Chapter 262: Gathering Four Keys!

Although they knew the behavior of the demonic lion, the battle was still very strenuous for them. They would occasionally be influenced by what happened before. Especially so when the lion attacked and they would subconsciously block it. Therefore, after exchanging several moves with the demonic lion, Wu Ming had gotten used to it. But when it came to defense, Wu Ming was not as valiant as the demonic lion. So, although he managed to block the attacks, the force still pushed him back, causing him to not be able to endure much longer.

“Let me help you!” Ning Yan shouted, entering the battle.

“Me as well!” Although Ling Hai was happy to see Wu Ming getting injured and was not willing to help him, now that Ning Yan had entered the battle, he had no choice but to join in as well. It was a bizarre battle because the attacks of the demonic lion were opposite of where they looked to be coming from. Therefore, the trio would face in the same direction as the lion as they struck in the air endlessly. What caused the spectators to be baffled was that the scene was buzzing with sounds, but from time to time, there would be people who were forced to retreat by air.

“You guys get out of the way. Let me! Scarlet Flame Chop!” Wu Ming was no longer able to endure as he shouted. The Red-Sun Sword in his hand flew towards the demonic lion’s body. Wu Ming used a blazing sword reflection to slash down ferociously. The demonic lion could not resist the impact of the attack as it got sent flying back!

“Let me do a follow up! Meteor Fall!” Seeing the demonic lion’s body suffering from an injury, Ling Hai flew up. His sword produced a dazzling aura. He looked like a falling meteor as he fell down and stabbed towards the demonic lion. Being stabbed by the sword, the demonic lion issued a bitter howl.

Ling Hai didn’t give the lion any chance of taking a breather as he continued to slash down. Under the intense onslaught and desperate cries, the demonic lion was ultimately being killed by the trio. Suddenly, the whole jungle seemed to have gotten foggy, causing Ning Yan, Wu Ming and Ling Hai to be bewildered. But in an instant, the jungle became clear again. This place truly caused them to feel extremely weird. The trees and flowers which were destroyed during the battle had also recovered. Basically, there was no traces of the battle that had just happened. The only thing that was able to prove that a battle had just happened was the corpse of the demonic lion beneath their feet.

“Can anyone tell me what exactly is going on?” Ling Hai couldn’t believe his eyes. The scene before him was too strange.

“Look at this thing. It is no longer in the opposite direction?” Wu Ming kicked the demonic lion’s body a few times. Feeling that his feet had kicked something solid, he voiced out his surprise.

“Who cares? Let’s return quickly!” Ning Yan felt that everything that just happened was way too weird. Very quickly, she started to get worried about the junior sisters of hers.

“Senior Sister! You are finally back. I’m scared to death. Just now, this place had suddenly became very weird. Instantly, it became like this. I thought that we had left the original spot,” The moment Ning Yan appeared, Ning Zi ran over with teary eyes as she hugged Ning Yan and sobbed.

“All is well. Junior Sister does not need to be worried,” Ning Yan wiped away Ning Zi’s tears and consoled. Ning Yan observed the surroundings. As expected, changes had also happened here.

“Eh?” Ning Yan released Ning Zi and walked towards the side of a tree. She looked at the mark on it and felt very confused.

“Huh? Junior Sister, why is the mark reversed again?” Ling Hai walked over curiously and saw the mark on the tree as he inquired curiously.

“Let’s retreat first and return to the spot we journeyed from,” Ning Yan felt that all of these were related to the dead demonic lion. She wanted to return and check if the first mark she spotted had been reversed as well.

“Junior Sister Ning Yan, did you realize anything?” Wu Ming asked.

“Not sure yet. Let’s head back first,” All of it was just Ning Yan’s conjecture. Although everyone was confused, they didn’t have any choice as they followed suit.

“Senior Sister, look at the mark here! It turned back to normal!” Everyone returned to their starting point and Ning Xue looked for the first symbol they marked as she cried out in surprise.

“Junior Sister, what exactly is going on here?” Ling Hai asked Ning Yan as she pondered. Along the way, his mind had turned muddle-headed. In one moment the sign was in reverse, yet in another moment, it turned back to normal. He could no longer tell which was the correct or the reversed one.

“I think all of this was because of the weird demonic lion. Don’t you all feel that the surroundings seem to be very similar to it? All of it was in reverse,” Ning Yan commented.

“So what are you trying to say?” Ling Hai was still unable to understand.

“All of this was an illusion formed by the demonic lion. What we see now is the real world. And everything we saw previously was reversed. Now that the mark has returned to normal, we can follow our original plan and advance according to these marks,” Ning Yan narrated.

“Junior Sister Ning Yan, you are so clever. Truly admirable,” Ling Hai chuckled. Ning Yan smiled and did not say anything. As for Wu Ming, he glanced at Ling Hai in extreme disdain. At the battle just now, Wu Ming had been inflicted with the most damage. So, all of them had no choice but to rest for a moment before continuing on.


At a certain place within the jungle, a big cauldron was still flying around aimlessly.

“Senior Brother, we ran for numerous days. Can there really be that kind of treasure-house you are seeking?” Within the Mountain River Diagram, Tian Xing looked at the fragrant roasted meat on the frame as he asked while gulping down his saliva.

“Of course. Otherwise, do you really think that I have nothing better to do and would search so aimlessly?” Cheng Yu roasted the meat carefully as he sprinkled seasoning on it.

“Senior Brother, how do you know there’s a palace hidden beneath? I had never heard anyone mentioning it before,” After interacting with each other for so long, Tian Xing was no longer afraid of Cheng Yu. So, the way he spoke had also become a lot more casual.

“I’m so outstanding, do you think there’s anything I wouldn’t know?” Cheng Yu sniffed the meat on the frame and spoke arrogantly.

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“Alright! Take it as I never questioned you about it before,” Tian Xing commented tactfully.

“Hmph! Only know hows to boast shamelessly,” Tian Xue had left her seclusion yesterday. Now, she had become a true Golden Core Realm cultivator. When she saw how puffed up Cheng Yu was, she voiced out her discontentment.

“I wouldn’t lower myself to fight with you. My beauty is not something you can see,” Cheng Yu said unconcernedly.

“You are just looking down on women. If you have the ability, let’s fight,” Tian Xue was very unhappy about how Cheng Yu kept on looking down on her.

“I am not looking down on women. In contrast, I am a man who was built with protective feelings for the fairer sex. Therefore, I will not argue with you,” Cheng Yu tore a piece of meat as he ate.

“You? How come I have yet to see you protecting a girl?” Tian Xue saw that the roasted meat was ready to be eaten, so she quickly snatched the meat away from Cheng Yu’s hand.

“In this desolate area, where do you expect me to find a woman to protect?” Cheng Yu had already gotten used to Tian Xue’s barbarous nature as he tore another chunk of meat from the frame.

“I…am I not a woman?” Tian Xue blushed as she realized she had spoken up subconsciously.

“You? I can’t tell. How about you let me have a good look at you?” Cheng Yu moved his face closer to Tian Xue as he laughed.

“You…you hoodlum!” Tian Xue saw a handsome face had stuck close to her, so she felt anxious as she quickly turned her head away.

“Haha!” Cheng Yu moved away while shaking his head before laughing fakely twice. How could he not tell Tian Xue was interested in him? But Cheng Yu truly had no such feelings for her. It was just that he had always liked to flirt with women and did not want to go overboard with his teasing for Tian Xue. Therefore, a majority of the time, Cheng Yu would automatically withdraw himself.

“What are you laughing at?” Seeing Cheng Yu had withdrawn himself, she felt disappointed. She felt that Cheng Yu was just teasing her as she voiced out her resentment.

“Nothing. I just feel that you are very cute,” Cheng Yu said casually.

“Really?” Tian Xue’s heart blossomed as she spoke.

“Of course…” Swoosh! Just when Cheng Yu was about to say he was joking, the three keys within him flashed out, issuing a dazzling radiance.

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“It has appeared!” Cheng Yu said delightfully. After that, he exited the Jewel Cauldron with the three keys.

“Hmph! Why did it appear at this time?” Tian Xue saw that Cheng Yu had left, so she was frustrated.

“Senior Sister, Senior Brother said that you are very cute. Are you very happy?” With only the two of them left, Tian Xing chuckled.

“What nonsense are you saying? Do you think I wouldn’t dare to tear your tongue into pieces?” Tian Xue blushed as she shouted at Tian Xing fiercely.

“Senior Sister, it is not that I like to say, but you should be a little more gentle. Otherwise, Senior Brother will never like you,” Tian Xing bit on the roasted meat in his hand and advised.

“Whether he loves…” Tian Xue blurted out when she suddenly realized something was wrong. She looked at how Tian Xing was giggling to himself, so she immediately punched over in anger. ”You brat. Are you deliberately looking for trouble?!”

“Aiyo, Senior Sister, if you are to continue being like this, I will not approve you being with Senior Brother,” Tian Xing covered his head and yelled.

“See if I dare to tear your tongue out or not!” Tian Xue pounced towards Tian Xing.

“I object!” Tian Xing howled as he quickly escaped. Both of them ran around inside the Mountain River Diagram while Cheng Yu was flying in the direction given by the three keys after keeping away the Jewel Cauldron. Not long later, the three keys stopped. Without any hesitation, he dripped few drops of his blood. Immediately, a ray of blue light soared up to the sky. A short moment later, it disappeared without any traces. Everything returned to its tranquility, as if nothing had just happened. Cheng Yu looked at the blue key within the Obsessed Palace. He was extremely excited. This was the forth key. After getting this, he would have collected all the necessary keys.

The Heavenly God Palace was Cheng Yu’s main objective. There was already so much wealth within the other four palaces, so as the palace that the other four palaces was protecting, Cheng Yu believed that the wealth there would not be any less than the other four palaces. Cheng Yu stared at the blue key as he dripped his blood onto the restriction. After the restriction absorbed Cheng Yu’s blood, a blue ray flickered before entering the key. The moment Cheng Yu came into contact with the blue key, the other three keys instantly flew out. The four keys conformed with each other as different lights flickered incessantly, as if they had just seen a long lost relative of theirs. This caused Cheng Yu to perceive an odd feeling that seemed familiar.

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