chapter 204: more research!

Once we got to the Admin Room, Leowynn immediately emerged from my body. “Sorry, father…” She muttered, shaking her head. “Just… give me a moment.”

“You could have stayed inside.” I told her, raising an eyebrow. If anything, I had expected her to take the time to rest and recover in my spiritual realm while we were up here.

However, she only briefly shook her head. “No… your spirit is still too strong. Normally, it’s fine. But right now…”

I nodded as I heard that. “Alright. Is there anything I can do to help?” When I asked that, she just smiled weakly. Thankfully, her body was not becoming blurred again, so it didn’t seem like she was in any danger right now.

“Just time, I think. Maybe Irena..?”

Just as Leowynn was beginning to ask for her, Irena spoke up from behind me. “I’m already here child.” She said in a gentle tone, walking past me and putting a hand on Leowynn’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Thankfully, Dale stopped you in time.”

Leowynn briefly nodded at that, her eyes closing as she sat down on the bed. I watched her, while Irena moved to sit down next to her, gently stroking her hand through Leowynn’s hair. I could vaguely see a bit of grey mist floating up from the area that Irena touched, as if she was siphoning off the excess energy from Leowynn.

Seeing that this was taken care of now, I moved back to sit down at the computer. I couldn’t return down to the world until Leowynn had recovered, so now… it was time to conduct more research!

Thankfully, I had the perfect subject to research, thanks to Balu’s recent visit. Opening up the forums, I ran a search for ‘World Sight’, hoping to find information that I could use. The first thing that popped up was the market information… with the first and only tier being priced at one hundred thousand points.

Just how advanced is this energy?! I thought to myself, before calming down and remembering what Balu said. According to her words, the price shouldn’t be because the energy is advanced, but rather because the energy had so few uses. From what Balu had said, the only thing it could be used for was detection.

If that was the case, then the system might have simply consolidated all of the information into one tier, and priced it according to that metric. Which meant that the biggest benefit of buying the information would be the guide to create it… And there was no way I was spending a hundred thousand points just for that.

Scrolling down further through the search results, I found people actually discussing this energy. There seemed to be a lot of threads created on whether or not it could really be used for anything else. Some people saying that they found the secret, but refusing to tell… which in my mind translated to them simply lying.

Further down, I found people asking for tips on how to create the world sight… As for the responses, the main one that I saw was the same formula that had been given to me.

Due to the differences in energy structures between worlds, it is really impossible to say for sure how to create any one energy type. But, here are some of the important steps that seem to be common in most cases. Don’t be upset if they don’t work in your particular world.

In general, making World Sight can be done in three stages. Once you make it, you can keep it within yourself and ‘feed’ it over time.

The first step is to mix Mana, Ki, and Natural energy in a 1:2:1 ratio. In some worlds, this can be done as easily as pushing the three energies together. And in other worlds, it requires more complicated procedures.

Next, you have to move fast. The first step’s fusion is an unstable energy, and will explode if not treated immediately. The second step is to use double the amount of mana you originally used to placate the unstable energy and stabilize it. Again, the exact method to do this differs from world to world.

At this point, you technically have World Sight already. However, in its current stage you won’t be able to grow it within yourself, and won’t be able to receive the information from it. To do so, you need to bind it to your spirit with the listed amount of spiritual energy. Doing this will absorb the energy into your body, and let you release it at will.

In order to make it grow, simply feed it the same energy types that created it, and it will begin to strengthen gradually.

Warning: Do not attempt to do this in your own world first. ALWAYS practice in the Administration Room. Otherwise, the wrong mixtures may accidentally kill you.

Well… that wasn’t really all that helpful, though it did somewhat narrow down the steps I’d need to take to create the energy myself. Below that post were mixed replies, some thanking the poster and others complaining that the guide did not help them. Take it with a pillar of salt, I guess…

While I was here, I decided to look up the other four energy types that she had given me as well. It wouldn’t really matter even if I managed to create world sight myself, if my reason for creating it turned out to be a lie.

First up, the Perfect Soul… Unlike world sight, this one was split into several tiers within the system market, though the cheapest was priced at a thousand points. And the final tier at nearly a million…

Anyways, scrolling down, I found a description of this energy as well. Like Balu had said, it was a class designed to give one total control of their own soul, but without actually killing themselves like the Perfect Self did… Though, it did have a warning that practicing it could bring you close to death, so you should only do so in a safe environment.

Once the Perfect Soul was created, it would become the core of their spirit. If a mortal practiced the energy and died, they could recreate their body so long as their soul wasn’t scattered. Of course… the same could not be said of a Keeper, as death was indeed final for them.

Next was the Divine Soul, which I found to be listed as the ‘first real step to divinity’. Everyone had their own spark of divinity hidden within themselves, which I had experienced firsthand. I already knew that bards drew on that power to create special effects with their voice. The Divine Soul requires using mana to capture that spark, and place it within your Perfect Soul, using the energy of the world itself to stabilize your spirit.

Again, this was another risky strategy, as it could lead to the death of the Keeper if not practiced thoroughly before attempting it. But if it succeeded, then you would begin to generate more divine energy within your soul than a normal mortal…

Of course, after this came the Divine Body. As you could guess, this meant upgrading your godly soul to a godly body. If you managed to do this, then you would begin to radiate more and more divine power. According to the description, you could be seen as the descended version of a god.

Finally… there was the Divine Will. This one had a warning slapped onto it, making sure that Keepers were very careful about who they allowed to cultivate to this stage. This was the final bridge between mortals and gods. Although someone who practiced divine will could still be killed, they could exercise almost the same strength as a god created by the system.

Once I was done reading the posts on the forums, I sat back in the chair, my brows knit together. Certainly, it did not seem like Balu had lied to me. She might have understated the risks a bit, but that wasn’t all that unreasonable. If I took into account how old Balu most likely was, she could have practiced this energy dozens of times already to the point where it stopped being a risk for her.

There was also her suggestion to practice world sight first. She said it would help me to create the other energies as time went on. So I couldn’t even really say that she had neglected to warn me, given that she had instead given me the method of reducing the danger.

Though, this did create one concern for me… Terra, can you meet me in the living room? I asked as I stood up, leaving Irena and Leowynn behind as I moved out towards the living room.

Already there. She replied a moment later in her usual mischievous tone. Either she had dropped whatever she was doing to meet me, or she had anticipated me needing to talk to her… either way, I was just glad that I didn’t have to wait.

Once I got out to the living room, I saw Terra laying sideways on the sofa, her legs propped up on one end to light kick off the side of the couch. In truth, she looked… utterly bored. “What’s up, Dale?” She asked as I entered the room, not even lifting her head up to look at me.

“I need to talk about those energies that Balu told me about.”

When she heard my response, I had just gotten close enough to see her eyebrows furrowing. “You know I can’t do that…” She muttered, mostly to herself.

“Okay… more specific topic, then.” I shook my head. “If I fundamentally change my soul, what would happen to a being residing in my soul at the time?”

“They’d be destroyed.” Terra said simply, sighing as she turned on the couch to sit up. “Which was why I had planned to suggest you let Leowynn out to play while you trained.”

“It won’t hurt her if she’s not in my body at the time?” I asked, surprised that the answer was so simple. I had been worried that practicing the Perfect Soul or Divine Soul might kill her when it changed the composition of my spirit.

“It won’t be very comfortable.” Terra said with a shake of her head, leaning forward to rest her elbows against her knees. “And it will take some getting used to when she enters your body again. But it won’t really hurt her.”

Well… this was probably the best news I had heard all day. I felt a smile creep up onto my lips, before Terra fired off the same warning that she had given me before. “Didn’t I tell you? You can’t let anyone know how to create those energies. That includes Leowynn.”

“Ahh…” I gave a brief nod of understanding when she reminded me of that. “So I would have had to get her to go do something else anyways… but how do I stop the other gods and goddesses from watching me to figure out how to do it?”

“Same way the last Keeper hid from them.” Terra shrugged. “You can remove their viewing rights to the world for a brief period. I can still safely see it, since I know how to create the energy myself already. And that way, I can pull you out of trouble if things go wrong. But you’ll need to explain to them that you are doing something that they can’t watch. Otherwise…”

“Yeah, that could cause a lot of chaos.” I agreed. I didn’t think I’d be doing this any time in the next few days, but I was definitely going to try to get it taken care of once I was confident in my ability to do so.

“Exactly!” Terra said with an enthusiastic nod. “And trust me, I don’t want to see everyone falling apart over something like that. Though I imagine that Ryone will probably try to convince you to tell her…”

I put on a knowing smile as I heard that. Ryone could be very convincing at times, but this time I’d have to keep my mouth shut.

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