out of the company’s building side by side. But before they could get on the car, they saw Zhuang Wei and Song Wei. This scene was similar to one from a few months ago but at that time, the woman beside Zhuang Wei was Lin Qi instead of Song Wei.

At this moment, Su Le really wanted to turn around and leave, but after seeing a mysterious expression on Wei Chu’s face, she decided that it would be better if she just stayed still. After all, Wei Chu was present today, so Song Wei wouldn’t try to sow discord again, right?

“There are some business problems with Song Shi so Song Wei won’t dare to play any more tricks. Our Wei’s family wife won’t be bullied by anyone,” Wei Chu beamed as he whispered into Su Le’s ear. If anyone saw his expression, they would just assume he was muttering sweet nothings to her.

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When Su Le heard Wei Chu speak, she suddenly realized that this guy was two-faced. But he wouldn’t be making it difficult for the Song family in business over what Song Wei had said to her last time, right?

At that moment, Su Le had a feeling that she was like a femme fatale who had charmed her lover.

But this feeling was pretty good.

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