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Chapter 32


When Tang Tang woke up  the next day, she suddenly remembered the words  that Ji Yan told her last night. She blanked for a few seconds before slowly climbing out of bed. Then the first thing she did was to put the debit card in the bottom draw of the wardrobe and locked it up. There was too much money stored in it. She must not lose it.

After repeatedly checking the safety of the debit card, Tang Tang finally relaxed and went to do something else.

Tang Tang took the denim fabric out and started to make one denim overall for Ji Xiao Zhuo by using an online picture for reference.

Although Ji Yan said that their family had money and that she didn’t need to worry about financial issues, Tang Tang still thought that money shouldn’t be spent recklessly. Tang Tang also thought that she should be frugal wherever she could because there would be many scenarios that would require money in the future. Additionally, as a mother and wife, it was a type of happiness to be able to make clothes for her family. There weren’t many things she could do for them, so she should personally do the things that she was able to. Moreover, she could guarantee the quality and comfort of the clothes she made.

When Ji Xiao Zhuo knew Tang Tang was making clothes for him, he was so excited that he didn’t play games or read books. Instead, he laid down beside Tang Tang and watched her work. He didn’t feel bored while he watched. Xiao Zhuo even gave Tang Tang some suggestions, “Mummy, I want a large pocket at the front just like the one Zhuang Zhuang’s wears. Is it possible?”

Tang Tang nodded, “Of course!”

The little one was satisfied and asked, “Can I wear it tomorrow, mummy?”

“Of course!” The expectation in the little one’s eyes was obvious. Originally, the denim overall wouldn’t be finished today, but Tang Tang decided to work on it longer and complete it to satisfy the little one’s wish.

Ji Xiao Zhuo cheerfully stood up on his chubby legs and climbed down the sofa. Then he ran to the kitchen and soon came back with some bananas. He seriously peeled a banana and placed it near Tang Tang’s mouth, “Mummy, eat some fruit. You’ve worked hard.”

Tang Tang smiled as she lowered her head to take a bite. Then she pushed the banana towards Xiao Zhuo’s mouth, “Thank you, Bao Bao. Let’s eat it together.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t mind and happily took a large bite. His eyes were crinkled in satisfaction. It was like he was eating a luxurious delicacy.

Since they moved here, Ji Yan didn’t let Ji Xiao Zhuo eat snacks. Apart from his three daily meals, Ji Xiao Zhuo could only eat fruits and milk, but he wasn’t allowed to eat too much either. Ji Xiao Zhuo was an obedient child as he never cried or complained about eating snacks. He clearly liked eating snacks in the past.

At the moment, fruits were his only snacks.

Tang Tang felt her heart ache for him. Before they moved here, she would frequently make some pastries for the little one, and he was very happy each time he ate them. Ever since they moved here, she has been constantly busy. It seemed like she hadn’t made him any for a while. She had overlooked him slightly.

Feeling guilty, Tang Tang stroked Xiao Zhuo’s head and asked, “Bao Bao, do you want to eat some pastries? Mummy will make egg yolk pastry for you, ok?”

Instantly, Ji Xiao Zhuo’s eyes brightened. He nodded without thinking, “Mummy, I want to eat!”

“Alright, mummy will make it for you now. I will continue making your overall after I finish making the pastries.” Tang Tang put away the needle and went to the kitchen to bake. Xiao Zhuo hugged her leg and watched her. Never taking a step away.


When the egg yolk pastries came out of the oven, the doorbell rang. Wen Wen was carrying a large watermelon as she came in.

Lying beside the coffee table with his bottom sticking out, Ji Xiao Zhuo was about to take an egg yolk pastry. When he saw Wen Wen, Xiao Zhuo immediately waved at her, “Big sister Wen Wen, come quickly. My mummy made something delicious! Let’s eat it together!”

“Ah wow, sister Tang Tang, what did you make? It smells so good!” Wen Wen followed the scent and saw the delicate egg yolk pastries. Her eyes brightened. She wasn’t courteous and swiftly sat next to Xiao Zhuo to take a pastry and put it in her mouth. The pastry was soft, the texture was great, and it was sweet but not greasy.

“Sister Tang Tang, the egg yolk pastries are delicious. How did you make it so tasty?” Wen Wen immediately became like a greedy cat and indulged herself beside Xiao Zhuo. They were almost snatching the food.

“Eat more if you like it. I made a lot. Both of you can eat slowly.” As Tang Tang finished speaking, she picked up the needle and continued sewing Xiao Zhuo’s overall.

When Wen Wen discovered the way Tang Tang made clothes. she stared at Tang Tang amazed, “Sister Tang Tang, you sew by hand to make clothes?”

Tang Tang didn’t understand, “Of course, how else can I make it?”

Wen Wen swallowed the pastry in her mouth and took the needlework from Tang Tang and stared at it. The more she looked, the more she was in disbelief. “Heavens, sister Tang Tang, you are like a god! I thought you used a sewing machine to make clothes, I didn’t think you’d sew it all by hand! There are actually people who still make clothes by sewing by hand nowadays, and your sewing is better than sewing machines! I couldn’t tell it was all hand made!”

Sewing machine? Tang Tang didn’t really understand what that was, but she has always sewed everything by hand. It wasn’t anything surprising.

Wen Wen remained shocked for a while before she suddenly laid down on Tang Tang’s knees and grabbed her leg, “Sister Tang Tang, I always used to think that women in the new era should be powerful career women that can shake the earth. I used to think that women who cook, sew, and look after children are weak, but now I know that I was wrong. Sister Tang Tang, people like you are the true masters. If you want to go out and earn money, you won’t ever need to worry about not making a profit.”

Tang Tang blinked. She could earn money like this?

“Sister Tang Tang, I would immediately marry you if you were a man! No, no, no, it’s fine if you’re not a man. I’m willing to marry you now! Sister Tang Tang, are you willing to marry me?”

Tang Tang: ” …” This girl was speaking nonsense!

When Ji Xiao Zhuo heard that, he couldn’t take it anymore. He put down the pastry he was holding and ran to pull Wen Wen, “Big sister Wen Wen, mummy is mine and daddy. You can’t marry her. You have to find someone else to marry.”

“Can’t we share your mummy?”

“No, there isn’t enough to share between daddy and me!”

“Alright, Wen Wen, stop teasing Xiao Zhuo.” Tang Tang patted Wen Wen lightly before turning to explain to Ji Xiao Zhuo, “Sister Wen Wen is just joking with you. It’s not real.”

Having enough fun, Wen Wen sat up and poked on Xiao Zhuo’s chubby cheek, “Ok, I was just teasing you. Sister Wen Wen is going to marry a very handsome guy in the future.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t relax and simply went to sit beside Tang Tang and hugged her leg possessively.

Wen Wen rolled her eyes before she suddenly smiled flatteringly at Tang Tang and spoke coyly, “Sister Tang Tang, can you help me with something~?”

Tang Tang trembled as she got frightened by Wen Wen’s tone, and she almost poked herself with the needle.

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Ji Xiao Zhuo also trembled and spoke to Wen Wen, “Big sister Wen Wen, you were acting like the villains on TV who are about to do bad things.”

Wen Wen humphed at Ji Xiao Zhuo. Then she clasped her hands together and continued to smile flatteringly, “Sister Tang Tang, there’s a skirt I like. It’s a new design from store A. But it costs several thousands, it’s too expensive, my mother won’t let me buy it.”

Immediately, Tang Tang understood the young girl’s request, “You want me to make you one, right?”

Wen Wen nodded strongly as hope filled her eyes, “Sister Tang Tang, can you make one that’s exactly the same for me? I’ll buy the material, alright? Sister Tang Tang, I’m not in a rush for it. You can sew a little every day whenever you’re free. You don’t need to specifically take time out to make it for me. Is that okay?”

This was a small matter to Tang Tang. Also, she didn’t have much to do, so Tang Tang easily nodded, “Alright. Give me a reference, and I’ll make it for you when I’m free.”

“Ah! Sister Tang Tang, I love you. You’re my goddess!” Wen Wen stood up excitedly. She jumped and shouted like she was crazy.

Ji Xiao Zhuo’s shoulders trembled. Once again, he felt that his mummy was the best in the world. All the other females were scary.


Wen Wen stayed at Ji’s family for the entire day. She stayed and had lunch with Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo. When the evening came by, she still didn’t want to leave. The regimental commander’s wife had to call her multiple times for her to go home.

Seeing that the little girl was reluctant to leave, Tang Tang thought it was funny and packed some egg yolk pastries for her to take home. “Ok, it’s time to go now. You can come and visit whenever you want. Xiao Zhuo and I are always at home. Take these egg yolk pastries back with you and let your parents try them.”

“Sister Tang Tang, you’re really too good, I love you! Mwa Mwa! I really want to take you home!” Wen Wen was touched and hugged Tang Tang. She also wanted to give Tang Tang a kiss, but the wariness in Xiao Zhuo’s eyes made her let go and left dejectedly.

Ji Xiao Zhuo immediately shut the door afterward as if he was afraid Wen Wen would come back.

Tang Tang stifled her smile. Little children were so cute. They would immediately feel danger when someone else like their mother.

“Okay, sister Wen Wen has gone home. Mummy is going to make dinner now. Go and play by yourself for a bit, ok?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo shook his head and abruptly hugged her leg, “Mummy, I love you the most. You’re also my goddess! You’re my Guanyin!” In Xiao Zhuo’s heart, Guanyin was the most amazing deity.

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Tang Tang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that Ji Xiao Zhuo took Wen Wen’s joke seriously. The little one’s jealousy was not small.

There was no other way. To to calm the little one, Tang Tang gave him two kisses and coaxed him with sweet words, “Mummy also loves you the most. You are mummy’s precious Bao Bao. Mummy will always be with you. No one can snatch mummy away because mummy is Bao Bao’s.”

The sweet words were effective on Ji Xiao Zhuo. Her words made the little one slowly smile again. He couldn’t hide it, but he was reassured and urged, “Then mummy can’t kiss anyone else apart from me anymore and don’t let others kiss you.”

Tang Tang nodded unconditionally, “Ok, ok, ok, only Bao Bao can kiss mummy.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo was pleased as he nodded. When he was about to leave, he stopped moving and looked back at Tang Tang. He frowned as he said, “Mummy, after thinking it through, I’m actually not that petty. I’ll let daddy kiss you as well. After all, you’re his wife.”

Tang Tang almost lost her footing. This kid …


When Ji Yan came back from training, he stood outside for a long time, and Xiao Zhuo still hadn’t opened the door for him. He was slightly curious because the little one would open the door to greet him before he even arrived at the front door. Unless they were not at home today?

Zhang Cheng, who came back with Ji Yan, was bewildered, “How come your family’s little one didn’t come to greet you today? He would normally call you when we arrive on the floor.”

Ji Yan shook his head and planned to open the door himself, but when he touched his pocket, he realised that he didn’t have his keys. Because he usually didn’t need to unlock the door, he gradually forgot to take the keys with him.

There was no other choice, so Ji Yan could only knock.

Hearing no movement, Ji Yan knocked again. Then he soon heard the pitter and patter noises from Xiao Zhuo’s walking. Then a sticky voice spoke, “Who is outside? Report yourself!”

“Hum — Haha, Lao Ji, is your son planning to join the special forces?” Ji Xiao Zhuo made Zhang Cheng burst into laughter.

The corner of Ji Yan’s lips lifted. Helpless, he went along with Ji Xiao Zhuo, “It’s me. Your dad.”

There was silence for a few seconds before the noise of a door unlocking was heard. Then a familiar chubby bullet shot out to Ji Yan’s embrace, “Daddy, you’re back?”

Ji Yan nudged the chubby child in his embrace, “What are you playing today? Why didn’t you open the door for daddy?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo wrapped his arms around Ji Yan’s neck and seriously declared, “Daddy, I decided to check who is outside first before opening the door. I can’t let bad people in.” He definitely can’t let people who wanted to snatch his mummy into the house.

Ji Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t know what the little one experienced today to say such things.

As Zhang Cheng listened on the side, he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. He felt that Lao Ji’s son was too cute. It made him want a child. Sigh. Unfortunately, his wife didn’t want to give birth.

At this moment, Tang Tang had finished cooking. She came out as she heard the noise. When she saw Ji Yan was back, she happily said, “Husband, the meal is ready. Quickly come in and eat. You must be hungry, right?”

Ji Yan turned around and revealed Zhang Cheng, who was behind him. When Tang Tang noticed Zhang Cheng was also present, she felt a bit embarrassed and quickly said, “You’ve come, Zhang Cheng, ah. Have you eaten yet? Come and join us if you haven’t. I have made too much.”

Zhang Cheng quickly waved his hand and rejected, “No need, Sao Zi, I’ll eat at home. Your family should quickly go in and eat.”

Ji Yan glanced at Zhang Cheng’s home. The door was still dark. It was obvious his wife was not home yet, so Ji Yan said, “It’s fine. You don’t need to be polite. Come in and eat with us. It will save you the time for cooking.”

To be honest, Zhang Cheng didn’t want to eat the noodles he made himself. Also, he was really hungry, so he didn’t decline and yielded, “Then I’ll thicken my face and get another free meal.”

Tang Tang quickly added another bowl and chopsticks onto the table. Then she served a bowl of yam and rib soup for everyone. “Drink the soup before eating.”

“Thank you, Sao Zi.” Zhang Cheng accepted the soup and took a mouthful. His rumbling stomach was instantly appeased. He felt like he was alive again.

Seeing the table of dishes, Zhang Cheng felt his heart go sour. What luck did Lao Ji have, his son was cute, and his wife was so virtuous. Not mentioning she had a good temperament, she also had good cooking skills. There were delicious meals every day for Lao Ji. Unlike him, who just eats noodles or fried rice at home to appease his stomach.

He was so miserable in comparison.

Halfway through the meal, Zhang Cheng suddenly remembered that it was Saturday tomorrow. He has decided to invite guests over on Saturday, but he almost forgot about it.

Zhang Cheng promptly asked Tang Tang, “Sao Zi, I’m inviting guests over tomorrow. I will be troubling you tomorrow. Can you check what ingredients you will need tomorrow? Let me know, and I’ll get my wife to buy the ingredients.”

“Just buy according to what you want to eat. I will cook with the available ingredients. It will be fine as long as there are meat and vegetables.” Tang Tang answered.

Zhang Cheng scratched his head and said embarrassed, “Sao Zi, I have to trouble you to buy the ingredients. My wife doesn’t cook, and she rarely goes and buys ingredients. She won’t know what to buy. It would be terrible if she bought the wrong items.”

Ji Yan lifted his head and shot a glance at Zhang Cheng.

Zhang Cheng immediately returned a pleading look.

Not noticing the looks between the two men, Tang Tang thought for a moment before replying, “Then I’ll write a list for you. It’ll be fine if you buy according to the list.”

Zhang Cheng was extremely grateful, “Thank you, Sao Zi!”

In the end, Ji Yan didn’t say anything. But when the meal ended, he took the initiative to take the bowls from Tang Tang’s hand, “I’ll wash the dishes. You can write the list for Zhang Cheng.”

Tang Tang waved her hand in rejection, “There’s no need, just leave it here. I’ll do the washing when I finish writing the list. You should go and rest. You must be tired after training all day.”

Ji Yan was helpless as he remembered what Zhang Cheng and a few subordinates had said to tease him. They all said that she spoiled him like he was a treasure. At that time, he thought it was funny, but now that he thought about it, she really didn’t let him do anything at home. She constantly thought that he was tired.

Other men don’t seem to get the same treatment as him…

Ji Yan smiled and sighed. He put a hand on Tang Tang’s shoulder to turn her over and then the other hand on her waist to gently push her out of the kitchen, “Tang Tang, I’m not that tired. I’m not a man who can’t even wash a few dishes. Trust me, en?”

With the gentle tone spoken by her ear and the scalding hand on her waist, Tang Tang’s mind promptly stopped working. While she was like this, Ji Yan pushed her out from the kitchen. She came back to her senses after a long time, and she could only feel her heart thumping wildly.

He … He just touched her waist … His hand was really big and hot, ah…

Ah ah, he just casually touched her, and it was just to push her out. Why was she thinking about weird things!

Nevermind. Just let him wash the dishes for tonight. Tang Tang patted her cheeks and forced herself to stop thinking weird things. She needed to focus on arranging the menu for Zhang Cheng. She also needed to clearly indicate how much of  each ingredient was required. 

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