Chapter 92: Something Happened to Mother-In-Law’s Stall!

Cheng Yu already broke through to Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage, so it could be said that if he were to confront the secular Kunlun Sect, the pressure had dramatically decreased. However, Cheng Yu was not someone who would take things as they were. After a few days of consolidation, his Qi in his body grew even denser.

After leaving Yao Na’s place, Cheng Yu did not return home immediately. Instead, he went to Xinguang Nightclub. He felt that ever since he met the secular Kunlun Sect elders, he had never gone back to the nightclub. He spent his time staying at home cultivating.

However, Cheng Yu had a matter that needed the Qin Canghai trio’s help. He sat inside the meeting room of Xinguang Nightclub and drank his tea while looking at the trio. Although he had subdued the Blood Wolf Gang, Cheng Yu never interfered with their internal activities. He also never showed an interest regarding anything about the Blood Wolf Gang and its activities.

If he wished, he could annihilate them anytime he wanted. Therefore, he fully delegated the power of Blood Wolf Gang to the Qin Canghai trio. As long as the properties and money were still flowing properly without any actions devoid of conscience, he would close an eye to it.

The Qin Canghai trio sat in front of Cheng Yu. They had no idea why this young boss of theirs would come and find them. Although their age gap was large, every time they saw Cheng Yu, when they saw him staying silent while facing them, the trio would feel a sense of nervousness. It could also be said that it was a kind of nervousness that was due to them being afraid of Cheng Yu and his power.

Although they knew that their boss was not simple, when they saw a bunch of documents appear in front of Cheng Yu with a wave of his hand, it caused the trio to be amazed. They could no longer distinguish if this was truly due to an immortal law or magic.

Cheng Yu took a look at the documents in his hand and said to the trio, ”This is the deed for the villa you guys gave to me. I will be returning it to you now.”

“This…” The trio were guessing what Cheng Yu was looking at just now. They did not expect it to be the villa they had given to him! They had no idea what their boss was trying to do.

“For this period of time, you guys performed quite well, and I am pretty satisfied with your work. I will return you these two villas. It can be considered as a reward for the efforts you put in for this period of time.”

“Young Master Yu, to be able to follow you is our brothers’ blessing. Actually, after staying in the nightclub for these past few days, we realized that it wasn’t bad either. Furthermore, Young Master Yu has also given us, the three brothers, 30% of the profits from the nightclub. Regarding these two villas, just take it as a gift we presented to Young Master Yu,” Cheng Yu’s actions caused the three brothers to be surprised. Getting their villas back was a good thing, but they had no idea what their boss meant when he did that. Qin Canghai thought before he realized it was best to decline the offer.

“You don’t have to think too much about it. Since all of you have already become my subordinates, naturally, I have to ensure that your living standards will only get better. This matter ends here. Now, I have another important thing that I need you guys to do.” After witnessing the Qin Canghai trio’s attitude, Cheng Yu was very satisfied. He threw the documents on the table and told them the main reason why he was here today.

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“Thank you, Young Master Yu. Just give us your orders. We will definitely help you handle it well,” When they heard Cheng Yu’s words, it was unavoidable that they felt a trace of happiness. After all, a villa cost a few million. Who would dislike having more assets?

“I intend to pick a few people from your gang to increase the gang’s fighting power. Go and get everyone together,” Cheng Yu was confident in his own strength, but there might be a chance of him offending several enemies, and it would be impossible for him to attend to all their gang fights in the future. Therefore, Cheng Yu decided to nurture a few people to become his first batch of cultivators.

When the Qin Canghai trio heard Cheng Yu’s words, their eyes shined. The trio all experienced Cheng Yu’s fighting power. Now that he wanted to increase their gang’s fighting power, did that not mean that he was going to accept disciples to teach them powerful techniques?

Just as Qin Canghai stood up to gather everyone, his phone rang. Qin Canghai picked up his phone and saw that it was Dao Jiu calling. Just as he was about to get him to gather everyone, Dao Jiu quickly conveyed, ”Boss! Something bad has happened to Young Master Yu’s girlfriend’s barbeque stall!”

“What?!” Qin Canghai was shocked. The reason why Cheng Yu was provoked by them was largely due to his girlfriend. Now, there was actually someone who would go and anger her. Wasn’t that person courting death? He was prepared to break this news to Cheng Yu.

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“No need to say anything. Gather everyone here by tomorrow at 10 pm. At that time, I will be here. As for this matter, you all do not need to go. I will go and handle it myself,” As a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, Cheng Yu’s senses were very sensitive. Naturally, he was able to hear what Dao Jiu just said over the phone. After he relayed his orders, he walked out of the nightclub.

Cheng Yu sat in his Lamborghini and drove quickly to the venue of Lin Yuhan’s barbecue stall.


At this moment, at the location of Lin Yuhan’s barbecue stall, a group of people were standing opposite of Dao Jiu and his men. The leading law enforcement officer was looking at Dao Jiu gloomily. “Dao Jiu, don’t think that just because the Blood Wolf Gang has a bit of influence in the central district area, you can act so unbridled. You have to know that we are backed by the government. If you were to turn hostile, it might not necessarily be a good thing for you peope.”

“Haha! Captain He, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? You are just a small law enforcer. You really think that you are a government official? Don’t assume unwarranted authority on the basis of some nonsense pretext. There are so many other stalls in this night market, why must you find trouble with the one that the Blood Wolf Gang is in charge of? Aren’t you just trying to find trouble with us?” Dao Jiu bit a toothpick using his mouth and replied to the law enforcer without any fear.

“Hmph! We are just following the procedures to handle this. Someone anonymously reported that the food here is not clean. Furthermore, she is also operating her business without any licenses. As local law enforcers, we must deal with this. Today, I must definitely remove this stall from here!” Although the influence of the Blood Wolf Gang was not small, this time, his backing was not weak as well. Moreover, he was also just doing the correct thing. Captain He stuck out his chest and replied firmly.

When they heard that these law enforcers were so determined to remove this stall, Lin Yuhan and her mother who were standing behind got very afraid. If it was only to remove them from setting up their stalls here in the future, it would be fine. But, there was actually someone who had gotten food poisoning after eating something from their stall today! This was a huge problem! Mother Lin was very scared that the person might die from the food poisoning.[1]

At this moment, in Dao Jiu’s heart, he was feeling very nervous. There was actually food poisoning happening in this small stall? If the local law enforcer wished to remove Lin Yuhan’s stall, Dao Jiu was indeed not able to criticize them for what they were doing. Besides, if it was someone else, he would definitely not bother. But which stall were they going to remove? It was their Young Master’s girlfriend’s stall!

If Young Master Yu were to know that Dao Jiu was at the scene and looked at the law enforcers tearing down his mother-in-law’s stall without doing anything to help them, the moment Dao Jiu returned, Cheng Yu might perhaps tear him apart. So, even if this was a very reasonable incident, he had to fight against them firmly. And he could only hope for his boss to arrive faster.

“I would like to see, how you are going to remove this stall today!” Dao Jiu said resisting the other party as he looked at them.

“Brothers, pull this stall away!” Captain He instructed his other team members.

After receiving Captain He’s orders, the other officers advanced forward and pulled Mother Lin’s vendor stall away. Mother Lin was alarmed. She quickly ran forward and blocked them as she pleaded, ”Big brother, I beg you, please don’t pull my stall away.”

Those law enforcers who were blocked become very impatient as they swung Mother Lin away, causing her to get thrown to the ground. Lin Yuhan was alarmed. She wailed and quickly ran over to help her mother up.

Upon seeing this, Dao Jiu’s complexion changed. Sh*t! Young Master Yu’s mother-in-law had actually been pushed over by someone else! He quickly went up and sent a kick to one of the law enforcers who was pulling the cart away.

When those standing behind Dao Jiu saw their Brother Jiu had already made a move, they also dashed up and fought with the law enforcers.

Mother Lin who was sitting on the floor was stupefied. Even though she have no idea why would this person who was called brother Jiu helping her. And because of her, they were clashing with the law enforcers, she became very worried. She had no idea what she should do.


At a not so faraway stall, Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan, with a few additional people, were sitting around a table and watching all of this transpire.

“Young Master Ming, don’t you think this incident has gotten a bit too serious? Will there be any accidents happening?” Xu Dongyuan saw both sides had started fighting, so he started to get worried.

Jiang Ming wrinkled his eyebrows. This incident had indeed gone beyond what he had anticipated originally.


TL Note:

[1] – Ed Note – Keep in mind that Mother Lin is relatively naïve, so she legitimately thinks that this situation is her fault.

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