Chapter 235: Mr. Si’s Craftiness

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Zhuang Nai Nai is speechless.

She worked her butt off to get those couple of thousands and now, they can’t even enter her pockets?


Don’t tell her she will have to march up to Si Zheng Ting and demand her money?

When she remembers that bas*ard’s haughty face, her heart trembles; chenqie cannot do it, ah!

(TN: Chenqie is the way imperial concubines used to address themselves as.)

She lowers her bitter face, pacing around while cursing him.

It is now 5:30 pm, she only has 30 minutes left before going to dinner with her Senior.

If this had been any other day, she would have delayed it, but today, her Senior actually went out of his way to back her up.

She hesitates for a while before taking out her phone and looking for Lin Xi Er’s number to ask to borrow money.

Lin Xi Er is fast and efficient. Within 10 minutes, 2000 yuan has entered her account.

Zhuang Nai Nai sighs in relief. She sends Su Jin Hui a message, ‘What is the number of your account, Senior? I would like to return then 1100 yuan that I owed you.’

The top floor,

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Si Zheng Ting looks at the computer that is showing him the total amount of money inside an account; there is only a couple of thousands in there. He smiles.

The total in his own account is always more than millions, but why does it feel less meaningful than this few thousands?

This is Zhuang Nai Nai’s first salary. Should they go out and celebrate?

But, when he thinks about it, he feels reluctant to spend her money.

She must be like a frizzled cat right now, about to show her claws.

If this was back in high school, she would have rushed to him and demand him to return her money, but now………….

The smile on his face becomes a litte strained. Her courage has been shrinking more and more, these past few years, especially when facing him.


A strange sound can be heard from his laptop.

Only allowed on

He switch the screen to another tab and reds the message that Zhuang Nai Nai has just sent to Su Jin Hui.

His eyes sink. Seems like withholding her salary cannot stop her from going to eat with that man.

He frowns as he sneers in his heart.

He drums his fingers on the table before pushing a button on his office’s intercom, “When will the Fashion Department submit their designs?”

Ji Chen is stunned, “The deadline is the day after tomorrow.”

Since when has Mr. Si get involved in small things like this?
SI Zheng Ting’s icy voice is very scary, “The day after tomorrow? Don’t you think that we are running out of time?”

What does he mean? The anniversary celebration is still 3 weeks from now.

Does Ji Chen have the guts to say that? Since he is smart, naturally not, “Yes, sir. I will remind the Fashion Department.”
Si Zheng Ting makes an acknowledging sound before ending the conversation.

After Ji Chen relays the big boss’ order, the entire Fashion Department howls out in agony.

They originally tought that with TZ around, they will not have to work overtime. Who would have thought that Mr. Si would give them the fatal blow just as they were about to leave work?

Su Jin Hui is dumbfounded when he hears the news.

To tell the truth, there is not much for them to do. They only need to make the final touch-up for the designs. But still, they had planned to do that tomorrow.

Now, he can only tell his staffs to work over time.

He originally thought that TZ would object to working overtime, but her office has been relatively quiet. The Fashion Department can only continue working.

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