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Chapter 62

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The head surgeon took off his mask. Even though he looked exhausted, he had a slight smile, “The bullet has been successfully taken out. The patient is out of the critical stage for now and he has entered ICU. He will stay there for observation for a few days and if nothing out of the ordinary happens, the patient should wake up in two days.


In other words, if nothing happened, Ji Yan’s life was snatched back from the gates of hell.


When those words were heard by everyone, it was undoubtedly good news. It was like rain started to fall on a fire that burned all night. Sighs of relief were heard everywhere. Then everyone went up to thank the doctor.


The doctors and nurses waved their hands as they smiled. To be able to save the life of a soldier who protected the country, they also felt very happy inside.


“That’s great! I said our Boss will be fine. Haha.”


“Our Boss is the living King of Hell. Even the King of Hell wouldn’t dare to take him.”


“Amitabha, it was worth an atheist like me to pray to every deity out there! They haven’t let me down.”


Everyone was talking at once as they were all feeling emotional. The atmosphere didn’t feel as heavy as before. As long his life was saved, then there was hope.


Tang Tang’s heart was also saved by the doctor. She let go of her lips that she had unconsciously started biting. She ran to the ICU and leaned against the window and saw Ji Yan in a distance with tubes connected all over his body. Even though she couldn’t see him clearly, her heart felt settled.


Ji Xiao Zhuo and Wen Nuo followed her from behind. The two little ones also leaned against the window as they stared at the person inside.


Ji Xiao Zhuo clenched his hands into fists and placed it against the window as he called out quietly, “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”


Seeing this, grandpa Ji’s hand that had been trembling all night finally stopped trembling. His taut bac also relaxed. When he relaxed, he stumbled backwards a few steps and leaned against the wall.






Ji Wei Feng and Lin Lan both called out at the same time and went to support him. They anxiously supported him to a nearby seat. “Dad, you should return with us to rest. You’re at the age where you can’t force yourself like this. Ji Yan is already out of danger. You should take a rest before coming back to see him again.”


“That’s right, dad. Anyway, he is in ICU and we can’t go in to see him. When Ji Yan gets transferred to an ordinary ward, you can come visit him.”


Those two people were worried about the elder’s health but grandpa Ji swatted away their hands ruthlessly. He didn’t let them support him, “My health is fine. I don’t need you to be so concerned. I don’t see you both being concerned about the person who really needs it!”


Ji Wei Feng frowned and calmly said, “What are you saying, dad. I also care about Ji Yan. He is my son. How can I not care about him? Lin Lan is also genuinely worried about him. When she heard the news, she left her meeting halfway.”


“Alright. Alright. Don’t tell me these false and empty words. Whether or not you’re really concerned, you know it clearly yourself!” When grandpa Ji finished speaking, he didn’t look at those people and called his guard over to support him so he could leave. His body couldn’t handle it anymore. He couldn’t stay and cause more trouble.


Getting berated in front of so many people, Lin Lan looked embarrassed and felt sad inside. So many years had gone by, but no matter what she did, the old man still didn’t like her. Even though Shi Yue appeared to have the same grandson-grandfather relationship with Grandpa Ji like Ji Yan, he couldn’t even be compared to a strand of Ji Yan’s hair in the old man’s heart.


Ji Wei Feng couldn’t bear to see Lin Lan looking so wronged. He felt sorry for her and patted on her hand while comforting her, “Dad’s personality is like that, don’t take it to heart.”


“I won’t.” Lin Lan shook her head and pulled out a smile, “Then what should we do now?”


Seeing there were so many people present, Ji Wei Feng replied, “Let’s go home and rest. After staying up for the night, your complexion looks bad. There are so many people here and we can’t help with anything.”


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After hesitating for a moment, Lin Lan nodded, “Alright. Let’s come and visit again when Ji Yan wakes up.”


Watching those two figures in the distance, Ji Yue humphed unhappily and quietly mumbled, “If it were Ji Shi Yue in there, they probably wouldn’t even be willing to take one day of rest.”


Gu Zhang An didn’t approve of her words and shook his head at her, “Don’t say those words here. Ji Yan has us.”


Ji Yue pouted in displeasure but she nodded and didn’t speak. 

The intensive care unit only let family members visit for a short period of time every day. They weren’t allowed to see the patient at any other time. Even though it was that way, Tang Tang was not willing to leave. She would keep watch outside as she was worried that the King of Hell might come again to take his life.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was just as stubborn as his mother. No matter who came to persuade him, he wasn’t willing to leave either. It was like he wouldn’t get tired. He would stand guard from the morning to night, accompanying his mother and accompanying his father who remained unconscious. Wen Nuo was the same. She held onto Ji Xiao Zhuo’s hand and Tang Tang’s clothing tightly as she also watched over the man who she called uncle, but she actually thought of him as her father inside.

The scene made people feel sad and pity.

Luckily, Heaven didn’t let down those people with hope. After a few days, Ji Yan was awake which was within the doctor’s expectations. When he opened his eyes, it was like he sensed something, as his first movement was to look through the window. He immediately met the gazes of the three people who were looking at him. After a while, he let out a small smile that was hard to detect.

Instantly, Ji Xiao Zhuo widened his eyes as his small hands repeatedly hit the glass window and shouted, “Daddy! Daddy! You’re awake!”

Wen Nuo also got emotional and hit the glass. She couldn’t help herself and copied Ji Xiao Zhuo and mouthed, “Daddy,” silently.

Tang Tang covered her mouth. In an instant, tears started flowing uncontrollably. Even though tears were falling, happiness was shown in her eyes.

That was great. Her Ji Yan was finally awake.

He was awake. Ji Yan’s life was back from the King of Hell. Everyone was relieved.

The elder who sat on a bench not too far moved the walking stick in his hand. Before anyone could notice, he made the moisture in his eyes dissipated.

As he said before, grandson wouldn’t be knocked down so easily.

The guard who followed the old man for more than ten years was able to sense that the elder was feeling emotional. He knew more than anyone else that the old man might appear cold and serious but cared about that grandson of his the most. But he was too proud and wouldn’t show it. So the old man only dared to sit and wait in a distance but who knew how much he wanted to see his grandson in his heart.

The bodyguard asked carefully, “Old Master, do you need to go and take a look? If you go closer, you can also give Ji Yan a greeting.”

Grandpa Ji humphed and said as if he didn’t care, “It’s fine if he’s awake. What greeting is there to give? It’s not necessary.”

The guard twitched his lips. At such a moment, the old man still wanted to keep his pride. Who was the one who rushed to the hospital every day before the sky was bright, refused to take afternoon naps, and went to the doctor’s office hundreds of times each day. He even lost quite a bit of weight from the past few days.

Really, people who keep wanting to save their face suffer unnecessary hardships.

But the guard didn’t dare to say that out loud. He was afraid the old man would hit him with his walking stick. Even though the old man wasn’t young, he was still strong. After all, he was the founding general of the state.

The guard probed again, “Then Old Master, should we arrange a better ward for Ji Yan? The wards here seemed to be strained. Ji Yan probably would need to share a room with other people once he leaves the ICU. That may not be good for him to recuperate in.”

When the old man heard this, he moved his lips. He wanted to nod but stopped himself and yelled, “Arrange what? Other people don’t simply receive special treatment, then why should he get any? Why should he get any privileges? Our Ji family don’t do that! Also, he doesn’t even recognize the Ji family. Any privilege wouldn’t go to him! He will accept whatever the hospital arranges.” Even if they made any arrangements, based on that youngster’s character, he wouldn’t be grateful.

The guard was helpless. It was best if he didn’t say anything else, so he went quiet. He’ll comply with the old man. After all, the old man would probably be the one to regret.

Ji Yan’s health was originally good so his recovery was astonishingly great. He only needed to stay in ICU for a few days for observation before the doctor transferred him to an ordinary ward. The hospital arranged for him to be in a double room. The other patient was also a soldier who suffered a bullet wound on his left leg. He was also a critical patient before.

Originally, Zhuo Ji wanted to arrange a better single room for Ji Yan but got rejected. The double room was pretty good already. There was no need to increase the hospital’s burden to give himself more comfort. People without any power or influence struggle to even get a bed to save lives. People who had power and influence like them shouldn’t make too many requests.

Tang Tang agreed with Ji Yan’s reasoning and fully supported his decision. When everyone else had left, she leaned close to his ear and quietly said, “It doesn’t matter, dear. I will look after you well. You wouldn’t feel any worse than staying in a single room, no, I will make you feel more comfortable than staying in a single room!”

When Ji Yan heard that, joy entered his eyes. The pain he felt all over his body was easily soothed by her.

His little wife was really warm. With her present, even if he slept on the streets, it would be comfortable because she knew how to look after him really well.

But, how come both the mother and children have slimmed down so much when he hadn’t been home for a short period of time? Ji Xiao Zhuo’s chubby cheeks have clearly shrunk while Nuo Nuo’s already small face looked even smaller and her face looked pale as well. But Tang Tang was the most severe, the weight she managed to put on before, with difficulty, was gone.

Ji Yan’s heart hurt as he touched her face, “What happened at home? How come all of you lost weight?” Based on Tang Tang’s personality, she wouldn’t let herself or the children become like this.

Immediately, Tang Tang looked at the tired children who were sleeping at the bedside. Both children had lost weight. This occurred recently. Nuo Nuo lost weight due to her injury, and had been watching over Ji Yan with them for the past two days. As for Ji Xiao Zhuo, he lost some weight because he kept watching over his father so he didn’t eat well or sleep well recently. 

As for herself, Tang Tang touched her own face and looked at her arm before she discovered she had slimmed down a lot. The slight weight she gained after using every possible way was all gone. She felt like she returned back to the start, but she couldn’t do anything about it. First, it was Nuo Nuo’s injury, then Ji Yan’s. She didn’t feel like eating at all. She was constantly worrying.

Tang Tang sat next to Ji Yan and used a towel to wipe his hands and face while telling him Nuo Nuo’s issue. But she didn’t mention the threat she received from Mother Liu and her daughter because the regimental commander’s wife had said the unit was going through a change of position recently and Ji Yan was probably aware of it. She was afraid he would get angry after telling him and it wouldn’t be good if that affected the recovery of his injury.

When Ji Yan finished listening, his expression sunk. He reached out to touch Nuo Nuo’s face who was lying near his hand. Then he touched her left ear and asked, “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said the nerves in her left ear are damaged and had lost its hearing. They’re uncertain if it will recover but she’ll need to come every month for two treatments of acupuncture, and maybe some hearing could be recovered. Later, we need to fit something called a hearing aid for her. The doctor said this would help Nuo Nuo hear people speak.”

Ji Yan pursed his lips.

“Don’t be angry. It won’t be good for your injury.” Tang Tang hurriedly held his hand and swayed it slightly, “You’re still hurt. The most important thing now is to recover well. Don’t worry about anything else. I’ll do it for you. Regarding Nuo Nuo’s issue, the regimental commander’s wife has already spoken to the political commissar about it and they will investigate. They will certainly get justice for Nuo Nuo.”

Ji Yan looked at Tang Tang’s innocent eyes. He wasn’t willing to tell her about the complexity of that issue. It might be treated as a family issue in the end and would be dismissed as a trivial matter. After all, a mother hitting their child was not a political error as people would think it was just discipline. Trying to use this matter to teach someone in the Liu family a lesson was impossible.

If the matter did end like that, would Tang Tang and the children feel upset?

Ji Yan sunk into his thoughts.

At this moment, the other patient who also stayed in the same room was wheeled back after taking a scan. When the patient saw his new roommate, he called out in hesitation, “Ji Yan?”

Since his thoughts got interrupted, Ji Yan turned toward the voice and immediately recognised the other patient, “Sun Yi?”

“It’s really you, Ji Yan. How were you injured?” Sun Yi quickly moved his wheelchair closer and saw the bandage on Ji Yan’s chest. He gasped, “A bullet to the chest?”

Ji Yan smiled bitterly and nodded in silence.

Sun Yi clicked his tongue. But thinking about their position as a soldier, such an injury was common. Also, wasn’t he the same, his leg was almost crippled this time. His career as a soldier almost met its end.

As a soldier, injuries were something they could not avoid in their careers.

Ji Yan took a glance at Sun Yi’s bandaged right leg and understood without asking. He simply introduced Tang Tang to Sun Yi, “This is my wife, Tang Tang.”

Sun Yi finally looked toward Tang Tang. A slight shock that was hard to detect flashed across his eyes. After a moment of pause, he smiled and greeted her, “Hello, Sao Zi. Ji Yan and I were comrades during the new recruit training. We were sharing the same bunk at the time too. Our relationship was great but we went different ways later. We haven’t seen each other in many years.”

“Hello, Brother Sun.” Tang Tang also thought it was such a coincidence that two comrades who hadn’t met in many years were now roommates in the same ward. It seemed these two could reminisce and catch up with each other so it wouldn’t be boring for Ji Yan during his stay in the hospital.

Thinking until there, Tang Tang spoke to Ji Yan, “Dear, you keep chatting with Brother Sun. I’ll go back to cook and bring our meal here. If there is anything you need, just give me a call.”

Tang Tang had eaten at the hospital canteen before. Truthfully, the taste was not good and it was not nutritional either. It was fine if it was for her, but it couldn’t be given to Ji Yan or the children to eat. So she rented an apartment near the hospital so that she could take the children back to rest, and also cook their daily meals.

“Alright, take your time. Don’t rush.” Ji Yan looked at the two children beside him and said, “Leave the children to sleep here. I will look after them. Let’s wake them when it’s time to eat.”

Tang Tang nodded and bid Sun Yi goodbye before she left.

When Tang Tang was gone, Sun Yi looked at the two children sleeping together and couldn’t help but sigh in admiration, “You have twins? Your fortune is too good.”

Ji Yan smiled and pointed at Ji Xiao Zhuo, “No, this chubby kid is mine. The little girl is the child of another soldier. The two children are good friends.”

Sun Yi let out an “Oh” sound before replying, “But you’re still fortunate. Your kid’s appearance is good. He won’t lose to you when he grows up.”

“Because he got good genes from me and his mother.” Ji Yan joked narcissistically as he touched Ji Xiao Zhuo’s face. He was thinking if the kid was awake, his tail would be standing up proudly.

“You’re shameless!” Sun Yi scolded jokingly. But he had to admit Ji Yan was right.

Sun Yi couldn’t help but size up Ji Yan. Although Ji Yan was haggard, it still didn’t hide his handsome face. Sun Yi touched his own face and suddenly suffered an attack. He lied on the bed dejectedly, “Ji Yan, how come your appearance hasn’t changed after being a soldier for so long? While my face has changed so much, it’s so unfair.”

Both Sun Yi and Ji Yan were talented students in military school and their military abilities were outstanding too. But there was one thing that Sun Yi couldn’t keep up with Ji Yan which was his appearance. Truthfully, Sun Yi wasn’t ugly. In other people’s eyes, he would be considered average but when he was next to a handsome man like Ji Yan, he would be considered ugly. When they were at the new recruits camp, the girls in the service department and the female doctors and nurses liked to be courteous and diligent with Ji Yan. While they treated him, who wasn’t any worse than Ji Yan apart from appearance, without a second glance. Every time, he would get angry and wanted to have a fight with Ji Yan.

After he got used to it, he would comfort himself that when Ji Yan trained more in the future, he would become ugly.

In the end, he was still just as handsome even after so many years in the military. After so many years, he had become more manly which attracted more women.

Sun Yi thought God was not being fair.

Ji Yan was amused by his words. His mood was not bad since he saw a comrade he hadn’t seen in many years. He also joked which was rare, “I can’t help it. I’m born like this.”

“****! Where’s your shame?” Sun Yi cursed jokingly. Then both of them started laughing as they reminisced about their new recruit days. There was a warm feeling in their hearts.

In a blink of an eye, so many years had passed but they were still walking on the same road. It was great.

“But truthfully, I never thought you would get married. I thought you would get married after me or you would remain single for the rest of your life.” Sun Yi said as he smiled.


“You still ask why! You should know what you’re like. Your expression is always flat. You don’t speak or smile much, and you don’t take another glance at women. Other people would treat you special but you look like you’re unaware and don’t respond which made the women feel hurt. Say it yourself, how many women did you hurt at that time.” Sun Yi shook his head ruefully, “I thought you should remain alone being like that, but for some reason, women would still like you. Clearly, an understanding person like me should be the first choice.”

Ji Yan smiled and nodded, “Then how come you’re still not married? An understanding person like you should be able to find a wife easily.”

“Hey, don’t mention it.” Sun Yi felt exhausted when they talked about this topic, “I have dated a few, but none of them can bear that I can’t constantly accompany them and break up with me. Honestly, I can’t blame them. As soldiers, we are almost constantly away from home. If anything happens, they would need to deal with it alone. Even if they have a man, it was no different from not having one and women can’t handle that. I have thought it through. These matters should occur naturally. If I do meet a woman who is willing to stay with me through those hardships, I will love her dearly.”

Ji Yan understood and consoled him, “Don’t rush, you will meet someone.” Didn’t he also meet Tang Tang in those times.

Sun Yi remembered Tang Tang who just left and asked Ji Yan, “Did your family introduce your wife to you?”

After hesitating slightly, Ji Yan shook his head. He wasn’t introduced to the original Tang Tang by someone either.

Sun Yi was somewhat shocked. Originally, he thought it was a family member who introduced them, he didn’t expect it was Ji Yan who dated her himself. If he found her himself, it was clear Ji Yan liked her. So it turned out Ji Yan’s type was like that?

“At the beginning, I have thought about what kind of woman you would like, but I didn’t expect your wife would be like this. I originally thought you would like someone with great beauty, like a model level.” When he finished speaking, Sun Yi realised his words didn’t sound right. He added hurriedly, “I’m not saying your wife isn’t good. Don’t misunderstand, it’s just … just …”

Ji Yan didn’t mind and smiled. He understood Sun Yi didn’t have any bad intentions. Tang Tang’s appearance was not considered a beauty. In the earlier days when she gained some weight, she looked a lot better but she had lost weight again recently. She looked haggard and her mood didn’t look good either.

Seeing Ji Yan didn’t get angry, Sun Yi was relieved. Seeing there was no one else, he couldn’t help but ask, “Your wife is looking after you alone? Doesn’t she need to go to work?”

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Ji Yan replied, “She doesn’t work. The children and our home are inseparable to her.”

A housewife? Sun Yi blanked. He became more puzzled. In the past, many beautiful and outstanding women liked Ji Yan but he never spared them a second glance. Which made him think Ji Yan’s standards were too high. Everyone had joked behind Ji Yan’s back that his future wife would be of some God level. Even he never expected Ji Yan to marry someone like that.

Truthfully, Ji Yan’s wife couldn’t be considered beautiful. Her personality seemed to be introverted and quite shy. Also, she didn’t have a job. Compared to beautiful, capable, and stylish women who pursued Ji Yan in the past, there was a big difference. How did Ji Yan fall for someone like her?

Suddenly, Sun Yi gloomily thought, could it be that the family of Ji Yan’s wife was very powerful? But he immediately got rid of that conjecture because Ji Yan wasn’t the type of man who would marry a woman for power and influence.

Then what was the reason? Sun Yi didn’t understand. He could only reason it as fate.

When afternoon arrived, the worker who was hired to look after Sun Yi came with food from the canteen. Then they collected the laundry that needed cleaning.

The worker was hired by his parents as they were busy with their jobs and they hadn’t reached the age for retirement. As such, they didn’t have time to look after him and they could only hire someone. But Sun Yi wasn’t used to someone waiting to serve him all day, so he only had the worker come just to deliver his meals.

Sun Yi didn’t have an interest in the food from the canteen. He didn’t feel like eating so he planned to wait for Ji Yan so they could eat together. Maybe the food would taste better with someone accompanying him.

But when Tang Tang arrived with the food, Sun Yi immediately felt regretful.

Why did he want to eat with someone! 

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