Chapter 59: Meet My Mother

“CEO Wei, Miss Su, such a coincidence,” Song Wei smiled beautifully, “Since we happened to meet today, let’s have a meal together.” Wei Chu and Su Le finally appeared after she had waited for a long time.

Song Wei never thought that Wei Chu would be so cruel without mercy. She also never thought that a woman like Su Le would have such a large influence on Wei Chu. She didn’t know what Su Le had actually said to Wei Chu that had caused him to use his connections and affect her family’s company projects. Even their connections to getting raw materials had been affected.

She really couldn’t afford to offend this type of person. Song Wei looked at the man in front of her smiling warmly. She secretly clenched her teeth and repressed her feelings, “I hope CEO Wei and Miss Su accept my request and not shame me.”

This sentence had a double meaning. Wei Chu smiled as he looked towards Su Le and asked, “Xiao Le, regarding the matter you need to handle, is it urgent?” It seemed like Wei Chu was just inquiring, but he was actually passing Su Le the power to make the decision for them.

Song Wei could only helplessly look at Su Le for the answer.

Su Le lifted her head to glance at the sky, “It’s not early anymore …”

Song Wei’s expression dimmed.

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“Let’s just eat together. My matter is not urgent. Of course, we need to give Miss Song some face.” She was not Wei Chu and couldn’t make any decisions. Whether or not Wei Chu was going to help Song Wei’s company, it was better to leave this decision for him to decide. After all, bullying others just because she had strong backing was not something she was good at.

Song Wei’s expression went back to normal. She took another glance at Su Le but she didn’t know if she should be feeling thankful or painful.

As for Zhuang Wei who was standing at the side, he did not say anything in the conversation. He only occasionally took glances at Su Le.

In the end, the four of them went to a restaurant. Song Wei never mentioned others making it difficult for her family business; instead, she was very friendly to Su Le as if they were close friends. It was like the unpleasant meeting they had had previously never occurred.

Song Wei was glad that Su Le didn’t deliberately make things difficult for her. In fact, Su Le didn’t even mention their previous meeting. But Song Wei understood in her mind that Su Le was different from Lin Qi. Lin Qi may have planned some schemes but it was only at a surface level. While Su Le appeared calm and indifferent, all her actions were proper and controlled. Compared to Lin Qi, Su Le was the type that one shouldn’t offend.

Besides, she had already heard about how Wei Chu had taken Su Le to meet his family, and it seemed that Su Le had also gotten approval from grandfather Wei. Song Wei smiled. Parents and elders liked girls like Su Le. Song Wei was clear of that because even though Zhuang Wei and Su Le have almost broken up for a year, she still occasionally heard mother Zhuang accidentally mention Su Le from time to time.

There were two types of people that caused Song Wei to curb her arrogance: people whom she didn’t dare to offend, and people she couldn’t afford to offend. It seemed that Su Le fit in both categories, so even without Wei Chu behind her, Song Wei didn’t want to displease Su Le any more. After all, women with poise were scarier than the other types of women.

Throughout the entire meal, Song Wei and Su Le chatted harmoniously. Meanwhile, Wei Chu sat beside Su Le and occasionally picked food, passed napkins, and ladled soup for her. No matter how graceful or elegant he usually acted, it was pretty useless at the moment.

After the meal, the group left the restaurant. The sky was already dark and the weather in autumn was rather cool. Wei Chu turned to ask Su Le, “Are you cold?”

Su Le shook her head, “I’m not cold. Go and get the car. I’ll wait for you here.”

“Ok, I’ll be quick,” Wei Chu quickened his steps as he headed towards his car. Within 2 minutes, Wei Chu’s car was parked in front of Su Le. She opened the car door before turning around to bid Zhuang Wei and Song Wei goodnight. After saying goodbye, Su Le got in the car.

The black car soon disappeared in the dark night. When Song Wei saw the sad expression on Zhuang Wei’s face, she mocked him slightly, “Are you standing here to be the statue that keeps staring at his wife?”

Zhuang Wei’s spirits sank, “Why does it matter to you?”

“What do you treat women as? Cheat as you like and get back together as you like. Don’t think that you’re something great,” Song Wei laughed coldly, “Also, don’t use the same attitude that you used on Lin Qi to me. I, Song Wei, don’t care or need you. Getting married to you is just for business, so don’t think that you’re extremely attractive and all women will love you. Retribution will come.” After she finished speaking, she didn’t even glance at Zhuang Wei and turned around to leave in a car.

Zhuang Wei stood still but his expression changed multiple times. He walked up to his car and kicked the door while swearing, “****!”

Someone who happened to park their car nearby looked at Zhuang Wei weirdly. Then, they glanced at the car next to Zhuang Wei. Their expression changed before they drove further away.

Zhuang Wei got into his car and shut the door with a bang before stepping on the accelerator to speed away.


December arrived and the temperature quickly dropped. Su Le did not have the fortitude to maintain a beauty’s grace during winter. It was warm clothes and woolly sweaters to battle the cold. At the beginning of the month, she randomly bought the couple’s scarves online. She originally bought it because she really liked the female version of the scarf, but the online seller wasn’t willing to sell the couple’s scarves separately so she could only buy the pair and gave the other to Wei Chu. Then, the next day, she saw a certain someone, who usually never wore a scarf, wearing a windbreaker with a scarf around his neck as he happily headed to work. Even though he looked really good, Su Le couldn’t help it and the corners of her lips curved upwards. She never thought that Wei Chu was such an easy child to satisfy.

Couple’s scarves. That was something young couples liked to have.


During the weekends, Su Le would sometimes go to Wei Chu’s place to get a free meal. As time went by, even she had learned to cook a couple of dishes, but it was still Wei Chu who cooked most of the time while she just ate. The best was eating hotpot during the bitter cold days. They would buy the soup base ingredients from the supermarket. Then, they would cook it with butter and add the seasoning in before pouring the water in. They would put the pot on top of an electric stove and happily eat the hotpot.
Wei Chu was good at making the soup and the taste was delicious as well. Su Le thought that the taste was better than the ones in hotpot restaurants. This made Chen Yue, who occasionally came for a free meal as well, feel envious.

One day, they came to Wei Chu’s home for a meal. When Su Le went to see Chen Yue off, she didn’t expect Chen Yue to suddenly pull her to a stop.

Su Le stared blankly at Chen Yue.

Chen Yue reached out to flick Su Le’s forehead, “Go and take Wei Chu back home to meet your mother during the new year. Even though Wei Chu is two-faced and known as a cunning fox in business, he treats you extremely well. Us women can’t be immersed in the sweet nothings spoken. When faced with others’ real feelings, we should be sincere in return.

Su Le understood Chen Yue’s meaning and smiled, “I understand. It’s cold now, you should quickly go home.”

“You’re staying over at Wei Chu’s tonight?” Chen Yue smiled ambiguously.

“Don’t have weird thoughts,” Su Le rolled her eyes, “I sleep in the guest room.”

“Ah, Wei Chu treats you really …” Chen Yue was truly relieved. Men who respected women were much better than men who kept thinking too much.

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After seeing Chen Yue off, Wei Chu’s friends also started to leave even though they hadn’t arrived for long. Since they all had cars, Wei Chu didn’t keep them for the night. After seeing Su Le enter the house, he said, “It’s cold outside.” Then, he went to clean the kitchen.

“Yep,” Su Le sat on the sofa. Her stomach was so full that she didn’t want to move. The man and woman in the drama playing on the television were currently in the scene of ‘I love you. You love him.’ The neverending, unclear relationship.

Su Le sat up straight and heard the clatter of pots and pans from the kitchen. She suddenly felt the dramatic romance on TV became dull.

She stood up and walked towards the kitchen. Wei Chu was currently wearing rubber gloves as he washed the plates. He was obviously a talented person, but still did miscellaneous tasks like this. How did she get so lucky and meet a man like him?

Putting on smaller gloves, Su Le picked up the soapy plates to rinse them. When dunking the plate in water, even though she was wearing gloves, she could still feel the chilly cold water.

“Cold?” Wei Chu had a small smile on his face, “I’ll be done soon. You can go and watch TV.”

“No. I ate too much so my stomach feels a bit uncomfortable, ” Su Le placed the rinsed plate to one side.

“You are the epitome of the phrase where one has eaten till their full and has nothing to do.” Wei Chu was enlightened.

“Nonsense,” Su Le lowered her head to Wei Chu’s shoulders and bit on his shirt.

“Ah, ah, this shirt was from this morning. I haven’t changed it since then,” Wei Chu smiled brightly, pleased with himself, “I don’t know how much dust and bacteria it has.”

Su Le’s mouth twitched. She took a plate out from the sink, “Mr Wei, I have discovered that you’re getting more long-winded recently.”

Wei Chu happily replied, “So Xiao Le Le actually cared and took notice of my every word and sentence. I’m so touched.”

What feeling touched! Su Le rolled her eyes, “You’re thinking too much. Really.”

Wei Chu’s current mood was excellent. His movements became swifter. When he rinsed the plates, he heard Su Le ask him if he was busy during the new year.

“I’m not very busy during the new year,” Wei Chu lifted a few clean plates to put them back into the kitchen cupboards.

“I’m planning to go home for the new year holidays. How about … going back with me?”

“Crash!” “Bang!”

When Wei Chu heard Su Le’s words, he was overwhelmed with emotions and his hand slipped, causing the plates to smash into pieces as it fell to the floor.

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