Chapter 294: She is the Most Beautiful Sight That He Has Ever Behold (03)


Zhuang Nai Nai’s face turns red after she says that.  Despite the embarrassment, the thick-skinned Zhuang Nai Nai continues standing there to check Si Zheng Ting’s reaction.

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Si Zheng Ting remains expressionless as everyone around him are suddenly busy trying to look elsewhere.

He unconsciously tightens his tie before calmly looking at her and saying, “Thank you.”

Then, he elegantly steps into the car.

His bodyguards scramble to follow him as he sits on the backseat motionlessly.

Zhuang Nai Nai only looks away when the car has become but a small black dot on the horizon.  When she remembers the expression on his face, she purposely clears her throat before accurately mimicking his deep voice, “Thank you!”

How proud!

But still, it is the proud him that she likes so much.

She pats her own cheeks until they turn red.


Si Zheng Ting’s ears are red and remains so until they reach the company. 

He keeps toying with his tie during the meeting.

It is his habit to loosen his tie whenever he feels impatient, so the meeting ends very quickly.

Everyone wonders why he is so impatient.

After the meeting ends, he rushes to the top floor and stands in front of a mirror.  He takes off his tie and unbuttons the first button, revealing the red mark on his neck.

Ji Chen cannot bear to look at that and takes another shirt for him to wear.

Si Zheng Ting hesitates for a moment, before deciding to change it in the end.

He sits in front of his desk and puts all the documents on the sideline.  He turns to Ji Chen, “Bring me the designs for the 100th year anniversary.”

Ji Chen is momentarily stunned before he goes to do the bidding.

Ji Chen returns with the designs not long later. 

Si Zheng Ting checks the design for his female companion; he is still unhappy with the design that the Fashion Department has come up with.

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He picks up a piece of blank paper and starts sketching Zhuang Nai Nai’s silhouette.

He is very immersed in his sketching; the simple sketching receiving a lot of love from him.

Outside, his secretary May is carrying a lot of important documents that he needs to see.  Just as she is about to knock on the door, Ji Chen stops her.

May looks at him in confusion, “These documents are very important.  Each of them are worth tens of millions….”

Ji Chen smiles, “Do you know what Mr. Si is doing right now?”

May shakes her head. 

“Mr. Si is doing something really important,” says Ji Chen.

May is stunned.  She follows Ji Chen’s sight and finds Mr. Si immersing himself in a sketch.  He looks particularly innocent and earnest.

Although Mr. Si is a silver-spoon, he is particularly dedicated in his work, unlike his peers.  He has never put his work aside for anything else, before.  In fact, he leads the company strictly.

Is that sketching really important for him as to neglect his work?

Had Si Zheng Ting hear that, he would smile and simply say:  Anything is worth it when it comes to Zhuang Nai Nai.

Even though she has hurt him before, in his heart, she is the most beautiful sight that he has ever beheld.

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