Chapter 24


After eating breakfast, Tang Tang took Ji Xiao with her when she went out to buy the necessary materials to make a pair of shoes. There were no tools at home apart from some needles that Aunt Li had left behind. Tang Tang really didn’t understand how the original owner, who had a clothing major, had no equipment to make clothes. Unless the original owner relied on machinery?   

For making shoes, the first step was the soles, which required Ji Yue’s shoe size. Tang Tang relied on Ji Xiao Zhuo to be her spy for this; the task was to get Ji Yue’s shoe size without letting Ji Yue know the reason why.

Ji Xiao Zhuo patted his chest while he guaranteed, with wide eyes, that he would succeed in his mission. Then he disappeared to his room to complete his task.

She didn’t know what Xiao Zhuo did, but within ten minutes, he had completed his mission.

Tang Tang kissed the little one thoroughly, which made him laugh.

What Tang Tang bought to make the shoes was a moon-white material, which already had some embroidery, so she didn’t need to do the embroidery herself. Tang Tang only had to embroider some flowers on a transparent ribbon to add onto the shoes to increase the beauty.  

Even though the current styles of shoes were pretty, many types of women’s shoes were not comfortable. Principally the high heels, Tang Tang thought it was torture to wear them. She didn’t know why women in this world liked wearing them. It appeared that Ji Yue also liked wearing high heels, so Tang Tang wanted to give Ji Yue a pair of shoes that were beautiful and comfortable. If Ji Yue was willing to wear them, she would be more comfortable when walking.

Tang Tang worked very fast, and the shoes were done within two days. She was satisfied with the end product. Then she took the shoes to the only male in the place for an opinion, “Bao Bao, what do you think of the shoes?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo couldn’t help but touch the flowers on the shoes and nodded, “Looks good! Mummy, this flower is pretty.”

Tang Tang stroked the little one’s head, “Bao Bao, you have a good eye.”

Even though the flowers were not eye-catching, they were what required the most effort and were also crucial as they made the shoes look elegant and unique. It was definitely not something that one could just buy from the stores.

When Xiao Zhuo said that the shoes looked good, it gave Tang Tang’s confidence a boost. She carefully placed the shoes into a box and went to buy some ingredients to make Ji Yue some pastry as well as some meat sauce from her personal recipes.

“Come, Bao Bao, let’s go and give these to Aunt Ji Yue. We should thank her for helping mummy become beautiful.”

“Ok,” Ji Xiao Zhuo walked in front like a little boss as he took the lead. “Mummy, I know what Auntie Ji Yue’s company is called. I’ll guide you.”

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Tang Tang followed the clever child’s lead and successfully arrived at the building of Ji Yue’s company. Ji Tue even personally greeted them at the building’s entrance.

Tang Tang felt that the feeling that Ji Yue gave off today was different. She was wearing a suit jacket that wrapped perfectly around her slim figure, and a skirt that revealed her long slender legs. The high heels that she wore perfected the look. As Ji Yue walked, a powerful and confident aura surrounded her, and all the staff who passed by would nod or give her a greeting while Ji Yue would smile faintly with a nod in response. She gave off a confident and capable feeling.

Was this the appearance of a working woman? They had such an attractive aura! No wonder the women in this world wanted to work just like men.

Tang Tang was filled with admiration for Ji Yue. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be like Ji Yue, as all she knew was probably only cooking and embroidery.

Ji Yue brought them to her personal office and instructed an assistant to make tea for Tang Tang and Ji Xiao Zhuo. She even got Xiao Zhuo some snacks before smiling, “You brought delicious food for me. Thanks for your hard work.”

Tang Tang put the things she brought with her onto the coffee table and replied, “It’s only some simple things. I didn’t do much. I just made two types of pastries and two types of meat sauces for you. I’m not sure if you will like them.”

Ji Yue wasn’t courteous and opened the box. When she saw eight delicate pastries, her eyes brightened, “It’s so beautiful, ah. These are Chinese style pastries. You actually know how to make them!” Ji Yue thought that Tang Tang only knew how to make western-style pastries.

Impatiently, Ji Yue took a chestnut pastry and placed it in her mouth. The taste was exquisite. It was soft and sweet, and when she swallowed it, there was a lingering fragrance. She couldn’t help but give a thumbs up, “Tang Tang, your pastries are delicious. I’ve tried Chinese pastries from top chefs before, but yours taste the best.”

Ji Yue praised while she put a lotus pastry in her mouth.

At this moment, Ji Yue was like a glutton, and her previous aura disappeared. She was currently acting like Xiao Zhuo. Tang Tang smiled and advised Ji Yue, “These snacks will fill your stomach. Don’t eat so much; otherwise, you won’t be able to eat your meal later.”

Ji Yue nodded as she smiled, “I’ll stop eating. I’ll take them home and let Gu Zhang An try them.”

At this time, Ji Yue just noticed that Tang Tang had another box with her. She curiously asked, “What else did you bring?”

Tang Tang opened the box and took the embroidered shoes out. She answered shyly, “I made you a pair of embroidered shoes. I hope you’ll like them.”

Ji Yue blankly accepted the shoes from Tang Tang. Her gaze was instantly drawn to the pair of refined shoes. “My God, Tang Tang. I’m amazed. You actually know how to make these and so beautifully. If you didn’t say anything, I would have thought you had brought them from an expensive place. Your craftsmanship is exquisite.”

These words were not spoken out of politeness. Ji Yue truly thought that the shoes looked good. They were simple, elegant, and exquisite. The shoes looked vintage, but they also had some modern elements, so they didn’t look old fashioned. If the shoes were worn, they would definitely attract attention. For a godly appearance, the shoes should be matched with a white fairy-like dress.

Tang Tang felt embarrassed because of the praises. Only Ji Xiao Zhuo was filled with pride as he listened to Ji Yue. He unconsciously puffed his chest.

Taking off her heels, Ji Yue tried on the pair of embroidered shoes. The shoes felt light and comfortable on her feet. Ji Yue couldn’t help but spin two circles and said, “How is it? Is it beautiful?” The mother and son pair nodded and answered in unison, “Beautiful!”

“Haha … It’s just that my current outfit doesn’t match with the shoes. Next time, I’ll match them with a long dress. I can even wear them when I’m shopping, and my feet will not be tired.”

Ji Yue happily put the shoes away and looked at the time. It was not early anymore, so she said to Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo, “It’s noon. Let’s go and eat a meal together.”

Tang Tang didn’t reject the offer this time.

During the meal, Tang Tang went to the toilet and didn’t expect she would meet an acquaintance.

A pretty and flirtatious woman was exiting the bathroom. When she saw Tang Tang, she was shocked but instantly smiled a second later. She spoke with familiarity, “Tang Tang, where have you been lately? I haven’t seen you in ages. We didn’t know where you were to invite you out to drink.”

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Tang Tang unconsciously took a step back and frowned when she saw that the woman was wearing heavy makeup and very exposing clothes.

Even though Tang Tang didn’t know who the woman was, the woman didn’t look like she was a good person.

They were two people who walked on different paths. No matter what kind of relationship the previous owner had with this woman, Tang Tang didn’t want to have any relation with this type of person.

Tang Tang wrinkled her brows and said, “Don’t invite me out to drink anymore. I’m going to stay at home to teach my child and support my husband from now on.”

“Support the husband and teach the child?” The woman almost choked on her own saliva. She was staring at Tang Tang like she was crazy, “Tang Tang did you take the wrong medicine? What craziness are you saying?”

“I think my idea is quite good.”

Tang Tang didn’t understand why the woman would be so shocked. Was teaching children and supporting the husband that scary?

“Crazy. You’ve gone mad …” The woman thought that Tang Tang had really gone mad. Did this happen because of the car accident?

The woman wanted to grab Tang Tang and ask more questions. But a man impatiently came over and grabbed the woman’s arm, “What’s wrong with you? How much time do you need to go to the toilet?!”

The woman instantly smiled and held onto the man’s plump arm. She spoke cutely, “Ai, I wanted to say hello to a friend. Don’t be angry, darling.”

The man took a glance at Tang Tang. When he saw it was an ugly woman, the man revealed a fed-up expression and pulled the woman to leave.

Tang Tang immediately let out a breath in relief. She prayed in her heart that she will never meet another “friend” like that.

After washing her hands, Tang Tang turned to leave the bathroom, but when she turned around, she saw a pretty young woman staring at her. It appeared that she had been standing and staring at Tang Tang for some time.

Tang Tang had seen this woman before. The young woman was part of the group of four that  Tang Tang met at the restaurant with Ji Yan last time. Tang Tang had felt from the first time that the young woman seemed to know her.

But according to the attitude the group had for Ji Yan, Tang Tang had some misgivings and planned to leave directly. Who would have thought that when she walked past, the young woman would speak to her, “Tang Tang, I’m very happy you’re no longer passing your days muddle-headed.”

Tang Tang paused her steps. As she thought, this person knew her. Seeing that Tang Tang wasn’t going to pay her any attention, the woman said hastily, “Tang Tang, can you listen to me for a bit. Mother is sick. You should go and visit her.”

Mother? Whose mother? What relationship does the original owner actually have with this woman?

Seeing that Tang Tang wasn’t going to respond, the woman let out a complicated expression and said quietly, “Tang Tang, I know you resent me for snatching your things and resent how mother and father favour me. But apart from Shi Yue, I never planned on snatching anything that belonged to you. If you didn’t do something like that, father and mother wouldn’t have treated you like that …” The woman paused at this point. It was like she knew it was pointless to continue the topic. Instead, she changed the topic, “No matter what, you’re mother’s biological child. You should visit her since she’s sick. I believe she would be happy to see you.”

Tang Tang got confused as she listened to the woman. She couldn’t figure out the situation, but Tang Tang understood that the original owner had some sort of grudge with the woman and her so-called parents. Regardless of the situation, Tang Tang couldn’t rashly agree to see some “mother.”

So Tang Tang’s only option was to silently walk past the woman.

As she watched Tang Tang’s retreating figure, a complex look flashed across the woman’s eyes.


For the next day, Tang Tang kept thinking about the young woman’s words. No matter how long she thought, Tang Tang couldn’t come up with the reason for the grudge. She originally wanted to ask Ji Yan as he might know the answer, but the minute she picked up the phone, she would put it down again.

Nevermind. Just let it go. It’s better if she doesn’t ask. It would be bad if Bao Bao’s daddy became unhappy. She had a feeling that the situation was not simple.

If Bao Bao’s daddy wanted to tell her, he would have said something at the restaurant last time. Since he hasn’t mentioned anything, it was clear that he didn’t want to speak about it. Then she shouldn’t ask either. The most important thing was for her to live her days well.

When Ji Xiao Zhuo saw Tang Tang holding the phone with a confused expression, he misunderstood and pulled on Tang Tang’s sleeve as he asked, “Mummy, do you want to call daddy? Do you miss daddy?”

Tang Tang gathered her thoughts and got embarrassed. She waved her hand, “No, no, mummy didn’t miss daddy.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo pointed at Tang Tang’s phone screen, “You obviously wanted to call daddy. Mummy, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. Truthfully, I miss daddy as well. He has been gone for so many days.”

Tang Tang didn’t know how to explain.

Ji Xiao Zhuo hurriedly ran to get his tablet and sat in Tang Tang’s embrace. He operated the tablet familiarly and sent Ji Yan a voice message, “Daddy, daddy, it’s Xiao Zhuo. Mummy and I both miss you. Can you do a video call with me?”

Tang Tang didn’t mind the little one including her in as well, but when did she say she missed his daddy? What would his daddy think? Ah, she felt embarrassed now that she thought about it.

With a red face, Tang Tang thought about how to remedy the situation but who knew that Ji Yan had already heard the message. He sent a video call request, and Ji Xiao Zhuo instantly accepted the call before Tang Tang could react. Xiao Zhuo happily greeted Ji Yan when the call connected, “Daddy!”

Ji Yan’s face appeared on the screen. Tang Tang smiled stiffly and greeted him as well, “Husband.” At the same time, she secretly observed Ji Yan’s expression. It looked like he didn’t pay much attention to what Ji Xiao Zhuo had previously said.

Tang Tang quietly let out of breath.

Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t notice Tang Tang’s nervousness at all. He carried on chatting and happily shared his day with Ji Yan, “Daddy, daddy, let me tell you, mummy made some pastries for Auntie Ji Yue, and she liked them so much. There was also a pair of shoes. Auntie Ji Yue liked those as well and said mummy is amazing!” The little one’s face was filled with pride.

“Really.” Ji Yan glanced at Tang Tang and went along with Xiao Zhuo, “Really amazing.”

Tang Tang’s face went red as she explained embarrassedly, “It’s not that good. Bao Bao is exaggerating.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo puffed his chest, “No, mummy is really amazing.”

Currently, Ji Xiao Zhuo was his mummy’s superfan because everything that Tang Tang made was delicious. To a glutton, a person who made delicious food was the most charming.

Tang Tang covered her face. Seeing that she couldn’t stop Ji Xiao Zhuo from singing her praises, Tang Tang could only thicken her face and listen to Xiao Zhuo.

When Ji Xiao Zhuo finished speaking, Ji Yan looked towards Tang Tang and said, “The housing application was approved. We have an apartment.”

“It’s been approved?” Tang Tang was pleasantly surprised. She didn’t expect the application would be approved so fast. So this meant they could move in soon?

Ji Yan nodded, “But there is no furniture in the apartment. I will take some time off and buy all the necessities for the apartment. Once everything has been sorted, I will come and bring you and Xiao Zhuo over.”

Understanding the situation, Ji Xiao Zhuo instantly cheered, “Does this mean mummy and I can live with you every day once everything is ready?”

Ji Yan smiled as he nodded.

“Then when will things be ready? I miss you a lot, daddy.” Ji Xiao Zhuo wanted to be with his daddy immediately.

Ji Yan thought for a moment and gave Xiao Zhuo a specific time, “Around half a month. Daddy will bring you over in half a month.”

When Ji Xiao Zhuo heard it would be half a month, he immediately pouted, “Half a month is too long, daddy. Can’t I go tomorrow?”

“But there is nothing at home. If you come, there is nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. How can you live?”

As he thought that there would be nothing to eat or drink, and nowhere to sleep, Ji Xiao Zhuo’s enthusiasm wilted.  

Tang Tang thought it would be exhausting for Ji Yan to train and organise the house, so she tested the water and suggested, “Dear, can Xiao Zhuo and I come over first? You’re so busy already. It would be too tiring if you had to take some time to get everything for our apartment. Since Bao Bao and I have nothing to do, I can go buy the furniture and decorate the apartment while you’re busy. Everything will be sorted within two days.”  

Ji Yan fell silent. Even though Tang Tang’s suggestion was a good idea, buying furniture and decorating the apartment was a large and tiring task. He never thought to pass this responsibility to Tang Tang.

Since there was a chance for Xiao Zhuo to go early, he quickly acted spoiled as he was afraid his daddy would not agree, “Mummy and I can do a lot, daddy. I can sweep the floor and wipe the tables. Please let us come.” 

“Right, right, Bao Bao is amazing. We can do anything together,” Tang Tang followed up.

Seeing the mother and son acting like this, Ji Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. After thinking for a moment, Ji Yan agreed, “I can’t take time off at the moment, so I can’t go and bring you two. I’ll tell Gu Zhang An to arrange someone to drive you here. You two should start packing the essential items.”

The mother and son gave each other high five once Ji Yan gave his consent. Ji Xiao Zhuo forgot about his father and ran directly back to his room to start packing. 

Ji Yan could only end the video call and let the pair pack their things when he saw Tang Tang’s restless expression.


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