Chapter 98: Fatty Goes to the Nightclub!

Dongting District, inside the Azure Bamboo Gang’s Qinglong Hall, several people were sitting in a room.

“Chief Long, didn’t you promise us that the kid would not appear in the night market? But, that kid actually appeared. As a result, he destroyed my plans,” Jiang Ming looked at Qing Long while accusing him gloomily. Although he was very dissatisfied with Qing Long in his heart, he did not dare to reveal it out loud.

“Hmph! Yesterday, it was that kid’s lucky day. My subordinate’s car had some issue. Otherwise, it would be impossible for that kid to behave so atrociously. Did you not wish to find that kid to vent your anger? I can ask Long San and Long Si to beat him up in front of you. Wouldn’t you find that more pleasurable?”

“Aren’t just the two of them a bit too little? That kid is really very strong. He even knew that the incident yesterday was my plot. He definitely isn’t someone simple,” With regards to Cheng Yu, Jiang Ming was fearful of him. Jiang Ming actually despised Qing Long’s arrogant and conceitedness. M*th*rf*ck*r! You really think you are so unrivalled? Does sending a few more people kill you?

“Alright. Since you gave us such a large sum of money, I will ask Long Er to go as well. This should satisfy your request, right? No matter how strong he is, he’s not even 20 years old. Even if he started learning martial arts in his mother’s womb, he can’t be that good,” Looking at Jiang Ming’s expression, Qing Long spoke objectively.

“Alright then.” Jiang Ming felt that Qing Long’s words were very reasonable. It might be because in the recent days, he had been played like a fool by Cheng Yu miserably, which caused his mental state to be a bit too oversensitive.

Furthermore, if these three dragon generals were not a match for Cheng Yu, even if Jiang Ming did not beg Chief Long, Chief Long would take it as a provocation and personally attend to this issue himself. Thinking about this point, Jiang Ming finally smiled.


After school, Cheng Yu went over to Yao Na’s place for tutoring. Since he had already gotten first place in the whole school, why would there still be a need for more tutoring? Although he had taken a liking to Yao Na, he couldn’t find any excuses to look for her. So, he brought Fatty and Lin Yuhan as he headed towards Xinguang Nightclub.

“Boss, you did so well for your exams this time, so isn’t it proper for you to treat us to a meal?” Fatty saw both sides were filled with snacks, so he swallowed his saliva before speaking.

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“Sure. Whatever you want to eat, just take it. Xiao Hanhan, what would you like to eat? You can always get a portion for Auntie as well,” Cheng Yu gestured and spoke with pride. Currently, Cheng Yu had no idea how much things cost in the nightclub. How much could these snacks possibly cost?

“Boss is so awesome!” After Fatty spoke, he dashed towards a fried food store as he picked up a drumstick.

Lin Yuhan and Cheng Yu’s relationship slowly got more and more intimate. Lin Yuhan was no longer that shy whenever she was in front of Cheng Yu, and she became more open-minded as she followed Fatty to the fried-food store and picked a few snacks.

In any case, Cheng Yu was so rich. The more the trio ate, the happier they got. Since both sides were filled with various kind of snacks stalls, whatever they wanted to eat, they just took it. In the end, by the time they reached Mother Lin’s stall, they had already become full.

“Mom, I’m here!” Lin Yuhan carried a few bags of snacks and placed it in front of her mother.

“Why did you buy so many snacks? How can I finish it? You guys eat it,” Mother Lin said as she was surprised by the large amount of snacks in front of her.

“Haha! We already ate while making our way over here. We are all full. All of this was bought specially for you. Cheng Yu got first place in the mock exam so it’s his treat,” Lin Yuhan smiled.

“Is that so? Xiao Yu is so smart? What about Fatty and you?” Mother Lin was extremely shocked. Before, she always thought that Cheng Yu was just a second generation rich man. She did not expect Cheng Yu to also be so good in his studies too. When Mother Lin saw her daughter and Cheng Yu’s relationship had slowly become better, she did not have any worries that she had last time. At least for this period of time, she was quite pleased with Cheng Yu. If one day, her daughter could become paired with Cheng Yu, she felt that it might not necessarily be a bad thing.

“Haha! Auntie, Boss and Yuhan are a heavenly-made pair. One of them was the first place in the school, the other one was second. I am so envious of them. As for me, don’t even talk about it. Hehe, I can never be in the top 10,” Fatty sat down and pat his tummy as he said.

Cheng Yu and Fatty could no longer eat anymore, so they sat at one side and looked at the mother and daughter who got themselves busy. Not long after, Superintendent Wang brought a few of his people over. Today, their attitude was a lot better compared to yesterday.

When Superintendent Wang saw Cheng Yu was around, he smiled and said politely, ”Mr. Cheng, I am here specially to apologize to Auntie Lin. After some discussion, we decided to give her a sum as compensation. This could be counted as a form of apology from our side.”

Superintendent Wang took a thick envelop from one of his men and passed it to Cheng Yu respectfully.

Cheng Yu took the envelope and looked inside. He felt that there should be around $100,000 inside. He felt extremely pleased, so he said jubilantly, ”Haha! Superintendent Wang is such a good official. To cooperate with the government is what we citizens should do. However, since Superintendent Wang is so polite, we are really grateful for Superintendent Wang’s kind intentions.”

“Haha! Mr. Cheng is being too courteous. If there is nothing else, I will return to the police station first as there is still a lot of work that I need to do,” When Superintendent Wang saw Cheng Yu’s pleased expression, he felt relieved. However, he felt a thorn had gotten stuck in his heart. Not only had he not been promoted, he even had to fork out $100,000 to pay for his crime.

“Boss! What is going on?” Fatty looked at the envelope in Cheng Yu’s hand and asked curiously.

“Nothing much. Yesterday, something happened to Aunties’s stall. This is the compensation he is giving to Auntie. Auntie, keep this money. In the future, if they dare to come here and find trouble with you, remember to give me a call,” Cheng Yu passed the envelope to Mother Lin.

Mother Lin took the envelope and looked inside. So much money! She was startled and hesitated to keep it. She pushed it back to Cheng Yu, ”Xiao Yu, I think it will be better for you to keep this money. I didn’t really lose much. I am already very thankful that you solved the incident for me.”

“Auntie, this money was meant to be given to you and is also what you deserve. Those bullies always bully the weak and not the strong,” Cheng Yu stuffed the envelope into Lin Yuhan’s bag that was under the stall.


“Auntie, relax. In half a year, won’t Hanhan be attending university? This just happens to be a chance for you to not work so hard. This amount of money is sufficient to support her until she graduates from university.”

“Thank you, Xiao Yu,” Mother Lin said gratefully. She felt that for her daughter to be able to meet this kind of person was really a blessing for them.


“Wow! Boss! You actually knew such a good place and only now you brought me here!” Fatty looked at those girls who wore extremely revealing clothes. They were shaking their hips and *ss spontaneously, so he started to drool as his eyes shined.

Today marked the day that Cheng Yu was preparing to create the first batch of fighters. Fatty, who was the first follower of Cheng Yu, would naturally be included.

“If you wish to play, do it next time. Later, I will get them to make a VIP card for you. In the future, whenever you come to play, it will be free. Today, we still have matters to attend to. Follow me!” Cheng Yu went up to the second floor as he talked.

When Fatty saw everyone greeting Cheng Yu so respectfully, Fatty became extremely excited. “This must be the true side of boss! Such an imposing manner!”

“Boss. Why are they so respectful to you? Don’t tell me you are really their boss?”

“You don’t have to worry about this. In any case, all these people here are one of us.”

When the duo entered Qin Canghai’s room, the Qin Canghai trio quickly went up and welcomed them.

“Young Master Yu, we have already gathered everyone in the big conference room. They are all waiting for you,” Qin Canghai said respectfully. Since Cheng Yu was going to train a group of experts, Qin Canghai knew that he must definitely grab hold of such a good opportunity. The attitude he showed Cheng Yu was even more respectfully than before.

“En. This is my friend, Qian Jinbao. You trio can just call him Fatty. Later on, get him a VIP card. In the future, if he comes here, it will be on the house.”

“Sure.” Qin Canghai replied. “This nightclub is yours, who dares to have any opposing opinion?”

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