Chapter 293: She is the Most Beautiful Sight That He Has Ever Behold

Zhuang Nai Nai: ………………

She finally realizes something.  She had been too absorbed with her problems earlier and had ruffled her hair out of annoyance.  She must be looking so messy right now.  Si Zheng Ting seems to suffer from OCD and cannot stomach seeing anything less than perfect.  Back when they were dating in high school, he would always fix her collar for her everytime they met.

She feels like they are back to what they used to be. 

Her messy hair quickly becomes neat once again.

It is currently a working hour so the road is not congested.  They managed to reach the Si Residence just in time for lunch.  After lunch, Si Zheng Ting heads to his study to retrieve the non-existent documents that he had said he left. 

As he walks out of the study, his eyes fall on Zhuang Nai Nai who is basking in the sun on the balcony.  He suddenly does not want to go to work.

Unfortunately, he has an important meeting in the afternoon, one that he cannot miss.

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The sleepy Zhuang Nai Nai suddenly hears the sound of footsteps approaching her.  She finds Si Zheng Ting standing behind her, all ready to return to work.

Just…..  Her eyes fall on his shirt.

Why has he not wear the shirt that she bought for him?  Does he not like it?

She bites her lips before approaching him, “Aren’t you going to change?”

He raises an eyebrow at that, “Why?”

She lowers her head, to embarrassed to speak openly, “Because your shirt smells from our lunch.”

Si Zheng Ting: ……………

He looks at her, not saying a single word. 

His sharp eyes make her want to scratch her head out of frustration once more.

She buckles under such a heavy pressure, “Why aren’t you wearing the shirt that I bought for you?  I already cleaned and ironed it.  You don’t like it?”

Si Zheng Ting: ……………

Seeing her nervousness laced with anticipation, Si Zheng Ting cannot find it in him to deprive her of her wish. 

He lowers his head to look at his white shirt, before saying, “En.”  Then, he turns around and walks towards their room.

What does he mean?  Zhuang Nai Nai stares at him in confusion.

She looks at the door of the room.  Not long later, Si Zheng Ting walks out, wearing the black shirt.  He seems a little anxious as he walks, fixing the button and walking on without sparing her a glance.  He climbs down the staircase to the first floor.

Zhuang Nai Nai: ……………

She is left staring at him from the 2nd floor.  By the time she rushes down to him, he is already putting on his shoes.

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Although Si Zheng Ting did not directly acknowledge her, she interprets that action as shyness.   The more she thinks about it, the more likely it seems.

She cannot suppress the smile that is threatening to break on her face.  She rushes to the porch and finds Si Zheng Ting already preparing to board his car.

“Si Zheng Ting!” she loudly calls for him.

He stops in his steps and turns around to look at her.

She bites her lips before yelling, “Si Zheng Ting, you are too cute!”

That sentence is heard by all the maids and bodyguards waiting outside.  They all look at Si Zheng Ting.  The word ‘cute’ and Mr. Si does not really match!

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