Chapter 11: Bone Frame

“I wonder what class this demon core belongs to?”

Demon cores are excessively expensive. A Class 1 low-tier demon core costs even more than a high grade energy crystals that goes for around 200-300 gold coins. Class 1 mid-tier cores are worth up to 500 gold coins, and a high-tier core can easily go for 1000 gold coins.

The sky was still bright, but Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t stay and left the Misty Mountains.


Yunwu City…

After a day’s work, Li Fuchen churned out another 500 gold coins in his pouch.

14 stalks of low-tier, yellow class herbs, and 3 stalks of mid-tier herbs. Sold for 75 gold coins.

15 beast pelts went for 40 gold coins.

But the highest value of them all was that dark green demon core, in fact, it was a Class 1 mid-tier core, sold at 420 gold coins, for a total of 535 gold coins.

With 535 gold coins on hand, Li Fuchen felt prideful as this was equivalent to 4 or 5 years of his allowance.

But of course, as his cultivation progressed, his allowance would increase

As a clan descendant under the age of 18, For those at the Qi Realm level of 1-3: 2 gold coins/month

Level 4: 5 gold coins/month

Level 5: 10 gold coins

Level 6: 20 gold coins

Doubling as the levels rises.

Coming to the Treasure shop, Li Fuchen went straight to the cabinet place within the depths of the shop.

“I want this blue gem ring.”Li Fuchen cut the chase.

“Young master Fuchen, welcome.” The staff didn’t dare to look down on Li Fuchen, as even among the younger generations, those that could defeat Yang Qi were rare. With no accidents, Li Fuchen will surely be a man of prolific status within Yunwu City in the future, and no longer the prospectless inept.

Stepping out of the treasure shop, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but frown.

Trouble truly followed one after another.

Impeding his way was a youth with broad shoulders and long legs. He had a tall nose bridge and a pair of unwavering eyes. Much like a falcon eyeing it’s prey.

He was the brother of Guan Mei, Guan Peng. Second only to the absolute prodigy Guan Xue, at the age of 15 and already at the sixth level of the Qi Realm, but most importantly, he had a two star bone frame.

What was a Bone frame? It simply was an individual’s innate essence.

With a good bone frame, cultivating would be much more efficient and it also came along with good perception.

For instance, if two practitioners were at the same cultivation level, yet one had a normal bone frame and the other a star grade bone frame. Then the one with the star grade bone frame would surpass the normal bone frame practitioner by a mile. In normal cases, star grade bone frame individuals would possess a better cultivation rank, thus the quality of one’s bone frame determines one’s perception as well.

Supposedly, without any special occurrences, breakthroughs to the Origin Realm is only possible for 2 star bone frame practitioners. It also meant, that without any accidents, Guan Peng’s future achievement would at least be that of the Origin Realm. One must know within Yunwu City, Origin Realm experts can be counted with one hand, and half of them are located at the city lord’s residence.

The real reason why Guan Xue could get accepted into the Cang Lan Sect in advance, was not because of her cultivation or technique rank. It is was because she possessed a 4 star bone frame.

It has been a century since a 4 star bone root holder appeared. Even the city lord had a 3 star bone frame. Just by this factor alone, the Cang Lan Sect would allow Guan Xue in, even if both her cultivation and technique ranks were lower than average. It could be understood that having a good bone frame would mean a limitless future ,and nothing else mattered.

A year ago, although Li Fuchen was the Li Clan’s genius. His bone frame was only of the normal grade, but Li Yunhai had a 2 star bone frame.

The Yang Clan’s Yang Qi has a 1 star bone frame, Yang Kai who is the Yang Clan’s unmatched genius has a 3 star bone frame.

Last year, Li Fuchen having only a normal bone frame, could be mentioned on equal terms with Li Yunhai. At a certain angle, it helped explain Li Fuchen’s excellent perception. It caused Li Fuchen to suspect, if it was his overused brilliant mind that caused his soul spirit to dissipate and caused him to lose the ability to cultivate.

“Bone frame really is a sensitive topic for me!”

No one could believe it if Li Fuchen said he didn’t feel bothered about his normal bone frame.

One’s bone frame determined one’s future. With a quality bone frame, even without any destined opportunities, one’s achievements wouldn’t be too far off from greatness. Yet if you had a poor bone frame, you had to put in the extra effort, and only with excellent luck would you not be left behind.

Exhaling with a calm mood, Li Fuchen eyes gave off a determined look.

So what if he had a normal bone frame, with his golden amulet soul spirit, who could match up to him.

Under the nourishment of the golden amulet, his soul spirit had evolved from grey to pale green. Now it seemed darker than before, not much longer, and it would evolve into a green soul spirit soon.

The pale green soul spirit already gifted him with this much perception. After gaining a green soul spirit, it would be obvious that he would reach a state of uneven perception. Thus, helping him compensate for his poor bone frame.

That is of course, with conditions that he enters the Cang Lan Sect, only after that, would he be able to get access to better techniques and martial arts. Once his Red Jade Technique reaches the seventh rank, it would be useless even with the best perception. He couldn’t possibly create his own sword style right? That would take a bigger learning curve.

“You are Li Fuchen right?! Come with me!”Guan Peng coldly demanded.

“For what reason?”Li Fuchen replied placidly.

“Just because you offended my sister.” Guan Peng crossed his arms, looking down on Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen grinned, “You should be clear of what kind of sister you have.”

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“I don’t care about your reasoning, to me it is b*******. It is useless even if it’s logical. Anyone that insults my sister, only has one kind of ending. That is, to kneel and beg for forgiveness. I advise you to come with me to avoid any suffering in public. I do wish for you to be humiliated out here.”

“Keke, you people of the Guan Clan really are a bunch of degenerates. My Li Clan didn’t even ask your Guan Clan to be grateful, but I didn’t expect the Guan Clan to repay gratification with threats.” Li Fuchen mocked and stood there not moving an inch.

The furious Guan Peng had a brutal intent that flashed in his eyes, “Since my Guan Clan established themselves in Yunwu City, no one has ever dared to berate us like this. Great! Since you managed to provoked me, I’ll see if you have what it takes to endure this.”

The younger generation of Guan Clan hated hearing others speaking of their Guan Clan receiving support from the Li Clan in order to establish themselves. This was their sensitive spot that was untolerated.

“Why are these people of the major clans always looking for fight? It was Yang Qi last time, now it’s Guan Peng, how will Li Fuchen handle this.”

“I’m guessing he’d surrender. Guan Peng possesses a 2 star bone frame, and has better senses than Yang Qi.”

“Don’t disregard the possibility. Even though bone frame is important, it can’t represent everything.”

It was a street, onlookers were always looking around for some entertainment.

Li Fuchen spread out his hands, “It’s not that no one dares to speak badly, but it’s your Guan Clan that chose to deceive yourselves. A brazen family will always remain shameless.”

His hate for the Guan Clan was worse than his hate for the Yang Clan. If the Yang Clan was represented as a tiger, than the Guan Clan would be a cunning fox.

“You bastard, you sure know how to talk. Look at your pitiful Li Clan, declining by the day, different from my rising Guan Clan. Who knows? Maybe after a few years, the Li Clan will cease to exist! So you better shut your mouth!”

Guan Peng didn’t allow for Li Fuchen to retort, with a kick on the ground, he resisted the wind and stood in front of of Li Fuchen in an instant. He threw a heavy palm towards Li Fuchen.

It was the same Soft Flowing Palm, but when executed by Guan Peng, the strength was doubled in comparison to Guan Mei.


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