Chapter 10: Kill or be Killed

“Turbulence Quartet Blades!”

It was the signature sword skill of the bald fighter, it seems as if there were four individual swords attacking Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist at the same time.

“The Turbulence Sword Style, it is from the Yang Clan.”

Li Fuchen recognized the bald fighter’s sword style with just one look.

Putting a dent on the grass patch with his right foot, Li Fuchen glided along the surface. He dodged his opponent, and at the same time successfully scored his blade on the calf of the bald man, causing blood to spray wildly.

All these could have only been possible after Li Fuchen complimented his sword arts with the Cyclone Kick Style.

The bald man was outraged by the pain on his calf as blood streamed out profusely. Before today, any fighter below the seventh level of the Qi Realm would have never withstood more than a few attacks from him, let alone a practitioner at the fifth level of the Qi Realm. He would have never today thought that he would be wounded by a kid at the fifth level of the Qi Realm.

“Turbulence Cleave!”

The bald fighter gave a loud roar and swung 7 or 8 slashes at Li Fuchen. Every slash, cleaned off a patch of weed. There was a moment where the weeds covered the environment, causing both of their eyes to become shut tight.

“As expected from an expert at the eighth level of the Qi Realm.”

Li Fuchen dared not go near his foe, but instead went towards the corpse of the scrawny man.


The bald fighter closed in and rained sword slashes non-stop.


Arriving at the corpse, Li Fuchen used his sword and threw the heavy corpse towards the bald man.

Disregarding their friendship, he cleaved apart the corpse. Right at this moment, a frost-like glitter pierce through, he was only able to put up temporary guard.


That frosted glitter belonged to the scrawny man’s sword.


Out of the sudden, Li Fuchen appeared on the left of the bald fighter. A strike by the Clear Breeze, the bald fighter tried to raised his voice, but it couldn’t escape no matter how hard he tried. Blood cascaded from his neck and he fell with a loud thud.

Unable to catch a breath, Li Fuchen ducked from an arrow that came from a bush not far away. Atop a tree in the forest, the archer couldn’t believe what he saw.

He assumed that Li Fuchen was long dead, but who would have thought he would slaughter both Baldy and Old sixth.

“How good is this kid? Baldy is at the eighth level of the Qi Realm, is he of the same genius level as Guan Xue?”

A handful of geniuses are certainly able to exceed ranks in battle with their terrifying senses. Especially at the Qi Realm, as Qi Realm practitioners aren’t able to manifest qi. Hence even with a high cultivation level, if one couldn’t land a hit, nothing could be done.

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Although geniuses may have lower ranks in cultivation, but as long as they hit you, even with a lesser force, a human would surely still feel the pain unlike opposing a demonic beast.

“Since Baldy and Old sixth is dead, all these materials are mine now.”

The archer lugged a haversack of materials, vaulted off the tree, and started to flee.

“Who said you could leave?”

Li Fuchen darted out from the shrubs in an instant.


The archer abandoned the sack and bow, then evaded Li Fuchen’s sword strikes by hitting the ground tumbling.


“That’s some quick reaction!”

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Li Fuchen was astonished, this archer’s cultivation was around the same level as the scrawny man, both were at the seventh level of the Qi Realm, yet his deftness and reaction was much better than the two. If it had been the scrawny fighter earlier, he wouldn’t have been able to dodge.

“You think you’ve got edge over me?”

The weapon of choice of the archer was two short blades. One with an orthodox upright stance, the other with an unorthodox reverse handle. This battle stance emitted an intrepid aura, seemingly able to ward off attacks from all directions, with no loopholes at all.

“Intriguing, Clear Breeze Flow!”

Li Fuchen’s sword style and footwork was executed lightly. What seemingly was like a single slash, in the face of the archer felt like 6 or 7 swords coming at him. The sword trajectory was complex in a blurr.

Startled, the archer put up his guard, pushing both his blades to the limit and desperately defending against Li Fuchen’s sword style, sending sparks all over.

“Shao Shang Sword Style!”

These two individuals seemed to be 2 levels apart, but with the fifth rank Red Jade Technique convulsing within, Li Fuchen’s qi ignited and exceeded the strength of even a sixth level Qi Realm expert. An unrestrained Li Fuchen, oppressed the archer with an overwhelming offense.


With his right arm paralyzed, the archer dropped his blade, what followed, was his head being cut clean off his neck by Li Fuchen.

“With my current ability, I can easily neutralize an expert at the seventh level of the Qi Realm and contend with an expert at the eighth level of the Qi Realm, but in the conditions that the opposition is an average fighter.”

After killing the archer, Li Fuchen evaluated his own strength.

What is an average fighter? It simply means, those that did not cultivate any potent techniques. Had his foe been a Silver Snake Technique cultivator and was at fifth or sixth rank, that would mean he was an exceptional pugilist. It is a pity that those three were just the Yang Clan’s guards, and it wouldn’t be possible for them to cultivate the Silver Snake Technique. They would most probably be cultivating the weaker Iron Snake Technique, but not to any high ranks.

“These two steel short blades should be worth 10+ gold coins.”

Li Fuchen picked up the archer’s short blades.

Generally, Qi Realm martial artists commonly used steel swords, but steel swords are rated accordingly as well. These crude steel swords could be bought at a few gold pieces. The finest steel swords, like the one that Li Fuchen used, and was gifted by his father, is worthed 150 gold coins.

If Li Fuchen’s cultivation had been higher, a swing of his blade would simply break apart these three’s steel blades in an instant and ended the fight before it even starting.

Giving it a thought, Li Fuchen discarded the short blade. Because the Yang Clan’s weapon might have hidden engravings, once sold in Yunwu City, it would giveaway his identity. It was not worth it for a few gold coins.

“These beast materials should be sufficient.”

Class 1 high-tier beast pelts were priced much higher than mid-tier beast pelts. 1 piece could be sold for at least 5 gold coins.

“Mm? This is a demon core?”

Shouldering the haversack, Li Fuchen started to scavenge the remains of the corpses.

From the archer, he found a large jade box, in it were 10+ stalks of low-tier,yellow class herbs, 3 mid-tier, yellow class herbs from the scrawny man, and a dark green demon core that had traces of blood from the bald guy.

Low-tier,yellow class herbs were valued at 1 to 3 gold coins per stalk, these should amount to 20+ gold coins. Mid-tier herbs are priced around 10 to 30 gold coins per stalk, total of 3 would be around quite a few gold coins.

But this demon core was going to fetch a high price.

Not every demonic beasts had a demon core in it. Even if you search through a hundred beasts, you may not even find even 1 demon core. For beasts that did have a core, it had higher possibility for evolution. In this case,the mid-tier Blood Shadow Leopard had a core in it, and it could have evolved into a Blood Boned Leopard. A Blood Boned Leopard not only retained it’s speed, but had enhanced strength and toughness, ranking it at the top few among the Class 1 high-tier beasts.

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